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March 08, 2007

Wow, This Is Bad

A Massachusetts woman is suing Planned Parenthood for performing an abortion that was not done properly. Even though she had an abortion, she was still pregnant. She went to a doctor a few months later, and he failed to detect her 20 week pregnancy. She then went to the emergency when she felt pelvic pain, and that's when she learned that the abortion had failed. She gave birth to a daughter in December, 2004. She filed her complaint last week. She's suing for the cost of raising her daughter. The daughter has no medical problems related to the abortion and her birth.

If anyone finds additional information about this case, I'd like to read it. It's horrible what happened to her. I would also like to know why she took so long to file her complaint.

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How horrible! How can this even be possible? From everything I know about abortion, I just can't understand how there could be any uncertainty about the outcome. Then another physician fails to diagnose the pregnancy? This beggars belief. I can't believe this is how it appears.

Another question: Should this two-year-old be removed from the custody of her mother? She implicitly admits that she doesn't have means to care for the child. Putting her up for adoption would ostensibly solve the problem. How could any child have a decent upbringing in a home where she is so profoundly unwanted?

This, to me, underscores the barbarity of all abortion.

Posted by: Matt at Mar 9, 2007 12:00:06 AM

I just have to add that we discussed this at SK and while everyone is concerned about the child envolved, this is clearly a case of malpractice. This whole situation could have been avoided if the docs did their jobs. So stop questioning her motives and start looking at theirs ~ and hope that this suit brings attention to the issue of medical responsibility and the lives it touches. This should never, ever, happen again. No woman should have to endure this.

Posted by: Gracie Passette at Mar 11, 2007 5:32:35 PM