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November 20, 2003

Googlerace is Rigged!

Update: My mistake. I saw this at Leslie's blog, House of Plum, not at Elayne's. I even got the link right. I accidently wrote Elayne's name because I still had "Googlerace is RIGGed" running through my head. By brain truncated too much info at once. I fixed the link below.


Since it looked like brainless fun, I typed in keywords to Googlerace to see how the top Presidential candidates, including Bush, would rank. Moseley Braun and Kucinich are not in Googlerace, but Sharpton is. [via House of Plum and Michele.]

Googlerace certainly does rank.

Monkey - Sharpton, not Bush. (Eeek! Racist overtones!)

Brat - Sharpton, not Bush.

Spoiled - Sharpton, not Bush.

Cowboy - Sharpton, not Bush.

Smirk - Lieberman, not Bush.

Asshat, Jerkwad, Dumbass, Buttmunch, Megalomaniac, Loser, Shit-For-Brains, Spineless, White (white???) .... SHARPTON!

Who at Googlerace has it in for Sharpton???

Studmuffin - Sharpton (It's official. We are all in the Matrix.)

Really scary one: President - Lieberman, not Bush.

Lieberman also won "pantywaist." Heh.

Googlerace must be rigged.


Usurper - Bush.

Chimp - Bush.

There. Now that's more like it.

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I read the Googlerace thing too, Trish, but I didn't blog about it. The attribution should be to Lesley, not to me. Credit where due! :)

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at Nov 20, 2003 4:32:42 PM

Wow, thanks. I completely missed that. I just updated. Thanks, Elayne!

Posted by: Trish Wilson at Nov 20, 2003 5:00:45 PM