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January 12, 2004

Jon Stewart Hits! He Scores! The Crowd Goes Wild!

Seems people don't get their news from so-called "establishment media" news sources anymore. One third of the people polled in a recent survey about media bias by the Pew Research Center got their news from the Internet. The article didn't come right out and say "blogs," but I know we are part of that one third.

The poll also found that one in five got their campaign news from Jon Stewart! Twice as many as four years ago!! Take that Faux News!!!

Equally striking is a fundamental shift in which more Americans are turning away from the establishment media and getting their campaign information from newer outlets. One-third say they regularly or sometimes get political news from the Internet, a jump of nine percentage points in four years. Among people younger than 30, one in five reports regularly learning about the campaign from such comedy programs as Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" and "Saturday Night Live" -- double the level of four years ago.

Television news programs, trying to court this audience, routinely run clips of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Stewart, who was recently featured on Newsweek's cover.

That's right. TV news programs aren't running clips of Chris Matthews and Bill "Shut up! Shut up!" O'Reilly. They're running the cool guys.

Plus Stewart made Newsweek's cover. See the photo to the right. It includes a link.

Cable news networks are "regularly consulted" 38 percent of the time (up from 34 percent). I'd love to see the breakdown; who "consulted" which cable news shows. We've seen similar breakdowns in the past. In all of them, Jon Stewart's "fake" news beats out "faux" news every time. Not only does "The Daily Show" catch the brass ring, its rise in viewership has grown in much greater proportion than the same for all cable news shows.

Another point: "Fox viewers are much more likely to see a great deal of bias in media coverage than viewers of CNN, network news or local TV news."

Well, duh!!!

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"Fox viewers are much more likely to see a great deal of bias in media coverage than viewers of CNN, network news or local TV news."

What a funny way of saying this! As if viewers are just seeing the bias, and Fox isn't actually reporting with a bias.

Posted by: Drublood at Jan 12, 2004 11:28:17 AM

LOL Dru. The Post article did say that people are turning away from newspapers in favor of alternative news sources. That passive tense way of brushing off biased reporting by Faux News is probably one reason why. ;)

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Jan 12, 2004 4:38:22 PM

They were talking about this on Fox News this morning. The anchors were quite dismayed about kids getting news from comedy shows. "They have to understand that those shows aren't trying to present the news fairly," or something that effect.

Posted by: Jeff at Jan 16, 2004 3:21:28 PM