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January 30, 2008

Dean Tong Out Of Jail. For Now.

Dean Tong is out of jail... for the time being. Here's the latest article on his arrest for wife beating and witness tampering. I like how the article makes it sound like Tong actually had something of substance to say to the reporter, when all he did for the most part was growl at her.


Author Under Arrest Talks Exclusively With 10 News (Tampa Bay Local News)

Tampa, Florida - Dean Tong walked out of the Hillsborough County Jail a free man. For now.

The well-known domestic abuse author is in a position that he normally condemns: the abuser. Tong was arrested Monday night for grabbing his wife's arm, slamming her foot in the door and wrestling the phone out of her hand as she called police.

As he walked past a 10 News camera in front of the jail, he told reporter Melanie Brooks in a curt tone, "Innocent until proven guilty. Talk to my attorney."

It is a road Tong has traveled before. He's been arrested twice, once in 1998 for burglary and again in 2001 for domestic violence.

Tong has appeared on countless televisions shows, such as Dr. Phil, 48 Hours, and Nancy Grace on CNN. He's also written books on the subject of abuse.

But, this time, it is his own actions that are under the microscope, labeled as abusive by authorities.

Melanie Brooks, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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