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April 28, 2005

Gee, The Only Things In My Backyard Are My Bird Girl Statue, Two Dead Pinball Machines, And A Smoker

London - A man landscaping his garden in eastern England has unearthed a major hoard of tools and weapons dating back nearly 3 000 years, an archaeologist revealed on Tuesday.

The hoard is among the largest finds in Britain from the late Bronze Age, consisting of 145 items including spear and axe heads, swords and metal working tools.

"This is one of the biggest late Bronze Age hoards ever found in Norfolk and is up there among the major finds in Britain," said Alan West, curator of archaeology at Norwich Museum about 100 miles north-east of London.

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I think that is pretty darn cool. Gives me the shivers truthfully.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at Apr 28, 2005 2:46:26 PM

I have the Birdgirl, too. No pinball machines, though.

Posted by: SB at May 1, 2005 11:59:07 PM

That's a great statue, isn't it? I'm saving my money now to buy a Maid In The Mud by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at May 2, 2005 7:57:04 AM