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September 04, 2005

Our Compassionate President

George W. Bush: ""The good news is -- and it's hard for some to see it now -- that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before. Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- he's lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house. And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch." (Laughter.)"

Can we impeach this asshole now?

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GOOD HEAVENS! Where's that from???

Yeah, I guess it IS all well & good for those with plenty of investments & money in the bank, and who will probably get something for the loss of their property.


Posted by: Chloe at Sep 4, 2005 6:32:48 PM

Here's one link:


There are plenty of others.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Sep 4, 2005 6:36:38 PM

It's beyond me why everyone, including his kneepad supporters, don't want to throttle him.

Posted by: carla at Sep 4, 2005 7:15:15 PM

President Bush represented enough of the American people to get elected. And he's an idiot, so what's that tell you?

Posted by: pete kaplan at Sep 4, 2005 8:39:10 PM


Posted by: kohoutekdriver8 at Sep 4, 2005 10:33:01 PM

Ignore Pete.

I believe he could verbally dyslexic.

Posted by: NYMOM at Sep 5, 2005 9:07:41 AM

'Bout time your ass gets political. ;D

Posted by: Moi ;) at Sep 5, 2005 11:48:25 AM

What I'm saying is that there a whole lot of idiots that voted for Bush. And if you talk to them they will tell you that he represents their way of thinking. They're already making lame ass excuses for him taking 4 days to show up in New Orleans.

Posted by: pete kaplan at Sep 5, 2005 2:32:01 PM

I also read a quote from Bush. You'd be glad to know that he had "fun" the day he spend in New Orleans.

Posted by: pete kaplan at Sep 5, 2005 2:35:19 PM

Basically what you saw on the news is Bush making a gesture of a big house for Trent Lott for ensured confirmation of John Roberts for Supreme Court Chief Justice there! Go for the impeachment now before Robert's is confirmed because Impeachment proceedings I think are oversaw by the Chief Justice of Chief Justice Pro Tempore in the Senate. lol.

Lary Holland

Posted by: Lary Holland at Sep 5, 2005 11:28:12 PM

Why would we want Cheney to become President, he's already running the country now?

Posted by: pete kaplan at Sep 6, 2005 12:13:53 AM

one of my favorite political buttons reads: "Impeach Cheney First!"

Posted by: Lee at Sep 6, 2005 11:43:27 AM