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October 06, 2005

I Laughed So Hard I Spewed Coffee All Over Myself

If you've never read The Sneeze, head on over right now and check it out. Steve is this cool oddball that writes, in part, about gross stuff to eat. He has an entire section called "Steve, Don't Eat It!" His latest is a riot. He ate Korean Silkworm Pupas. Yes, you read that right. He ate dead bugs. They even came in a can. I like how he said the can's pull-tab opens on the bottom, probably so that people can open it right over the trash can. Ha!

The can also has this written on it (translated into English): "High Protein - Great side dish when drinking alcohol." Steve wrote, "I imagine this came from the silkworm marketing team when faced with the nagging question "Who the fuck's gonna eat this?!" The answer: DRUNKS!"

Head over now and read the rest. You'll laugh so hard you'll bleed out of your eyes.

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Okay, I really truly laughed out loud.

I've also emailed the link to my husband at work. I'll report back if it gets him fired. At the very least, he and his cube-mate should be royally entertained this afternoon.

Posted by: Shaula Evans at Oct 6, 2005 1:52:37 PM

Shaula, did you read his posts about Tree Brian? It's a really ugly fungus that was growing on a tree on his property. That's the funniest, bent stuff I've read in ages. Plus, someone stole Tree Brain!!! Steve thinks the thief ate it. Yuck!!

Ah, I doubt your husband will get fired. His colleagues probably read FARK at work. My son told me that a few months ago, his school blocked FARK from the students. LOL, what took them so long to find it? ;)

Posted by: The Countess at Oct 6, 2005 2:32:56 PM

I'm fasting for Ramadan, and I haven't eaten or drunk since 5:40am. This really helped. Honestly, it did. I mean, it destroyed any thought of an appetite.

I think I'm going to bookmark that page. It's pretty useful. On the other hand, the point of Ramadan is that you're *supposed* to feel hungry.

Posted by: Mandos at Oct 6, 2005 3:54:55 PM

LOL I'm glad I was able to help out, Mandos. I have another great post for you to read that I'll post tomorrow, and I'll dedicate it to you. I posted it it once before, but it sounds like you really need it to kill your appetite.

The Countess, providing yet another valuable service. ;)

Posted by: The Countess at Oct 6, 2005 5:11:30 PM