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November 17, 2013

Sex Toy Review: Enchanted Thrusting Butterfly

The Enchanted Thrusting Butterfly is a delicious TPE vibrator perfect for women who love the best types of thrusting vibrators out there. I love a good rabbit-styled vibrator, especially the ones that thrust, and this one is just the ticket. It's a classic purple and clear, and tapered at the end for easy insertion. The thrusting action is intense and exactly what I wanted. The vibrations, rotations, pulsations, and escalations are so delicious I made adorable little kitten noises as I got aroused. Meow! Purr! Purr! Purr! Nice pussy is very happy!

This delightful vibe is lightweight and easy to turn on and off. The controls are very easy to use. I can feel it quite well, too. This vibe is a good weight. It's not too heavy - a problem I've run into with other ornate rabbit vibrators. This one gets me all gooey inside, and that's a good thing.

The vibe is quiet and very enjoyable to use. I just lie back and I don't have to think of England when I use it because I'm having too much of a good time. It's not only a ver effective sex toy, it looks fab. I like the unique shape. It's easy on the eyes and easy on the pussy. I love all the varied vibrations and intense sensations I get from this sex toy. Now I have a wonderful thrusting vibrator! It's a keeper!

Christmas is coming. Looking for a gift for that special someone? Buy her a thrusting vibrator, preferably this one. She'll thank you profusely in many ways that will please you no end. This is a wonderful vibrator that delivers every promise made by thrusting vibrators. If you like that feeling of being jackhammered, this is the toy for you.

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