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July 17, 2004

Belated Friday Cat Blogging and Other Stuff

I took this shot of Lucky playing with his Dead Bird On A String yesterday but I was too lazy to post it.

Speaking of flying objects, those comments at Little Green Footballs about that airline incident were really bizarre. Theories about why the passengers were unconscious (if indeed they really were) ranged from everything from food poisoning to puffer fish poisoning (I'm not kidding) to flight crews practicing knocking out passengers so that they can do the same should terrorists take over another plane. Food poisoning was out because Southwest doesn't serve meals. You get your drink, a bag of fewer peanuts than teeth you have in your mouth, or a bag of pretzels. My son found out about the pretzels on a recent flight so he asks for them now if he's got the munchies. He's very territorial with his pretzels. In the end it turned out that the big scare was only a woman who was sick with the stomach flu. The other passengers may have acquired sympathy sickness. It wasn't bio-warfare. I agree with Noz that LGF and conspiracy theories go well together. LGF wins my Alien Anal Probe Award for most out-of-left-field, wingnut commentary I've seen on a blog in a long while. I'll be back. ;)

Anyway, it's been beautiful outside but I don't feel like sunbathing. I've been indoors updating my blog and watching sea movies all day long. I'm on a war movie kick today too for some reason. Here's my list, in order of viewing:

Below (Kick ass movie. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Same director who did "Pitch Black." No "Chronicles of Riddick" crap in this movie.)

Ghost Ship (Good, cheesy fun.)

U-571 (Under-rated movie that deserves good press. Perfect match for my next movie. If you've seen either, you'll know why.)

Enigma (Starring Kate Winslet, who was the only good thing about "Titanic.")

Deep Rising (Another under-rated movie. One of the best popcorn movies out there. I just turned it on.)

The Abyss, Special Edition (Next on my roster. James Cameron should have quit while he was ahead.)

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