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January 05, 2005

Well, Alright, One Last Thing Before Bed

I saw this meme at Worshipping At The Altar Of Mediocrity and at Mousewords, so I had to have a go at it. You are supposed to take someone else's list, keep the author's names whose books are on your shelves, and replace the ones that are not with new names. My replacements to Worshipping's list are in bold.

1. Simone de Beauvoir
2. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
3. Virginia Woolf
4. Sylvia Plath
5. Peter Gomes
6. bell hooks
7. Flannery O'Connor
8. H. P. Lovecraft
9. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
10. William Shakespeare

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ah lists. i love them. i think i'm going to try a new one every day. if you and amanda keep directing me to them that is! (perhaps i'll even get creative and make up one of my own. someday.)

xoxo, jared

Posted by: ms. jared at Jan 5, 2005 7:10:35 PM

I responded to yours. Score.

Posted by: Lauren at Jan 5, 2005 7:49:53 PM

It's cool to keep running into this at different places, and seeing how different the list looks. Shakespeare is the one constant I've seen so far.

Posted by: PSoTD at Jan 6, 2005 11:06:26 AM

Please spread the word about this proposed bill:


Posted by: Anne M. at Jan 7, 2005 12:18:01 AM