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March 03, 2005

Stuff I'm Reading

I'm going to make a concerted effort today to work on my new novel, so blogging may be a bit light. Here are some links that I thought were interesting.

Lauren at Feministe contemplates the recent discussion on Alas, A Blog about the politics of hair. I wrote my own post about my waist-length hair here.

Hugo discusses self-injury, also known as "cutting." He was a cutter and burner himself.

Ilyka Damen has done a massive link-fest. Start with her first post and go down the blog. She even linked to my friendly musings with the guys at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Talk about water and oil not mixing. That sure has been interesting.

Like so many bloggers lately, Jhezika at Nerd Sluts has been sick. She's fighting pneumonia. That's the second person I know who has had pneumonia. The other one is Flea from One Good Thing. I still have laryngitis, but it's not as bad as it was last week. Jhezika's been spending her time reading some good books and listening to music. She likes Bjork! I'm a fan of Bjork's as well.

Speaking of Flea, she tells an amusing story about how her smug, self-righteous, condescending, smarmy, arrogant, and vindictive, evangelical, conservative Christian high school teacher gave her a D for a poem she wrote based on the novel "Lolita." Hint - Flea wrote it in Humbert Humbert's voice. Imagine the teacher's hair falling out as she read it. Amanda at Mouse Words also comments on Flea's post and makes her own observations.

Julie Saltman writes that "Treasury Secretary John W. Snow indicated Wednesday that the White House would accept a Social Security overhaul that does not divert the program’s payroll taxes into personal retirement accounts, a major shift in the administration’s position." However, she says that Josh Micah Marshall says not to stop fighting. Bush is pushing for a phase-out of Social Security, and that's still his goal. The Dems are winning this one, and the fight is just beginning.

How many of you want to see Kevin Drum start up Friday Cat Blogging again? I sure do. I noticed that he added me to his blogroll. That's so cool. He also has quite a lot to say about the word "bullshit." According to Ludwig Wittgenstein, "the defining characteristic of bullshit is not that the bullshitter is lying, an act that requires the perpetrator to know the truth in the first place, but that the bullshitter doesn't care one way or the other." Sounds about right to me.

Mac Diva reports on the story of federal judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, whose family was murdered. Retaliation may have been the motive. This was especially scary to me because of a story I posted about social services worker Linda Silva being murdered by a man after Silva recommended that custody of his children be given to his estranged wife.

Sappho at Noli Irritare Leones has a great story up about getting your priorities straight. She also has an interesting post up about marriage, in response to what she read at the MarriageDebate Blog.

Avedon Carol from The Sideshow links to David Neiwert's excellent "The Rise of Pseudo Fascism" series, which won a Koufax Award. I read that one and was very impressed. I think I voted for it. Go to the main page of her blog and read down. She has a lot of good links set up.

Utopian Hell has written another post about sexual harassment in online game, in particular World of Warcraft. My husband and son play that game. I don't play but I watch them sometimes. I used to play Uru Live and Until Uru, and that game never had a problem with harassment. It was in the nature of the game and the types of people who played that that sort of thing did not happen. I'm sad to see that it is such a problem in other online games.

Here's Chloe on the "visine on nipples" myth. (And I wonder how many Google searches for "visine on nipples" will find my blog now? Heh.)

Moi at Bloggg gets on the CDC's case for being a day late and a dollar short on autism education.

Echidne posts on that great uniter, Jim Gibbons (R-Nev), who said "I say we tell those liberal, tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, hippie, tie-dyed liberals to go make their movies and their music and whine somewhere else." As Echidne said of Gibbons, he feels that if you don't unite behind George Bush, just leave the country. Lovely.

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How many of you want to see Kevin Drum start up Friday Cat Blogging again?

I don't need the competition, 'specially now that I'm trying to SELL pictures of my cats, and my dog, and other animals...

I noticed that he added me to his blogroll.

Crap, he *still* hasn't added me yet. Sexism!

Posted by: NTodd at Mar 3, 2005 4:14:48 PM