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July 26, 2013

Sex Toy Review - Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny

I like rabbit vibrators. Posh 10 Function Silicone Bounding Bunny is a rabbit that appeals to my picky nature. It's a classy-looking vibrator for a good price. I have the purple one, but you can get it in pink, orange, and blue. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so this was a perfect fit.

The silicone material is very soft and skin-safe, which is why it is my favorite material. The solid, pliable shaft is slender, just the way I like it. I don't like huge, OMG MONSTER VIBRATOR!-looking sex toys. I don't want to be cleaved in two, although occasionally I do like that sensation. This sleek and slim vibe filled me up perfectly, and the vibrations were powerful and varied to keep me interested. I like the quick pulsations towards the end and the steady hum at the beginning. As is the case with rabbits, there is one motor in the vibe itself and one in the bunny attachment. That rabbit's ears sure did their work on me! There was no doubt as to what they were supposed to do. I also didn't go numb as I do with some rabbit vibrators. The vibrations and pulsations were at a good level for me.

This vibe is easy to clean and I store it in its box. There are no seams to irritate me, and the controls are very easy to use. Just a flick of my thumb and the vibe turns on and off. I don't have to look at it and break my concentration. It also wasn't heavy. Too many high-end rabbits are too heavy for me to hold without my hand cramping. This one doesn't do that too me. Good!

I'm very satisfied with this delightful Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny, and I recommend it to women who want a good, classic rabbit vibrator.


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