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April 11, 2005

The House Of The Rising Sun

Remember the song "The House Of The Rising Sun"? Archeologists in New Orleans are looking for the house in the French Quarter right now. Check this out:

There was a house in New Orleans where women wore rouge by the ton. When it burned to ruins in 1822, it was called the Rising Sun.

Until this year, most people speculating about the origins of the old song "House of the Rising Sun" didn't even mention the Rising Sun Hotel.

But archaeologists digging in the French Quarter say that whether or not the Rising Sun was the debauched establishment described in the song, it was definitely debauched.

The key clues were at least seven rouge pots - with openings wide enough to allow an easy two-fingered scoop - dating from the 1820s.

"Respectable women were using rouge very surreptitiously, if at all," said Jill-Karen Yakubiak, president of Earth Search Inc., contracted to help with the archaeology.

There is also evidence that prehistoric Indians lived in what is now the French Quarter.

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