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July 06, 2007

Thunderstorms Are Here

Thunderstorms are expected throughout the day and night, and they're starting hard now. The wind is blowing like crazy.

I plan to post as long as I can, and I need to read some stuff on the Internet, so I'll be here until the electricity goes out. It went out a little earlier for a second or two. I have a feeling I'm going to lose power. Good thing I have my Santeria candles to light up the house. Yes, I collect Santeria candles. I have Oshun (river and stream goddess), Yemaya (ocean goddess), and a love candle. I also have saint candles, but they're buried in a box somewhere. We still have unpacking to do, but there isn't enough room for our stuff in this apartment. What we really need are about six bookcases. The boxes are mostly full of books. Once we get the bookcases, I can completely unpack our belongings.

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