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January 29, 2008

Don't Forget - Dean Tong Excused Murderer Darren Macks' Shootings

This is a reprint of a post I wrote about Dean Tong when Darren Mack made the news due to murdering his wife and shooting the judge that heard his case. Tong is now in jail, charged with wife beating and trying to evade prosecution. The original link is here.


My readers may recall that I have already posted about Dean Tong's comments excusing what Darren Mack had done. Mack had hired Tong as his forensic consultant. Now, Tong has an editorial published in the Reno Review Journal. He's engaging in more damage control, a la Glenn Sacks and Wendy McElroy, but he falls flat on his face.

Note how Tong blames "the system" for Mack, who he said "was cracking".

What happened to Darren Mack between then and June 12, when, according to police, he stabbed Charla Mack to death and shot Family Court Judge Chuck Weller with a high-powered rifle? Hindsight is 20/20, but my opinion is that this "family man turned hit man" was cracking under the strain of trying to hold onto his business, his assets and his daughter while navigating a misguided Family Court system that only poured gasoline on an already incendiary situation.

Tong also sought to place blame on Charla Mack, whom Mack had stabbed to death.

He claimed his wife and her very aggressive and competent attorney were drumming up a story to gain the upper hand in their demands for custody and assets. To wit: If she was so scared of him, why did she drive to his townhome the morning of June 12 without an adult witness by her side?

That's right. Blame a dead woman for her own murder.

I'm not surprised that Dean Tong would create excuses for what Darren Mack had done. Lots of father's rights activists are taking the "the system is to blame!" approach. Let them. It makes them look like they are making excuses for Mack's murder, shooting, and flight, which is exactly what they are doing. Tong had written that Mack "was cracking", as if his contentious divorce was to blame for him stabbing his wife to death and shooting Judge Weller.

Tong represents men who claim they have been falsely accused of abuse. That's how he makes his money. He has no training to do what he does. He is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. As I had written in my earlier post about Tong, the test that Tong uses is the penile plethysmograph test, which is unreliable in ascertaining child sexual abuse. This test measures male sexual arousal. This test has many problems, including that it is not admitted in court under Daubert, which means that the test is scientifically unreliable. The test is "subject to fakery and voluntary control by test subjects..."

Here is one of Tong's recommendations in his op-ed for divorces to supposedly prevent contention:

Joint custody should be the preferred option. Even though the rule of law is "the child's best interests," too often it is interpreted as, "the father should get the shaft and the mom should get everything."

Tong neglected to point out that Charla and Darren Mack had joint custody. It obviously did not inspire them to get along for the sake of their children. Joint custody did not prevent Darren Mack from "cracking". It's so nice of him to write the inflammatory statement "the father should get the shaft and the mom should get everything." That makes him look petty and vindictive - not the way you want to look when talking about a man who had stabbed his wife to death, shot the judge who was hearing his case, and then fled to Mexico.

Dean Tong is a favorite amongst father' rights activists and "false allegations" supporters. He, like most of the fathers' rights activists who have written about the Mack case, continues to blame "the system" for a murder and a shooting. What Dean Tong is doing is damage control. Fathers' rights activists have made their opinions clear on message boards where they have supported Mack shooting Judge Weller. They also blame "the system" for Mack's downfall. Fathers' rights activists do not represent good men. Good, decent men who are going through divorce should not look to those groups or the individuals in them for help.

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Dean Tong is no stranger to violence. So lets all hold a good thought for his wife. Lets not focus on Dean, as yet another fake is exposed; but lets figure out how to support his most unfortunate wife...because you know Tong's excuse will be: "She made me do it."

More on that, and Family court in general, at www.FamilyLawCourts.com

Also - got a bad judge? Do your part and let others know (since judicial commissions are next to useless) at www.USAjudges.com

Come election time, the reports will be made available to media...so the public can finally have an impact on future employment.

Posted by: Bonnie Russell at Jan 29, 2008 10:32:29 PM

well it didn't take long for Bonnie to surface. that last time she comment to anything web was on a blog about cindy ross,

Posted by: jack at Jan 30, 2008 9:29:47 PM

I think the best way we can support Dean Tong's wife, Bonnie, is to out him here and in the media as much as possible. FoxNews just outed him - he's no "expert" - and FoxNews gets MANY more hits than my meager blog gets. He told his wife he would "ruin her" if she called the cops. Maybe those words will come back to haunt him.

Posted by: The Countess at Feb 1, 2008 2:44:22 PM

I know that this post is mostly in support of Charla but as you didn't know her, please refrain from making statements such as
" Tong neglected to point out that Charla and Darren Mack had joint custody. It obviously did not inspire them to get along for the sake of their children"

I happen to know that that woman went way beyond the normal boundaries to keep it normal for her daughter and uphold the terms of their custody she did not bad mouth that man even though he was abusive. She protected that child until the end. Charla, I think was overcommitted to doing the right thing in this case. If it was me, I would have been out of there.

There is nothing to as you say " get along for the sake of" when you are dealing with a crazy man. Some of us learn and some of us don't. Some of us are usually not supported by the system, some of us get away with murder and I am glad that Darren Mack is going to pay for his crimes.

Posted by: Ocean at Feb 17, 2008 4:49:24 PM