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May 04, 2006

Study: U. S. Mothers Deserve $134,121 In Salary

This study has already made the rounds on men's rights lists. As expected, the guys have whined their "what about men" cry. After all, men do unpaid work too, like mow the lawn and fix plumbing. They might break their necks when they climb ladders to put Christmas lights on the house. Men squash bugs! A man ends up "twisting his back as he juggles a heavy suitcase into the back seat of a two-door car." Such dangerous work, and men go without thanks for it. Those last three were courtesy of Warren Farrell, who made comments supportive of incest for a 1977 issue of Penthouse.

Let them whine. That's what they're good at.

This study found that if women were paid for the unpaid work they do they would earn $134,121 per year. The study looked at salaries women would earn if they were paid for chauffering children, doing laundry, washing windows, caring for children, entertaining business guests, cooking meals, and cleaning house. Those were only some of the jobs women do that are unpaid. If they were paid for those unpaid jobs on top of the paid jobs they likely hold, they would earn an extra $85,876 per year.

I've seen these kinds of studies before. Even though they are eye-opening, mothers especially see their unpaid work ignored or looked down upon. Nothing has changed, even with studies such as this one.

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that's it. I'm quitting my day job.

:-) now, where's my money?

Posted by: Txfeminist at May 4, 2006 2:51:44 PM

131 g's, oh c'mon!
I'm a stay at home dad, so where's the study on me?
Where's my cash. I even mow, weed, fathering, I tried breast feeding like the aboriginees do, but I couldn't get it to lactate, I wash clothes, dishes, cook, clean and still have a full time job outside the house.
So there! HMPH!

Posted by: Jim Deeny at May 5, 2006 10:54:20 AM

I just changed the cat litter box. Please pay me my veterinarian's salary.

Posted by: Dirk at May 5, 2006 12:45:24 PM

That's funny. Two guys already come here saying "what about da men?" ;)

Dirk, changing the cat litter is housekeeping, not veterinarian work. Once you hold down a flaying cat trying to give it a pill, spay the cat, give it shots while it tries to scratch your face off, clip its claws, bathe it while it tries to run up the shower wall, treat it for worms, and then spend three hours trying to coax it out from under a dresser while it spits at you,then maybe you'd warrant a veterinarian's salary. :)

Posted by: The Countess at May 5, 2006 1:13:23 PM

Most of that money comes from overtime pay, which in the US is increasingly nonexistent. If a stay-at-home-mom were paid a wage, she might get $134,000 a year. But if she were paid a salary, she'd be severely underpaid, like almost all other American workers, and get only $45,000.

What really made my jaw drop was the comment that the average American stay-at-home-mom works 91.6 hours a week. I'm not sure whether to be outraged at the fathers for not helping, the mothers for not insisting that the fathers help, the employers for discriminating against women in wages and promotions, or the government for not making anything easier.

Posted by: Alon Levy at May 5, 2006 4:46:31 PM

Who's suppose to pay this? Every year feminist have this survey out and for what? Feminist hate stay-at-home moms. I want to know what angle is being played. To make a family work,to raise a family, and unless you're totally rich, one person has to stay home and raised the children, take care of them while they're sick, take them to school and other programs, etc.. while the other - usually the father, works over time to provide for housing, future education, etc... I believe this "study" does nothing to support families, and attempts more so to inject contempt in gullible women to minimize the sacrifices of hard working fathers.

Posted by: Mother at May 9, 2006 1:00:03 PM