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July 20, 2007

Sex In The Virtual World - Computer Games

Update: July 21, 2007: I asked The Count about Second Life, and he warned me to stay away from it. My readers may recall that The Count used to work in the game industry. I didn't know that people used real money to play this game. They buy and sell items in the game with their own money!!! This game costs money! It's as if they want you to buy a performance bond to play! I can't afford to do that; besides, I don't want to spend my own money in a game. If I were savvy enough, I could make money designing cool stuff for the game, but The Count told me that the IRS has Second Life in its crosshairs. People are making money from the game, and the IRS wants its cut of the moolah. I will definitely avoid this game, and go back to setting my Sims on fire.


Everyone probably already knows about the nude patches for The Sims. You can also pull the bed out from under your Sims with a cheat code if you can convince your horny Sims to get some nooky in bed. I remember reading of some MMORPGs having problems with groups being oriented towards sex play.

Now, someone playing the online game Second Life has filed suit against another player - for copying a sex bed, which violates copyright. According to an article about the case, "Kevin Alderman operates Eros LLC, a maker of 'adult' items such as the SexGen bed, a piece of virtual furniture that allows Second Life users to simulate more than 150 sex acts. The bed retails for 12,000 Linden dollars ($46). The 'John Doe' lawsuit accuses Volkov Catteneo of unlawfully copying the SexGen bed and selling it on for approximately 4,000 Linden dollars. The beds are sold as 'no-copy' objects, which means that avatars can use them but should not be able to copy them. Alderman has insisted that he does not know how a version of the SexGen bed which can be copied became available."

I have heard of Second Life, but I had no interest in playing it. I prefer to play God when I play with my Sims. I set them on fire. Electrocute them. Drown them. Get them into love triangles. Have them live with people they hate. All in all, good, honest fun.

The only reason the Second Life/SexGen bed caught my attention is because your avatar can engage in 150 different sex acts. Wow. 150? That beats the Kama Sutra. I looked at the Second Life site to get a better grip on what kinds of sex acts can be done on this bed. I found one bed that has 14 cuddle and 13 sex animations - whatever that means.

I found more.

One bed going for L$999 (I think that's virtual money) has 62 cuddle and sex animations, including doggy, 69, blowjob, missionary, taste, ride, and cowgirl.

Another bed included various positions for sex, bondage, and cuddling.

I'm going to take a second look at this game, if you can really do all that stuff. Does anyone who is reading play Second Life? If you do, can you give more information about how the SexGen bed works, and what else is fun about the game? Is it a live game, where you get to create an avatar?

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Just started in SL a couple of weeks ago to build some buildings ans scripts. I have to say the scripts on these beds are amazing when combined with text cyber (some are even using Skype). It is a live game where you can create your on avatar. Either partner can use an on screen panel to change positions as you cyber. Some av skins are photo realistic and just amazing in the detail and the girls really luv the clothes. There are a lot of talented graphic artists out there. Its good if your feeling a bit lonely on the road or are in the mood for a quick virtual "nooner". You should take another look and build your own bed. Im sure there is a niche market for avs that want to be set on fire or electrocute them :p

Posted by: SLdude at Jul 25, 2007 5:56:24 PM

PS SL Linden dollars are cheap ($265 L$/$1 USD) so you'd have to make a lot of L$ to get the IRS involved. Some of the big sex clubs make $50k USD or more

Posted by: SLdude at Jul 25, 2007 6:00:02 PM

SL sure sounds like fun. I want to see one of those beds in action. There are sex clubs in SL? SL sounds like The Sims to me, but with some major differences. I used to download skins from Sims web sites that are no longer online. I have Mulder and Scully Sims that I put into every neighborhood.

I did like Uru Live, which was my first online game. It's back up now, but I haven't signed up yet. I'll give SL another look. The problem I had with Uru was that when I played, in the mornings and afternoons, no one else was online. Most people were online at night. I hope that SL is active no matter when you play.

Posted by: The Countess at Jul 27, 2007 11:18:47 AM