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March 25, 2004

Stuff I'm Reading Today

Update: Someone please remind me to never listen to Happy Hard Core early in the morning, before my body has had the opportunity to adjust to the shock wave.


I'm a bit busy with some writing projects (and the first Uru expansion pack is out), so I don't plan to blog much in the next couple of days. Here are links to what some other bloggers are posting:

  • Collective Sigh posted about Sibel Edmonds, who "was offered a substantial raise and a full time job in order to not go public that she had been asked by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to retranslate and adjust the translations of [terrorist] subject intercepts that had been received before September 11, 2001 by the FBI and CIA."

  • Eric's post at Wampum about West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943), in which "the Court ruled that the school district violated the rights of students by forcing them to salute the American flag" is an interesting one to read in light of the "Under God" Pledge of Allegiance arguments.

  • Indigo Ocean wrote about her weekend with "Lama Kunga Rinpoche and 9 other students in a retreat for the dakini Vajrayogini, shown above. "Vajrayogini, is a representation of complete buddhahood in female form. Classified as Wisdom or 'Mother' Anuttarayoga Tantra, the practices originate with the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Tantras." (Jeff Watt)."

  • Mac-a-ro-nies wrote an excellent post about the recent FDA decision to ask "makers of 10 drugs to add or strengthen suicide-related warnings on their labels. The drugs of concern are newer generation antidepressants: Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, which are called SSRIs or SSRI-like drugs, and Remeron, Serzone and Wellbutrin, which operate differently. The pressure was brought by families of people who have committed suicide while using antidepressants. There was special pleading by parents of dead children that proved to be particularly effective. Though no studies have established a link between antidepressants and suicide, the British claim there may be a causal connection between being a minor on antidepressants and committing suicide."

    She believes that the FDA has allowed a poorly-researched claim about anti-depressants to influence the decision. She wrote "Allowing warnings on drug labels without a basis in research is the first step toward assigning liability without a reason in wrongful death cases involving suicidal users of antidepressants. I believe the irrationality of that will be a blow to plaintiffs with real reasons to sue and further fuel the drive for 'tort reform.'"

    She wrote a post a while back about the drive to give fetuses personhood that is sitting in my slush pile. I will eventually add to what she wrote. It's going to be a long post, which is why I haven't written it yet. Don't feel like it. I have plenty of time, though. It's not like the abortion issue is going to resolve itself any time soon...

  • Rick's Cafe Americain praises "Citizen Kane," a film that definitely deserves praise. The power of that film is lost on the small screen, especially that famous mirror-infinity moment. I noticed the same lack of impact the first time I saw the open pan-out of Scarlett O'Hara at the Civil War casualty scene on television. On the big screen, you are blown away at the level of carnage. You felt as if you were in Scarlett's shoes, alone and tiny in the midst of a great tragedy. That was exactly what the direct wanted.

  • Musing's Musings has a tasty little rant up about Zealot Miller's new "Democrats for Bush" high school clubhouse, where he spends too much of his time bashing John Kerry. He'd make a great bunkmate for Ralph Nader, but you know what happens when two monster-egos collide...

  • The Gotham City 13 knows what happens when you drink the Kool-Aid...

  • bloggg's rant about all of those lackeys politicians in the Bush and Clinton administrations who had plenty of warnings about terrorist threats yet did little or nothing was worth the read all by itself, but the icing on the cake was seeing Bush described as the "Humungatoid Ego of one Very Small Shrub."

  • Contrary to rumor, Number 4 in Norbizness's "match the war-pundit reaction to Clarke's 60 Minutes interview with the appropriate Simpsons quote" is not a picture of me.

  • Please, let this be true. Please, please, please!!! Pretty please. With a cherry on top. ;) [via Kevin Drum at The Washington Monthly.]

  • Ampersand at Alas, a Blog gave a list of links of others discussing same sex marriage. Barry has been writing a great deal about same-sex marriage himself. Just go to the main page of the semi-permanent temporary location (I'm going to have to add it to my blog roll if it doesn't revert to the original URL soon), and scroll down to read all of his same sex marriage posts. PinkDreamPoppies hasn't posed much lately. He's been coping with horrible 70 degree weather, but he lives in Colorado Springs, home of Jim Dobson and Focus On Everybody's Family But Your Own. Pray for him. Don't miss Bean's "On This Day In Women's History" posts. I had the displeasure to learn that Kitty Genovese was murdered on my birthday. Sheesh, the next day Caesar bit the dust. I was born in the midst of Mayhem Central.

  • Skippy has a couple of posts up about the reactions to Richard Clarke's testimony to the 9/11 Commission. Let the CSPIN/Faux News/CNN barking head game of Twister begin!

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    LOL you like that word? You'll like my new Zappa tune even better ;)

    Posted by: Moi ;) at Mar 25, 2004 12:52:05 PM

    BTW WTF is Happy Hard Core?

    Posted by: Moi ;) at Mar 25, 2004 12:54:11 PM

    Happy Hard Core is Techno on speed. You're a musician. Imagine "Flight of the Bumblebee" all ramped up, played ten times as fast, and with a backbeat that's like driving spikes into your skull. Not the sort of thing you listen to before you've had your morning i.v. of coffee.

    Gotta check out that Zappa tune...

    Posted by: Trish Wilson at Mar 25, 2004 4:15:11 PM

    Well, why were you listening to it in the first place? LOL It sounds Really Appetizing (uh, yeah....)....

    Posted by: Moi ;) at Mar 25, 2004 6:52:49 PM

    Well, I was listening to fm Chillout at first, but it was too brain-wasting so I switched to Drone Zone, which was worse (too much New Age ear candy for 6 am), and then I tried Vocal Trance which sucked (it rarely sucks; must have been the hour), so I put on Happy Hard Core.

    Big mistake. Alvin and the Chipmunks would have been more calm.

    I'll never do that again. Not before a pot of coffee, at any rate.

    Don't laugh too hard though. I'm listening to Moby right now...

    Posted by: Trish Wilson at Mar 25, 2004 9:05:37 PM


    Girl, you need help. I have lots of good zone-out music that would fit the bill much better....

    Posted by: Moi ;) at Mar 28, 2004 9:02:05 AM