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October 16, 2003

Stuff That Caught My Eye

  • Request From Trish: Does anyone know where in Massachusetts I may purchase game, specifically venison, pheasant, quail, and the like? I like to eat game in the fall but I have no idea where I can buy it up here. I don't know any hunters. Please send suggestions to me via e-mail or in my comments section. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I and my carnivorous family thank you in advance.

  • Left is Right on "Bash Gay People, Cohabiting People, and Single Parents Marriage Protection Week."

  • The next phase in the neo-conservative imperialist "war on terror" is underway. It was only a matter of finding an excuse to invade. Sept. 11 gave the neo-cons who run the Bush administration the perfect excuse to invade Iraq. Now, the Israeli air strike in Syria gives the neo-cons an excuse to go after Hamas. Syria, Iran, and Hamas are listed immediately after Afghanistan and Iraq as targets of the neo-con effort in "coming together and whipping terrorism" on the letter PNAC sent to Bush only 9 days after the September 11 terrorist attacks. The Palestinian Authority is targeted immediately after Hamas. The Bush administration and PNAC neo-cons have long had their sites on Hamas, and now they have an excuse to get involved in the conflict. Richard Perle, a member of PNAC, is one Bush administration official who applauded the Israeli air strike.

    Sydney Schanberg discussed neo-con imperialism in light of the Israeli bombing raid against Syria in his recent Village Voice article, "The Widening Crusade."

  • The Collaborative Divorce web sites I've seen strike me as being money-making schemes, not unlike the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. AFCC is comprised of "judges, lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals, court administrators, researchers, educators and other professionals." These organizations seek to find "constructive resolution of family disputes." Think of the money to be made! Lawyers and therapists could shovel in lots of money from business opportunities they could squeeze from divorce and (in particular) child custody cases, especially in locations that require mediation and psychological and custody evaluations. If judges require a guardian ad litem and parenting plans, pile on more cash. Who makes out? Not divorcing parents or the children. The Collaborative Divorce International Conference is being held next week at the Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina in Vancouver.I wonder how many divorced parents know how much money they're putting in the pockets of these people? New t-shirt idea: "I Went Broke Paying For My Divorce And All I Got Was This Lousy Postcard From My Lawyer."

    The Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina, Vancouver, B. C.

  • Yum! Let's eat bugs for Halloween! Delectables include barbeque worms, dark chocolate scorpions, toffee scorpions (Looks like it's encased in amber. Shades of Jurassic Park.), peppermint ant lollipops, and white chocolate ants. I hear ants taste like lemon-flavored nuts. Buy 'em now before they sell out (no fear of that, IMHO).

  • Related Bug News: Angelina Jolie likes her grub. Literally. She's eaten "cockroaches and bee larvae and crickets" during her frequent trips to Cambodia. Apparently you can get grubs with peanuts inside or guts. She likes guts. Yeah, I know I'm about to hear the "Angelina Jolie is totally bugshit" jokes but I like her anyway.

  • Remember that secret 2001 meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger had with current transition team member and then-Mayor Richard Riordan, junk bond crook Michael Milken, and Enron chief Ken Lay? The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) wrote a letter to Gov. Elect Schwarzenegger today demanding an explanation of the substance of that meeting. On top of that, Schwarzenegger is pushing to expand energy deregulation in California - the very thing that led to California's fake energy crisis in the first place. Jeanne at Body and Soul has the dirt:

    "A meeting with the biggest corporate crook in recent memory, while he and his firm were in the midst of ripping off the state, should not be taken lightly," FTCR wrote. "As Governor, you must explain to Californians what you were doing at that meeting, what information Ken Lay shared with you and how the meeting has influenced your thinking on energy issues."

    In addition to calling on Schwarzenegger to come clean about the meeting with Ken Lay, the group highlighted key aspects of the governor-elect's energy program that reflect an Enron-perspective on energy policy. In the letter, FTCR asked Schwarzenegger to rewrite his energy policy and remove his push for further energy deregulation.

    Yeah. What FTCR said.

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    Try Trader Joe's for game if you are in eastern Massachusetts. I know they have frozen venison, and buffalo, and I think I've seen ostrich. Granted, it's frozen, but maybe better than nothing? I also shop at a Victory supermarket and have seen rabbit and other interesting meat there from time to time.

    Posted by: Kim at Oct 16, 2003 12:22:47 PM

    Thanks so much, Kim. I know which Trader Joe's you're talking about. We went there once. They have tasty, inexpensive coffee. I didn't know they carried game. It's a bit out of the way, but it'll be worth the trip every couple of months.

    Posted by: Trish Wilson at Oct 17, 2003 8:22:20 AM