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January 29, 2007

Celery Is An Aphrodisiac?

Celery as an aphrodisiac is new to me. I can't stand celery. I do like it in soups, but only if it's wrapped in cheesecloth and removed once cooked. I like the flavor, but not the vegetable.

Apparently, celery is an aphrodisiac, according to this article. The article stated that "a cluster of celery stems was traditionally hung above the bed of newlyweds on the first marital night. The plant was believed to act as a powerful erotic stimulant."

Learn something new every day.

It named different foods, many of which I expected to see, such as chocolate and ginseng. Some essential oils that enhance an erotic mood were also mentioned. Those oils include bergamot, rose, and sandlewood. Sandlewood has long been known as an oil of love and lust. Bergamot is in one of my favorite teas, Earl Grey. Does that make Earl Grey tea an aphrodisiac?

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