March 13, 2009

Babeland: LELO Liv (And Hot Hunk Hugh Jackman Pix)

I've recently developed a liking for luxury vibrators, and I asked for my first LELO vibrator. LELO is a wonderful company from Sweden that makes the most amazing vibrators. I wanted a nice, small, and sleek one, and I found the LELO Liv. Liv is a delightful sex toy that feels so soft and supple in my hand that I couldn't wait to charge it up and play with it.

I've been on a bit of a Hugh Jackman kick recently, having discovered his hot body in Van Helsing and X Men. Not only does the man have a screeching hot bod, his Australian accent is to die for. So imagine my utter delight to discover that he starred in the movie "Australia", with Nicole Kidman. While the movie was not bad, what I thought was the most jaw-dropping scene in that movie (and every red-blooded straight girl will know what I am talking about before I even mention it) was his shirtless scene when he bathed under the moonlight, driving Miss Ice Princess Nicole Kidman insane. That man is delicious! He's going to be in my fantasies for weeks, and that's were the Liv comes in.

I was so excited when Liv arrived. It was as if I awaited my fantasy exotic lover. The package was discreet and very big. My LELO Liv awaited me inside a lovely black case. I can store her in the case or in a white satin bag that comes with the case. I prefer the black case. I already have a set of Lelo Luna Beads that come in a similarly styled case, so that seems to be one of Lelo's very simple but elegant styles. I like that. The charger's cord is long enough to fit comfortably into any socket in the house.

Liv charges up very quickly, which is important if I want to take care of my Hugh Jackman fetish. The controls were small enough for my little fingers and thumb to handle, and they were easy to figure out. I'm a quick study. I loved the varied pulsations and speeds and especially the intensities. I aimed for a fast pulsation at a somewhat strong speed. My husband had already taken "Australia" back to Blockbuster, so I had only my memory of Jackman's hot bod to go by, but then I remembered that one incredible invention that was right at my fingertips, if only I wanted to use it...

The Internet.

Within seconds, after a quick Google search of "Hugh Jackman Shirtless Australia", I found hundreds of websites with stills of Jackman in various states of undress. Oh be still my beating heart! I could finally get what I wanted! That scene was so seared in my mind that those photos only reinforced what I already knew. I also knew that their existence proved that other women had the same ideas in mind. My Liv was ramped up to the highest vibration, speeding in and out of my pussy and across my clit without even needing a lubricant. No surprise there. Here are a few of the pictures from those scenes of Hugh Jackman in "Australia" that get so many straight women all hot and bothered, and made me so very happy with my new LELO Liv vibrator.


LELO is all about luxury and designer sex, and the Liv fits the mold. Men and women nowadays are much more open-minded about sex, and they want to enjoy the sex act without the blinders and guilt-trips their parents and grandparents had been burdened with. Lelo lets them shake loose those restraints, and enjoy sexual pleasure. More and more women and couples are buying sex toys these days, and they want classy sex toys that will help them think beyond the box. My LELO Liv does that for me. I love the way LELO Liv feels as she glides in and out of me while I'm enjoying my Hugh Jackman pictures or while I'm thinking about someone else just as sexy (although I'm hard pressed to think of anyone off the top of my head... aside of maybe Johnny Depp...) LELO Liv is small and slim, so she doesn't hurt going in. Using a LELO Liv is a very pleasant experience. When I'm sore when I have my period, I know I will use LELO Liv because such a slim vibrator will be very gentle with me.

Now enjoy another photo of a shirtless Hugh Jackman in "Australia" while I collect my thoughts about the delightful LELO Liv...


You just can't get enough of him, can you? I know, I know... Here's another picture for you.


LELO has described two types of sex toys markets: high end and low end. Low end has traditionally been populated by men. High end, which is becoming very popular, is populated by women and couples. Lelo describes high end as follows: "Women and couples with money to spend have become increasingly open to acquiring erotic toys as lifestyle accessories for a post-Sex and the City lifestyle." LELO Liv is a great vibrator to start out with if you are new to luxury vibrators. I absolutely love my LELO Liv!! I have a nice, small, elegant vibrator that pleases me sexually, especially while I'm staring at pictures of sexy Hugh Jackman, and I get to enjoy using a sex toy from a company that has very high quality standards. That is impressive.


I tried out several of the pulsation styles, and I switched between the quick pulse and the slow but steady one. Sliding the LELO Liv in and out, I let the arousal build up until I was nearly beside myself. My fantasy life is very active, and I couldn't get "Australia" out of my mind. It's also the full moon. I must be ovulating. There can't be any other explanation as to why I'm so danged horny. Or maybe it's because LELO Liv is such a wonderful vibrator. When I came, it was a long, langorous orgasm, nice and slow, just the way I liked it. Lasted a good few minutes. And I was very satisfied. LELO Liv cleaned up very easily, and I set her to charging again. Are you worried about 650-568 prep and a+ certification? Check out our latest resources for pass4sure 70-536 dumps and 1z0-533 questions for practice with definite guarantee of testking 350-001. I intend to use her again very soon, most likely tonight.

And now I absolutely must end this post with a couple more pictures of Hugh Jackman. Isn't he simply delicious? Look at that smile, too.



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February 03, 2009

Babeland Review: Luna Beads

I've never had a set of ben wa balls, and I've been wanting to try them. They remind me of my Chinese meditation balls. I shake them, and they make the most delightful jingling sound. These balls also have internal balls that jiggle. So I was already sold on the idea.

These Luna Beads are made by Lelo, a Swedish company with a fabulous reputation for high quality. The Lelo web site describes its line of sex toys as such:


In the wake of ever more open-minded attitudes towards female sexuality (and sexuality in general), and increased exposure in the media, sex toys are moving from shady back streets to shiny high streets. The customer base, once primarily men, is more and more made up of women and couples, representing a new type of consumer seeking high quality products to trigger erotic appetite; seeking, without shame, catalysts for evoking pleasure, passion, lust and exploration.

Female-friendly erotic retail formats are thriving, and traditional lingerie and department stores are routinely stocking up on vibrators, blindfolds and massage oils. The consensus, among consumers and vendors alike, seems to be that the new breed of high-end sensual accessories now emerging are rightfully finding a mainstream market.

Lelo's Luna Beads come in two different weights: lighter (28g) and heavier (37g). I used both, and I prefer the heavier beads. They were big enough to take up all the space inside me, and the handy looped string was there for me to pull out the beads whenever I wanted.

I like to use sex toys while I write fiction, especially while I write erotic fiction. I used a little lube, and the Luna Beads slid in very easily. They felt very comfortable.

While I worked on one of my erotic stories, I felt the Luna Beads do their work. I felt filled up and slightly aroused. As I shifted on the couch, the Luna Beads jiggled inside me, creating the most arousing and enticing sensation. I had never felt anything quite like that before. While I know that Luna Beads are great for strengthening your pelvic floor and they can help women who have problems with incontinence, neither were a problem for me. I was interested in the Luna Beads strictly for their ability to make me feel hot and sexy.

I didn't feel the full effect of the Luna Beads until I stood up and walked around. I was baking chocolate almond biscotti, so the moment I stood up to go to the kitchen to roll out the dough, I felt the most delightful jiggling inside me. The Luna Beads worked so well! I jiggled my hips in time to some techno playing on my computer, and those Luna Beads worked their magic inside me. Giddy and lightheaded, I rolled out the dough and put it in the oven. The more I dance in time to the music, the more the Luna Beads worked out my vagina, making me feel incredibly good. So that's why women like ben wa balls so much? I had no idea they felt so wonderful.

The Luna Beads stayed in place, and they didn't threaten to fall out and bounce on the kitchen floor like superballs. I tightened and relaxed my pussy repeatedly, a movement which always turned me on. I felt a little warm, plus being in a warm kitchen didn't help. I liked the aroused feeling I had, and I knew it would help me write the sex scenes I was working on for my story. I wasn't quite ready to come yet, but those Luna Beads made me feel tingly and hot all over. A good match for the Luna Beads would be a Pocket Rocket or another clitoral stimulator. Get an internal work-out while the vibrator did its work on my clit. If I wanted an orgasm that badly, I knew I could get one within a few minutes using both Luna Beads and a clit stimulator.

I worked a little longer while wearing the Luna Beads, feeling an ever-growing state of arousal, and after another hour I removed them. They slid out just fine after I pulled them out by the looped string. Unlike scam 642-974 and cissp dumps training program, our best pass4sure 70-683 and HP0-Y30 online training courses provide you quick success in first try of testking PMI-001. They cleaned up easily, and then I put them back in their box. Lelo packages its products very well, and the box for the Luna Beads was very nice.

So this is my first experience with ben wa balls, and it won't be my last. Plus I had already known that Lelo put out quality sex toys, and I wasn't disappointed. These Luna Beads are a keeper, and I highly recommend them for any woman who wants to improve her ability to become sexually aroused.

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