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March 16, 2006

New To The Blogroll

I've been reading Red State Feminist and Reclusive Leftist daily for awhile now, but I hadn't added to them to my blogroll. Bad Countess! Now, they are on my blogroll.

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excellent additions.

Posted by: will at Mar 16, 2006 3:51:06 PM

Thank you, Trish!

I'm sorry to say, though, that you're going to have to remove Red State Feminist. She's been flaming me atrociously at my blog today and it's pretty clear now she's a pod person, not a feminist at all.

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 16, 2006 7:35:06 PM

And what are you, Violet? Real feminists, as opposed to right-wing plants pretending to be feminists, supported the Alito compromise because without it the Republicans would keep winning.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 17, 2006 9:20:33 AM

*Crawling out of my pod, yawning*

Hey, Snowsuit Girl, I donated all my trolls to Hugo's blog. Doesn't that win back my cred????

;-) Trish, Thank you for adding me! Ignore her. She's clearly a tool of the patriarchy.

Posted by: txfeminist at Mar 17, 2006 11:08:28 AM


Okay, you two. Violet, get in the corner. Txfeminist, get in the other corner. Now you two stay there until you stop picking on each other.

I like both of you. I read the comments threads on your blogs, and I was floored. I had no idea that a fight broke out, and I really don't understand what happened. I don't like blog fights. They seem so useless. Please don't you two fight. I think you're both good people and good feminists. You might not agree with each other on everything, but no one expects you to. Just remember that you are going to attract trolls when you write about the father's rights movement. It's a fact of life. It's hard to delete all the trolls. Sometimes it's useful to leave up their crap so people can see how bad those people are. I do that myself sometimes, but I delete a lot more than I leave up.

Can't you two kiss and make up? C'mon... please????

Besides, if you two keep fighting, when will we have another absinthe party? I don't want to ruin our future orgies and absinthe-drinking.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 11:33:08 AM


Are you crazy?!?!?! Why are you getting them to stop fighting??? I just got here with the jello!!!!

By the way, "tool of the patriarchy" sounds hot to me.

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 11:57:51 AM

Oooh, that sounds like fun, Will. Hey, Violet and Tx, if you two want to have a jello fight, that's fine with me. As long as you two kiss and make up in the end.

What flavor jello? I like black cherry. ;)

Will, you're giving me lewd ideas for my next absinthe party. Har!!

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 12:03:40 PM

I'm not angry at Tx; I just pity her. She's a deluded tool of the patriarchy.

And as for waving around your patriarchal tool, Mr. Willy, enough teasing! It's difficult enough to resist certain transgressive non-feminist yearnings -- why do you think I had the fucking sutures put in? Enough, I say, enough!

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 17, 2006 12:28:58 PM

Hmph. Pity, as you know, is only one step away from contempt.

Violet Socks - or should I say, Snowsuit Girl, I challenge you to a jello fight. It's the only way to break the impasse.

En Garde! *heaves glob of Jello in the direction of www.reclusiveleftist.com*


Posted by: txfeminist at Mar 17, 2006 3:47:29 PM

:::cop whistle::: LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

I'll throw in vats of black cherry, strawberry, and red raspberry jello for you two. And you have to wear chain mail bikinis. No hair pulling until the second round.

We've gotta come up with World Wrestling Federation names for you two. Any suggestions?


Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 3:56:56 PM

My humble suggestions:


"The Texas Tornado"


Violet Socks:

"Sewn Shut"

"Missionary Marauder"

"Breasts of Fury"

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 4:13:47 PM

I like "The Texas Tornado" and "Breasts of Fury".

So now we have it.


:::Lots of popcorn and beer spill in the stands as the crowd goes wild:::

Okay you two. Have at the jello and let 'er rip!! ;)

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 4:22:21 PM

*readies his camera*

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 4:24:53 PM

:::Readies the web site "Feminist Amazons in Chain Mail and Jello".

Oh, God. I just doomed myself to some really weird Google searches....

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 4:28:40 PM

"web site "Feminist Amazons in Chain Mail and Jello"."

I hope you are not trying to cut me out of this lucrative money making proposition.

I think we need to re-title it "Feminist Circus Performers in Chain Mail and Jello."

Are we marketing this to Feminists or anti-feminists? Or both and we just need to change the endings and the plot lines?

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 4:35:01 PM

The only people you're selling this to are anti-feminists, Bub. Christ, even when I was a circus performer I didn't wear chain-mail bikinis and wrestle in jello.

Look, why don't you let me and Tx settle this my way? I'll just quietly take her out back and beat the living shit out of her.

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 17, 2006 4:38:19 PM

I should have known that Feminists are against arousal and for violence behind closed doors.

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 4:45:41 PM

Violet, I was only trying to give you a fun and amusing way to make up with Txfeminist. I didn't mean any harm. I really do wish you two could find a way to mend the rift. I like both of you very much, and I don't want to see you two like this.

Here's hoping that someday the bridge is crossed. I can only hope.

XOXOXO... The Countess

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 4:48:46 PM


"I've got money on the Texas Tornado!"

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 4:52:17 PM

Trish, I appreciate that, but I really think you're underestimating the seriousness of this issue. I mean, there's a woman on my blog right now who's claiming that a self-induced elective vaginal prolapse actually ranks higher in terms of feminist credentials than having your hoo hah surgically sewn shut, as I have had done. The stakes are high, Countess. This can't be settled with some ridiculously transgressive jello match.

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 17, 2006 5:04:08 PM

Violet, I'm losing track of the comments on your blog because there are so many of them. Which woman on your blog made that claim about self-induced elective vaginal prolapse? I know which post the comment appears in. What's the number of the comment? I really need to catch up on the comments. I've been working on a story for a contest and I haven't read many blogs today or yesterday. I'm not caught up.

Please tell me in more detail what's going on, and explain it to me. I'm going to be busy writing this weekend. I'm also going to be interviewed for an article. I don't 'want anyone to get pissed of at me because I don't know what's going on. I don't like it when people I consider friends might be mad at me. I hope to rectify the situation shortly.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 17, 2006 5:41:59 PM

Damn. And here I was all ready . And chain mail.

(starts eating Jello)

Olive branch, Socks?

(offers handful of drippy Jello)

Posted by: Texas Tornado at Mar 17, 2006 9:20:31 PM

I was betting on the Tornado myself.

Posted by: will at Mar 17, 2006 9:26:26 PM

Huh. And I actually have chain mail, from my belly dancing costume.

Posted by: ginmar at Mar 17, 2006 9:55:26 PM

Please tell me in more detail what's going on, and explain it to me. I'm going to be busy writing this weekend. I'm also going to be interviewed for an article. I don't 'want anyone to get pissed of at me because I don't know what's going on. I don't like it when people I consider friends might be mad at me. I hope to rectify the situation shortly.

I'm not sure what happened myself, but from what I gathered, one feminist blog - I think Feministe but I'm not sure - inadvertently started a flamewar between the porn crusaders and the sex-positive radfems. It quickly spilled over into many other blogs; true to the sacred left-wing principle of schism, each side's people screaming at the other side's for not being real feminists. Then Violet started her own thread about it, only she did it in a tongue-in-cheek way, poking fun at the you're-a-fake-feminist flamefest.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 6:52:04 AM


Texas Tornado and Breasts of Fury, have at it!!

:::cop whistle:::

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 8:11:30 AM

I read the post at Feministe, Alon, but I stopped reading the comments not long after I started. I tend to lose interest in that kind of thing. I finally figured out what was going on at Violet's blog. I can be a bit dense sometimes.

You have a chain mail on your belly dancing outfit, Ginmar? Cool!

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 8:13:21 AM

Gee, Alon, how nice of you to reduce a serious discussion to some liberal catfight. I can't imagine why I don't trust your judgement.

Yes, trish, it's really nice. I have a headress and two different belts and anklets and slave bracelets and stuff. It's worth a couple grand, easy.

Posted by: ginmar at Mar 18, 2006 11:36:15 AM

Probably nicer than dignifying a stupid schism with the term "serious discussion." I can't imagine why I think you're an irrelevant lightweight.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 11:47:34 AM

I think what happened (ginmar, correct me if I'm wrong) was that the Feministe thread was mostly about the feminist quality of the comments policy at Hugo's and Amp's, but it came fresh on the heels of an argument between pro-porn and anti-porn feminists (at Alas?).

My tongue-in-cheek blogwar was intended as a direct commentary on "who's a real feminist" wars, as well as a meta-comment on those people who feel compelled to belittle any feminist argument as a "catfight." I have a personal stake in all those arguments, but decided I'd rather deconstruct than attack head-on. It would have worked better if someone had been willing to take on the pose of pro-porn crusader. But considering the folks playing -- me, Tx, Burrow, Manx -- that wasn't bloody likely!

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 18, 2006 12:33:21 PM

Hey, don't blame me - I did take the position of a Daily Kos feminist. I'd have taken the position of a pro-porn crusader, if I'd thought of it before posting my first comment, and if I could be sure no one would interpret those comments as my real views; I once had the misfortune of reading an explicitly sexist BDSM blog, so I'd know how to pretend to be a pro-porn crusader.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 1:04:31 PM

I would have taken the position of the pro-porn feminist if I knew from the beginning that the whole thing was a joke. I wasn't sure. The posts seemed too over-the-top silly to be for real, but when Socks and Tx came here, they sounded so serious. I wasn't sure what the hell was going on. Plus I was behind on my blog reading because I've been working on a new story for a contest. I know someone who is published in many reputable science fiction magazines (plus he's written a few novels) who is helping me write science fiction, so I've been busy with my writing. The same man is helping me write science fiction is going to help me with my contest story. He's a very close friend. I'm behind on the blogs!

I took the position of the anti-clown feminist. I hate clowns. They're scaaaary!!!

Ginmar, do you still belly dance? There was a restaurant out here that offered belly dancing lessons, but I never took them. I wish I had. That sounds like fun, and a great form of exercise. I'm a firm believer in exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 1:37:02 PM

Real life always takes precedence. I sure didn't spend 6 hours a day on the blogosphere when I had to work on my thesis, or when I had to study for a German oral test.

What science fiction are you writing?

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 1:54:24 PM

Right now, Alon, my contest story is more fantasy than science fiction. My friend told me that I could include advanced technology to make it more like science fiction. That would be medical technology for my story. I also include an alternate timeline that I would like to expand on.

I'd like to write science fiction based on social issues as they work out in the future, especially regarding marriage, sexuality, coupling, and childrearing. I'd need to work those issues out before I write a story. I'm reading Robert Heinlein now, specifically "Glory Road". Heinlein has written about alternate family forms in that book. I know that he tackled polyamory in "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress". That's my next novel that I will read to get more ideas. I need to read more science fiction books that cover those issues before I tackle a story. That way, I will have a better idea of what kind of science fiction story I could write.

My contest story is already up to 12 pages, and I'm still writing it now. I started writing it this morning. I spent the last couple of days working it out in my head. Plus I've been reading lots of good books to get more ideas. It's going to be rather long, but the stories I've read in the past for that contest tend to be on the long side. That's good. It would be great to place or win in this contest. The prize money is very good. First prize gets $1,000. I would love to win.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 2:05:47 PM

I should read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress sometime.

About social science fiction, I'd really like to read what you have to say about it. I have a thousand ideas for it in my mind, of which 2 or 3 are fairly well-developed; none have fantasy elements, though (I once started writing a series about a fantasy world with modern technology, but it was crap and I abandoned it by page 12). However, they're less about alternative family forms and more about socio-political ideas.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 3:56:55 PM

Can I play the pro-porn part?

Maybe I will just advocate pro-naked women but anti-porn? I am more interested in seeing real naked women that I know. Stranger naked women dont do it for me. Relax VS, I am including you in the "women that I know" category.

Since ginmar belly dances, doesnt that make her an exotic dancer? Countess, will you invite her to the party so I can tip her?

Posted by: will at Mar 18, 2006 4:12:17 PM

Alon, can you recommend some good science fiction for me to read that deals with socio-political ideas and - especially - family issues? I've read Asimov's "Foundation", and I liked it very much. I need to re-read it. I was one of those people who thought that science fiction was nothing but ray guns, wars, and aliens. I'm learning that science fiction is much more elaborate than that. I want to write a story based on future visions of family issues, especially marriage, childrearing, and sexuality. Heinlein seems to have done a lot of that. I'm at a part of "Glory Road" that talks a great deal about the marriage practices by a certain type of people. It's fascinating. I like it a lot. I need to re-read that passage to understand it better. I'm going to speak at a science fiction panel at a convention in one week that deals with sexuality in fantasy and science fiction. "Glory Road" and "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" will help me formulate some great ideas for discussion topics. Plus, both will give me great ideas for science fiction writing. My friend will also help me, since he's published both short stories and novels. I'm looking forward to writing science fiction very much.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 4:15:00 PM

I do have a problem. In the course of kicking a tenant out a couple of weeks ago, I came into position of a large box of porn videos and several nicely cateloged boxes of Playboys, Hustlers, and other adult magazines.

Should I:

1. Sell them on EBay
2. Send them to the Royal Spawn for his college collection
3. Destroy them for the evil filth they are
4. Have a absinthe party for communal viewing and distribution
5. Secretly leave them in friend's cars so they get in trouble with their wives

Posted by: will at Mar 18, 2006 4:22:04 PM

Will, how old are the Playboys? Vintage Playboys are worth a lot of money. I know that collectable comic book stores often stock vintage Playboys and Hustlers. I'm sure you could sell them at such a store. I bought my vintage 1967 Playboy with the quotes by Warren Farrell about "positive incest" from a collectable comic book store.

Nah. The Royal Spawn doesn't need a porn collection. He thankfully has no interest in porn. All he cares about is World of Warcraft. I've only seen him look at porn once, and I've checked his Internet histories. Still, if he looked at porn, I wouldn't get mad at him. He simply has no interest in it.

I like the idea of leaving them at an absinthe party. I'm sure we could use them, if only for a good laugh at how awkward, fake, and stupid everyone looks.

When in doubt, leave them in a friend's car, but realize that you won't have that person as a friend for very long. Leave them in a fundy preacher's car, and get the congregation all riled up. Har!

I finished working on my story for the day. I wrote 12 pages! They just flew from my fingers. I'm proud of myself. :D

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 4:29:38 PM

Good for you!!

I just looked at the Playboy's college girls of 198_. There were two women that I knew. They looked relatively normal, but the other magazines appear to have lots of silcone. I don't care if a woman wants fake breast, but it doesnt do much for me.

It appears that a lot of them are from the 80's and still in covers.

Posted by: will at Mar 18, 2006 4:34:44 PM

Will, you might be able to get a collectible comic book store to sell those Playboys for you. They might be old enough. Playboy seems like a time capsule in the way men viewed women, albeit that magazine often had a negative view of women. I know that Barbara Ehrenreich has written a chapter in one of her books about the Playboy culture, and she looked at some of the much older issues. I've seen some of those older issues myself. The articles were very interesting. Yes, I read Playboy for the articles. ;)

When in doubt, drop them off at the next absinthe party so everyone can have a good laugh over the backwards views of women in that magazine. Har!!

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 4:45:45 PM

Alon, can you recommend some good science fiction for me to read that deals with socio-political ideas and - especially - family issues?

Frankly, I can't. The socio-political science fiction I'm most familiar with is the dystopian novel. I guess Asimov's Robot series - especially The Naked Sun and The Robots of Dawn (books 3 and 4, counting I, Robot) - go into alternative forms of relationships and families. But I wouldn't trust any hard science fiction author for ideas; mine are mostly things I've concocted myself, and one comes from a suggestion someone gave me a few years ago about how to write a novel about liberal ideas.

I finished working on my story for the day. I wrote 12 pages! They just flew from my fingers. I'm proud of myself. :D

Wow... I don't think I've ever written more than 4 on one day. Speaking of which, I haven't edited my novel in months.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 4:49:49 PM

I guess Asimov's Robot series... go into alternative forms of relationships and families.

Sorry about the horrible grammar above.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 18, 2006 4:50:40 PM

I took the position of the anti-clown feminist. I hate clowns. They're scaaaary!!!

You can't be a real feminist if you don't like clowns.

And Tx, you were jello wrestling! No credentials for you!

Posted by: Burrow at Mar 18, 2006 5:48:02 PM

Have an absinthe party for communal viewing and distribution

Just as long as you don't bring them to one of my absinthe parties.

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 18, 2006 6:06:15 PM

Burrow, clowns are evil tools of the patriarchy. Plus, they wear makeup. No feminist with any cred wears makeup, let alone grease makeup.

And Burrow, I think you're right that jello wrestling holds no feminist cred. Maybe thumbtack wrestling holds feminist cred.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 6:13:10 PM

Violet, with all the absinthe going around, I don't think anyone would notice the distribution of moldy '80s Playboys with women with blue hair and glitter makeup.

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 6:15:01 PM

Ah, Countess, I'm afraid I have very deep, very personal aversion to Playboys.

Posted by: Violet Socks at Mar 18, 2006 6:27:05 PM

Socks, I use Playboy centerfolds to test my repeating blowgun. I can blow six bolts one right after the other in seconds with that blowgun. :D

Posted by: The Countess at Mar 18, 2006 6:30:48 PM

I *can* recommend some socio-political SF.

You may very much like everything to do with CJ Cherryh. I recommend the Chanur series for family politics, although some of the wider context will be missing unless you read much of the remainder of her Alliance/Union universe. Currently she is most famous for her Foreigner universe which is ongoing and highly entertaining. Cyteen (Alliance/Union) is ALL ABOUT family, but it's an extremely difficult book and should only be approached after acclimatizing yourself to Cherryh's style. It's also her most ambitious work.

Gotta run. Maybe more later.

Posted by: Mandos at Mar 18, 2006 6:35:23 PM

That settles it. I am sending one magazine a week to VSocks.

After doing a scientific evaluation, I am amazed how big hair and silicone can take the wonder that is a naked woman and make it unerotic.

Posted by: will at Mar 18, 2006 9:19:27 PM

And Violet can save them and we can have a porn burning/ripping up party. I'll drink absinthe and burn those tools of the patriarchy! yeeHAAAAAAAW!

(And Countess, clowns are supremely subversive. Who would suspect a clown of smashing the patriarchy?)

Posted by: Burrow at Mar 18, 2006 10:52:48 PM

That can be said about a lot of professions. For example, who would suspect a pimp of smashing the patriarchy?

Now that I think about it, I think Ursula LeGuin has written some good social science fiction with alternative views of gender relations; however, I have yet to read her, so I can't recommend specific books.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 19, 2006 3:10:53 AM

Aw man, I never got to Jello wrestle. Countess, I didn't realize you didn't realize we were playing. I thought you were playing along too!

Couple great sci fi books, while we're on the topic.

Sheri S Tepper, The Gate to Womens' Country ( I think that's what it's called!)
Marion Zimmer Bradley , The Darkover series
Marge Piercy, Woman on the Edge of Time

I love these!

PS, clowns ARE terrifying. Yaugh...!

Posted by: txfeminist at Mar 20, 2006 12:04:42 PM

mmm woman on the edge of time.

txfeminist, that's why I win b/c you'll all be too busy running away from me screaming then to do anything else

Posted by: Burrow at Mar 20, 2006 10:37:47 PM

Alon, you're a nineteen-year-old boy. You think I'm an irrelevant lightweight? My, let me know when your voice changes and you have that sex change that means I have to give a fuck. I won't humor you. Fuck only knows why other people feel the need to. Get over the sound of your own damned voice already.

I do some dancing still, but the injuries from Iraq have made it difficult because the VA tells me that I'm just 'sore'. As the VA has been exposed as being under orders to misdiagnose vets, I'm not suprised. Basically, they act like Alon does.

Posted by: ginmar at Mar 21, 2006 1:42:06 AM

See, you're contradicting yourself here. On the one hand, you promised me some sort of war; even then I didn't care because as Sarah Jane said, you're a horrible debater. On the other, now you've decided you don't care.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 21, 2006 2:58:30 AM

Burrow, you DO win, you horrifying clown you.

I have been trying to post to your site for two days.... blogger is so sucking right now. I have a comment about that inane argument that fella made.

Posted by: Txfeminist at Mar 21, 2006 3:16:59 PM

it should work now

Posted by: Burrow at Mar 23, 2006 9:20:59 PM

I have comments and questions and stuff and I hope it's not too late on this thread.

First: Will, I'm pretty sure you were joking about belly dancing being exotic dancing and tippable. It's totally not, and that would be a gross insult. I saw my first belly dancer when I was just 15 and fell in love. I belly danced for several years. Interestingly, my teacher was the president of the local Right to Life group. It didn't change the fact that she was 270 curvy pounds of one of the best belly dancers I have ever seen in my life. I relate that part because when I want to tie up all the anti-choicers in a sack and toss them into the Gulf I force myself to remember her and thus remember that even anti-choicers can be multifaceted. But their still fucking wrong.

Anyway, later in life I had a credit card debt and decided to try stripping (topless, not nude, not that it really matters to outsiders, I guess). I really liked it and was good at it. Eight years later when I had a degree, a toddler, and no job I went back to it and liked it even more. By "liked" I mean that it was just a job, but more athletic and less kowtowing to managers and hierarchy and better stories and, well, just really interesting. Even though there were nights I just sat at the bar and did my daily crossword between sets unless a regular or a crowd came in. And I came out of it liking men more, not less.

I also love porn. And I think there's definitely gender based exploitation there. But I think all businesses and corporations are naturally exploitative and that good unions would alleviate a lot of that exploitation.

True story that is a microcosm of my life and relationship to men and feminism: Now, my stripping days ended several years ago (I'm a social worker now) and I am now the vessel of my husband's and my combined DNA. I'm at 17 weeks after six years of trying. We had a casual dinner party two weeks ago. It was hot and I kicked off my shoes. I was whipping up a dessert and one of my friends shouted, "What do you think of modern feminism?"

I strode to the edge of the kitchen, waved my spoon in the air, and said, "If it wasn't for feminism, I wouldn't be where I am right now!"

Am I a "real" feminist or a tool of the patriarchy? I ain't skinny or anything; I don't torture myself for beauty, although I do wear makeup when I absolutely have to.

I read this site and Twisty's every day and at Twisty's I feel like a sneaky unconfessed sinner. They hate teh strippin' over there.

Is my defense of porn as just another exploitative industry with a bit more sexism legit, or am I just trying to have my porn and eat it too? I feel, deep down, that if it came to it you might have to pry my Andrew Blake out of my cold, dead, fingers...

What is a real feminist, anyway, and who cares? I get the uncomfortable feeling it's like all the Christians arguing about who's a real Christian. As an atheist, the only dog I have in that fight is the hope that the liberal ones win, cause I don't wanna get put into re-education or burned or anything. And I don't want my kids growing up in some christofascist hell (although I wonder if that's gonna happen anyway. After watching "V" I asked my 12-yr-old if he thought that might be necessary here and he very seriously answered that, yeah, it might).

I really want your thoughts because for 25 years I've really, really considered myself a staunch feminist and at the same time I've really, really worried that I'm totally not.

Posted by: K at Mar 25, 2006 11:32:17 AM

Oops. That was 170. Not 270. Although I knew another one that was over 3 and was also a beautiful and awesome dancer.

Also, ginmar, I have been following the treatment of our veterans with great outrage. I know very well how much you have to use your back when belly dancing. Hell, it's ALL back except for maybe hand isolations, and even then the armbone connects to the shoulder bone and all that. My heart and atheist prayers go out to you.

Posted by: K at Mar 25, 2006 11:35:43 AM

Do you read Bitch, Ph.D.? I don't, but the posts on that blog that I have read sound like they'd appeal to you, especially the part about your stripping.

About whether you're a "real" feminist, others may disagree with me here, but I don't think you need to ask yourself that question. If you support the ideas that women and men should be equal, and that further action beyond what has so far been achieved is necessary to promote equality, then you're a feminist. I'm not into litmus tests, or for that matter anything that causes schisms of the sort immortalized in Monty Python's Life of Brian.

Posted by: Alon Levy at Mar 26, 2006 5:40:10 AM