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May 04, 2005

Who Gets Your E-mail Account After You Die?

Who gets your e-mail account after you die? Who gets your blog after you die is another question. I know that Aaron Hawkins' family took over his blog Uppity Negro after he died. Someone will have to take control of your e-mail and Internet accounts as well, and decide what to do with them in the event of your death. E-mail is by nature private, so there are privacy issues to deal with. Something to think about.

Slain Soldier's E-Mail Spurs Legal Debate
The National Law Journal

The recent release of a dead soldier's Yahoo e-mail account to his parents has sparked fresh debate over personal data. The question: Who owns your e-mail when you die? The attorney who represented the soldier's family in the dispute maintains there's no privacy debate over e-mail, which he calls "the same thing as a safe deposit box." However, an attorney who teaches Internet law says e-mail ownership rights "are going to become a floodgate of problems 10 years from now."

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