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March 06, 2005

Random Ten - The Subvert The Dominant Paradigm Edition

Random Thoughts has started a new Friday Random Ten. She posts ten links to posts written by women. So, here's my random ten:

1. Amanda takes on another bone-headed advice column in which the guy recommends idiotic things like ignoring women and talking about how much they masturbate as if that will inspire women to be happy about dating them. I think not.

2. Sheelz at Pinko Feminist Hellcat links to a post by Riverbend which shows how things don't bode well for women in Iraq.

3. Media Girl is just as annoyed as I am with men who say they don't support women's rights, but they support "human rights." Every time I hear that, I hear some guy whining "me too! me too!" out of an overblown sense of entitlement.

4. Feministing is disgusted with the "gross, misogynistic behavior" of "Pimp My Ride."

5. Natasha at Pacific Views writes about how social security has benefited her family. In particular, she discusses how "Social Security functions as a life insurance plan for people who leave families behind."

6. Pseudo-Adrienne praises how "the U. S. delegation at the UN removed a section of its proposed amendment that would have not recognized and practically deny women's reproductive rights abroad and here at home." Have a feeling Bush is not going to support this, and he doesn't - Adrienne said that "the U. S. delegation still refuses to acknowledge women's reproductive rights and joint the UN in protecting, and ensuring women's right to control their bodies."

7. Sappho at Sappho's Breathing turned 35 on March 1. Go wish her a belated happy birthday. My birthday is on the 14th, and I'll turn 45. I plan to celebrate hard.

8. A Wicked Muse is experiencing blogger burnout. I know how that feels. Head on over, wish her well, and tell her to not give up blogging.

9. Mac Diva, writing at Silver Rights, has an update on the Marcus Wesson case. I wrote about that one on my blog awhile ago. Wesson killed nine of his own children. It didn't get the publicity of mothers who kill their children, like Susan Smith, whom men's rights types always bring up to show that mothers are dangers to their children.

10. Avedon Carol at The Sideshow critiques bias in the media, especially the charge that the media is left-biased. She writes, "I have never understood why this should be a criticism of the media, anymore than it makes sense that this is a negative trait of academe; if the people who are best educated and most aware of what is going on are more liberal, maybe that's because you have to be ignorant to swallow conservatism. What is really suggested by this "criticism" is that the alleged "bias" isn't bias at all, it's just a recognition of what is, and that bias is required to lean to the right of this "liberal" position. Indeed, the behavior we're seeing from the administration is fairly explicit in that we are told that simple facts are "biased". The news media are not supposed to tell the public the truth about anything because that would bias us against the administration. The real question is not, then, about a bias toward liberalism or conservatism, but rather a belief that "news" should make some attempt to serve the public rather than just the corporate hierarchy."

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Good job, TW. Write on, sister, write on.

The More Than Three Wise Women Here continues to grow. I will get your random ten on there, if they are not there all ready. Did a spot of Suki Lombard today. Do you have her on your list?

I am thinking I may have to talk to Sheelze about um "changing teams". While I have enjoyed supporting the President for Life and Evil Incarnate Sheelze as her Bub and Menister of Proper Gander, I had an interesting exchange with Cookie Jill over at Skippy.
Cyber blessings to you, Heretik! You are a Goddess among blogstresses!

Last time I looked in the mirror, I was a guy or was I? Just how powerful is Sheelze anyway?

Posted by: The Heretik at Mar 6, 2005 2:59:52 PM

Geez. I didn't even see this. Thanks for linking me yet again. I have to return a favor and I will, don't worry!

Posted by: Pseudo-Adrienne at Mar 7, 2005 1:28:50 AM