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August 26, 2005

The Chocolate Seashells Turned Out Great

I finally used my candy molds. The chocolates turned out just fine. I now have a box of little seashell chocolates for The Count and I to eat. I'll make more so that The Royal Spawn can have some on Sunday. Sunday he comes home after spending the summer with his dad.

I used both white and dark chocolate, but the white chocolate seized. Some moisture must have gotten into it. I'll try it again with more white chocolate tomorrow.

The next time, I'm going to buy baker's squares to use instead of chocolate morsels. I have a feeling baker's squares a more suited to candy-making than morsels. I also found a high-end chocolate web site. Those chocolates are more expensive, but I'm curious to try them. I can also buy cacao nibs from some of these placer. I'm looking at chocolate from France, Italy, and Venezuela.

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