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November 09, 2003

Saving Ryan's Privates

This satirical beaut from Patriotboy would be funnier if there really weren't some men who think this way. [via Cowboy Kahlil]

The minds of women in our society have been poisoned by feminism. It all started with these pro abortion people talking about women owning their own bodies. It's like they believe that men don't have a right to fondle them.

Organizations like NOW have taught women to hate men. They've taught them to yell "rape" when they really mean "yes." They've taught them to laugh at us when they see our little soldiers--there is nothing wrong about a normal sized little soldier; they aren't supposed to be as big as women think they are supposed to be. They don't think I can hear them but they're wrong. I know they're not really talking about vienna sausages and limp noodles. Especially, Mrs. Christian. She says she's exchanging recipes, but her sister always calls me Captain Vermicelli.

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You should be reasing this, a retort against one of those troglodyte males.


Posted by: Ms Lauren at Nov 10, 2003 5:34:14 PM