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March 16, 2006

Now This Is Funny

The Count and I love to watch the National Geographic Channel. We also love to watch the Discovery Channel. It turns out that the Discovery Channel is creating a new web site for all those parents who think they are too stoopid to help their kids with their math and history homework. Called Cosmeo, web site is geared towards "Web-savvy children from kindergarten through 12th grade. It also gives parents and other caretakers a way to be more involved in the learning process while refreshing their own knowledge."

So now you won't look like a moron when you try to help your kid with his geometry homework, or with his report about the Crimean war that is due tomorrow, and he just told you about it at dinnertime the night before it's due.

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Not sure who gets the dumbo award here. I am a teacher and a parent, though, so I claim rights to slamming both. Um, kids are actually meant to do their own homework. So if your little doober is having trouble, you are not meant to be an expert on the topic, but merely to offer moral support, or perhaps a bit of editing. And if teachers are assigning whopping amounts of work because the government has decided we should cram tons of information down each and every blessed child's throat, said teacher must reserve heavy torture for school and not home. Or at least start it and/or explain it at school.

And, parents: get a hobby.

Posted by: Lucy at Mar 19, 2006 11:43:08 PM