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August 08, 2004

Feminists Are Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't

I posted this on my old blog. I'm bringing it up again because of the Womensenews article about obstetric fistula.

Nicholas Kristof had this to say in a May 16, 2004 editorial about obstetric fistula. Aside of this comment, his editorial was excellent.

I don't understand why most feminist organizations in the West have never shown interest in these women either. ... perhaps the issue doesn't galvanize women's groups because fistulas relate to a traditional child-bearing role.

To Kristof, I say... whaaaa????

The Feminist Majority has brought attention to both obstetric fistulas and Bush's funding cuts to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) -- a cut meant to please right-wing anti-abortion zealots. Here are some links:

UNFPA Seeks to Fight Fistula in Africa

Bush Makes UNFPA Funding Cut Official

That portion in Kristof's editorial (which otherwise was excellent) reminds me of the misrepresentations made by the media and the right-wing in claiming that feminists had shown no interest in the plight of women in Afghanistan, when the truth was that the Feminist Majority had done more than any other organization to bring attention to that issue. In the same vein, feminist groups such as Feminist Majority have been criticized for supposedly paying too much attention to female genital mutilation, all the while supposedly ignoring what women need in the U.S.

Geez, we feminists can't please anybody. :)

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