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June 01, 2006

An Update - We're Still In Trouble

I wanted to thank everyone who helped us out so far. I'm going to write thank you notes to everyone once I finish my writing for the day.

With your help, we are able to get caught up on the rent. However, we are still in trouble. We won't have enough funds to pay the rent for next month. If you are able to donate to us, please use the PayPal button at the top of the left sidebar. We need to get through the next couple of months until both of us find good, well-paying jobs. We are heading to the restaurant this afternoon to fill out applications, but I know the pay won't be enough to cover our rent and utilities. Any help you give us will be greatly appreciated.

I'm working on my synopsis of my novel now so that I may send the packet to the publisher. Hopefully, my novel will be accepted. I hope it is. For one thing, it would be wonderful if I finally get a novel published. For another thing, I'll be paid a nice sum of money if it's published. A chunk of money will ease my financial worries.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered us help and support, but we aren't out of trouble yet. Thanks so much for the help you've given us and continue to give us.

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Tis a shame but there you go.

Posted by: Julian at Jun 1, 2006 3:55:56 PM

No matter where you go, there you are. ;)

Posted by: The Countess at Jun 1, 2006 6:15:00 PM

Sorry I can't help with any cash Trish. Since my ex took me for everything, including my career, I find it difficult to manage myself. Maybe you could send some my way. :hint:

Posted by: gwallan at Jun 1, 2006 8:21:17 PM

I know it's hard to do, but it might be a good idea to check out your local social service agencies to see if you can get rent and utility help. United Way recently instituted a helpline. If it's active in your area, dial 211 and ask who might be able to help you. Given that your situations are clearly situational and short term, you're exactly what a lot of agencies are looking for in clients.

That said, I'm sending another little bit.

Posted by: odanu at Jun 1, 2006 9:47:18 PM

Oh, gosh - I'm so very sorry. Perhaps you can do what *I* did when I lost everything I had - washed dishes at a McDonald's in the 'hood. Or is honest labor out of the question?

PS So sorry for the bad karma. My oh my, wonder what you did to deserve this? I wonder if GOD is a MAN after all????

Posted by: eightdozenroses at Jun 2, 2006 6:52:37 AM

Thanks, everybody. We're checking into local services that can help us. We're also going to send some applications out today. We're both going to take any job we can find until we find better-paying work. I'm bringing in some money, but not a lot. I make my own glycerin soaps. It's tourist season here, so the shops are open now. I found several that want to carry my soaps. I'm going to do all kinds of things to bring in money

Posted by: The Countess at Jun 2, 2006 11:37:29 AM

Remember Trish, obstacles are those frightful little things that we see when we take our eyes of the goal and God wouldn't have given us the ability to dream without the possibilities of making them come true.
And lastly, your personality sets the boundaries of what you can and cannot do! There's my positive quotes for the day. :)

Posted by: Jim at Jun 2, 2006 11:46:59 AM


Posted by: Jim at Jun 2, 2006 11:56:06 AM


What line of work is your husband in? I have some headhunter contacts in different fields, especially technical, and maybe one of them can get the ball rolling for him.

Posted by: Dirk at Jun 2, 2006 12:06:28 PM

Ok Charlie, I had to blast that one out there. Consequently I don't want to get into a pissing match either. Later.

Posted by: Jim at Jun 2, 2006 12:21:35 PM

Thanks again, everyone. My husband does have some headhunters he has been contacting. It's just slow going. I have my eye on my dreams all the time, and I'll just have to take a temporary low-paying job until the well-paying one comes through. We're still in trouble, but we're confident that in the long run we'll be fine. Thanks for sending more money our way if you're able to do it. We really appreciate it.

Posted by: The Countess at Jun 2, 2006 12:50:37 PM

Let us know when you start working Trish.

Posted by: Julian at Jun 2, 2006 4:18:49 PM

Hi there Countess,

Although I disagree with alot of your opinions,(I almost always disagree with Feminists) I respect your right to express what you believe. And you just heard that from a fellow with some Libertarian beliefs. Anyway, I wish you well. Hope your novel is picked up by a publisher.

Posted by: Rich at Jun 3, 2006 4:16:30 PM

Novel? ... Nixon said \"don\'t buy books from crooks\".

Posted by: Charlie at Jun 4, 2006 2:30:35 AM

Perhaps you can do what *I* did when I lost everything I had - washed dishes at a McDonald's in the 'hood. Or is honest labor out of the question?

Ya mean like how Trish is applying for jobs anywhere and everywhere in town--including shops and restaurants?

Perhaps you can try actually reading the fucking post before you go off on a self-righteous tantrum, cupcake.

Posted by: Sheelzebub at Jun 5, 2006 10:38:00 AM

I think what he was trying to point out is "possibly" he had to work at the McDonalds in the hood because his hard times were probably something someone did to him like, a wife. Personally, I think that there is a difference when a soon-2-be ex-spouse does that to him/her. It's different when your employer lays you off or fires you in which we all know happens, but when divorce happens it's much harder that getting the pink slip. I think it's wrong for him to compare the two, but I know what he means.

Posted by: Jim at Jun 5, 2006 12:17:38 PM

Do they actually wash dishes at MCDonald's? Seriously.

My 2 cents worth is this - I don't know Count or Countess from Adam's housecat. I love that she's working to make her writing her career, it's no easy feat to accomplish. It looks to me that they're both doing what it takes to get on their feet. HOWEVER, it shouldn't matter a damn bit. Either give because you feel led to, or don't give because, well, because whatever your reason is. But don't come here running off at the mouth, it isn't as if she's shown up at your door demanding money. You came here, if you don't like what she's saying/doing/asking then shut up and slink back out of here.

How many of us haven't ever needed a little help sometimes? Sheesh. Be nice, or go away.

Posted by: Erin Monahan at Jun 5, 2006 11:10:44 PM

YO BEEYATCH - WHY did you not say anything to me last week when we were talking about your moving???????????? Last week I was severely lax in blogging, so I had NO clue. And No, it was Not a blonde moment, beeyatch.

Do NOT go live with your mother. NO NO NO. At least it is blue hair season up there. ;D What about that place you used to work? That still there? Or one like it...lol (20 like it, lol)....

And for the idiot who suggested she rent a car, if Trish still has the same car she had a few years ago, then a rental would be about 10 steps up. I am allowed to say that because my husband had one of those Pieces O'S!!! And we didn't get two cents for ours when we sold it, so hers wouldn't bring .01, because hers is worse!!! (Do you still have that thing? I am serious, we had to GIVE it away...they were going to charge us to tow it!!)

AND another thing - there ARE no McDonalds where T lives. Yeah, there are places like that in the world.

Off to pay it forward...

Posted by: Moi ;) at Jun 7, 2006 7:44:38 PM