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April 28, 2004

More Portrayal of Lowell Jaks As A "Victim"

William Wagener is the host of a cable public access show, an active member of the Libertarian Party of California, and a fathers' rights advocate. If Mr. Wagener is angry that California taxpayers will have to pony up $35,000 to provide Lowell Jaks with three hots and a cot, he should blame Jaks, not Jaks' ex-wife and "the system." Lowell Jaks and the supporters of his popular organization ANCPR have never been concerned with the proper parenting of children. Jaks brought on all of his problems himself. The whining displayed by Mr. Wagener is exactly what you will see when you refuse to coddle a fathers' rights advocates' overblown sense of entitlement. First, they sulk when they don't get their way. Then, they get ugly when they cannot bully others into giving them what they demand.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Mr. Wagener had a couple of additional wives that his legal wife was probably not very happy about? The web site for the 2002 Santa Barbara County Elections pointed out that "[h]is run for the Santa Maria City Council recently was thwarted, he said, by revelations of a nasty lawsuit in the early '90s. Court testimony indicated that Mr. Wagener had a legal wife at the time, and three others who signed "marriage contracts" drawn up by Mr. Wagener. He was sued by his second "wife" over the custody of their two sons." He blew it off, saying that he had "engaged in plural marriage years ago."

Kangaroo bones, wingnuts who dress up like Spider-Man and scale tall buildings, bigamy... I swear you can't make this stuff up.

This post originally appeared on a fathers' rights mailing list that will go unnamed.

TUESDAY, Bakersfield,CA.

By William Wagener

Defendant Lowell Jaks, was sentenced today after accepting a felony charge
without trial.

Judge Collette Humphrey, as the urging of the female prosecutor ordered
this dedicated father to fill up space in a State Prison, for taking his 12
year old son out of the State, without Court permission. Jaks was ordered
to pay for the cost of flight back, etc. Mr. Jaks, looking somewhat
content, said not a word. It was all over in 5 minutes. Now it will cost
the taxpayers of State of California in excess of $35,000 to keep this
father of his son, from his estranged and bitter mother of that son, locked

It started by being a routine custody case, where the mother claims she is
most fit, and "he" is unfit to be custodial parent. From there it was all
down hill, until finally, it is claimed the 12 year old son, begged his
Father, Lowell Jaks to "get me outta here".

Mr. Jaks, did just that and was caught in the Carribean and arrested and
returned to face the obvious null factoid, that a Father had stolen his own
son. How is that possible. How does one steal his own son. It starts by
being labeled in Court a NON-Custodial parent[NCP], then vilified over and
over, while watching your son suffer daily.

This might seem a strange take on the day of sentencing, when the
"defendant-Father" did not ask for jury, did not say a word. His act
alone to help his son "escape." The deed said it all.

But in Bakersfield, CA. where not too long ago, a retired police officer
had a rebellious son, who took up living the HIGH LIFE with a former [not
dead] Kern County assistant District Attorney. The allegation that the
Asst. D.A. of Kern county was "using" the retired police officers under-age
son as his personal "boy toy" in a homosexual and highly illegal
relationship, puts a different hue on the Jaks story. The retired police
officer was convicted of killing the active duty Asst. D.A., and he did it
to protect his wayward, rebellious teenage son, who died in a car crash,
facilitated by the Asst. D.A., who after all is suppose to UPHOLD the law,
now pervert it to his own personal perversions with minor boys. Most folks
I spoke to believed absolutely, that the Asst. D.A. had committed some form
of sexual fornication with the minor. Many felt no remorse that the
retired police officer, also swarn to uphold the law, took a life.

The entire sentencing was captured on digital video tape, by court
permission. This case was of course only about Mr. Jaks, or was it. Was
the system of Justice really on trial? Has it become a crime to be a
hetersexual father who cares about your sons concerns to go to the length
Mr. Jaks did? And in a city now reknown for the alleged homosexual Asst.
D.A. murder by an angry father, and a policeman at that.

The basic fact is, once you are labeled NCP, you are already set up to
become a criminal, so the perverters of justice, can drain you of every
dime in a system that claims the "best Interests of the child", but makes
sure the divorce industry profits a lot, and perhaps, even to let
homosexuals in the District Attorney's office abuse their power, and the
constitution that they allegedly took an oath to uphold.

Watch Judge Collette Humphreys, hand down the sentence, she was mandated to
give, one becomes painfully aware that the "system" has failed. No one who
has not been convicted of prior felonies should be forced to be a NCP.
Mr. Jaks, silently turned and went with jailors to start his ordeal as a
"father felon", who cared too much. What a crime. There were no protests
outside the Kern County Courthouse, no one, not even the Public defender
said a single word in Mr. Jaks defense. One had the sense of what it was
like to FEEL jews being tried in a Nazi Court. All caught on tape, with
permission of the court, by Wm Wagener, Tv Host and Producer of On Second

May Peace and Capitalism Prevail.

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