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March 06, 2005

The Summit At Mount Everest

This picture has been reproduced many times, but it is today's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" at NASA.gov. I've chosen the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" as my home page on Explorer. I can't let this one go unmentioned. Scroll from right to left to see the summit at Mount Everest. It's absolutely beautiful.

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I was in the Indian Himalayas for a couple of weeks, but didn't cross the border to see Everest. Too much work.

I used to have a view of Mt. Fuji from my apartment, tho. Actually, that's an overstatement. It was only clear about 20 days out of the year. So, 20 days of the year I had a view of Mt. Fuji.

Posted by: Roxanne at Mar 6, 2005 7:56:34 PM

The closest I've ever been to Everest was the ant hill in my back yard.

I need to get out more. That's why I like archeology so much. So much of a chance to get out of the U. S. When the money comes in, I'm headed for Israel. That's my first stop.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Mar 6, 2005 8:06:28 PM

Well, I don't know about Israel, but India is pretty cheap. Two of us for about two weeks lived on about $700 plus airfare. And we lived like royalty. Well, we didn't really. But, we lived well enough.

Posted by: Roxanne at Mar 6, 2005 10:13:19 PM

Harvard hosts an archeological dig at Tel Rehov in Israel, which is why I want to go. They train you on site. I went to some archeology lectures at the Harvard Semitic Museum last year and enjoyed them very much. One of these days I'm going to travel abroad and play in the dirt. I already have my passport. ;)

That's pretty good, living in India for two weeks on $700 plus airfare. Traveling around the world is one of my goals.

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Mar 7, 2005 8:18:12 AM