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November 12, 2003

eBay Antics - Beanie Baby Update

Have you seen the story that circulated on some blogs about a guy who wanted to unload a bunch of beanie babies on eBay? [via The Daily Rant (Jane), The Daily Rant (Jay), and The Fat Guy]

Here's some of the text from his eBay entry:

"Let me begin by explaining some very important details, this way I do not get 100's of silly e-mails asking me to photograph the hind end of some stuffed animals," thedrunkensailor begins. "I DO NOT KNOW crap about these things. This belonged to my ex-wife who had about a 1,000 of these Beanie Babies and when she moved, this one box of these got left behind, and now I am selling the goofy little things. Whatever money I make from them will be spent at the local Home Depot on tools and other cool stuff."

He made out so well with the Beanie Baby sale that he started a second auction, asking suckers eBay users to buy him beer by purchasing a "Certificate of Liquid Assets."


It gets better.

Turns out the Dude lied! He's happily married. The guy -- real name is Steve - just made shit up for the fun of it. Word of his funny entry got around. He's had half a million hits.

Just goes to show you can make money off the Internet, and it doesn't have to involve porn.

I don't have an update (yet) about the woman who won those Beanie Babies and has sued him for misrepresentation (or some nonsense like that), but if I get wind of it, I'll definitely post it here.

P. T. Barnum would be proud of these people.

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Bravo! I wrote to Snopes about this and hadn't seen anything yet on their site, but it really did sound like bullshit to me. I'll have to do an update of my post about this. Thanks!

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at Nov 13, 2003 2:36:33 PM