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March 08, 2006

More Problems For Walgreens

Walgreens is already under fire for refusing to fill women's birth control prescriptions. Now, a woman is suing Walgreens for disparaging comments the pharmacist wrote about her on her prescription sheet. Granted, the story comes from World Nut Daily, but it still perked up my ears.

According to World Nut Daily, "March 17, 2005, the word "CrAzY!!" was entered in a field reserved for patient information. Another field from Sept. 30, 2004, stated: "She's really a psycho!!! Do not say her name too loud, never mention her meds by names & try to talk to her when ... ."

She was "devastated, humiliated and embarrassed". No shit. I'm surprised she was allowed to get her depression medication at all. After all, those Godbag pharmacists probably believe that only God can cure her.

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