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Trish Wilson writes paranormal, urban, contemporary, and erotic romance. Her pseudonym is Elizabeth Black. She has a weekly column about sex for the British e-zine nuts4chic. She also writes for the U. K. sex toys site Bondara.

Her writings about sex, relationships, and pop culture have appeared in EdenFantasys, For The Girls, and Sex-Kitten. Her erotic fiction has been published by Scarlet Magazine (U. K.), Tit-Elation, Xodtica, and For The Girls. Her latest erotic venture is writing a serial about a sex therapist and her life experiences for Excitica, which will be launched during the summer of 2008. Trish's two short stories, "Caught!" and "A Spanking Good Time" were released by eXcessica Publishing in May, 2008.

Trish lives in an oceanside New England resort town that is several hundred years old. She lives with her husband and cats.


Horror movies, reading, walking on the beach, listening to good music, baking chocolate treats.