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August 22, 2005

Rhode Island Need More Excitement

You can now hike to the highest point in Rhode Island, all 812 feet of it. Through someone's back yard. It's a rock with no view.

The hike used to be more exciting. The old owner of the house whose back yard led to the highest point didn't like hikers on his property. He used to threaten them. Neighbors weren't thrilled either with the trespassers. One neighbor held two hikers at gunpoint, and fired his gun up into the air. The thrill was sneaking past the landowners, and continuing on the trail unseen.

Now, that thrill is gone. The new owners allow hikers to go through their property to get to the highest point.

Rhode Island's Chamber of Commerce needs to find more exciting things to do, like what they do in Hawaii - lava sledding. No, not on hot lava. On rock. Too bad there's no lava in Rhode Island.

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