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June 22, 2013

Sex Toy Review: Body & Soul 10-Function Transcend

Body & Soul 10-Function Transcend is a very powerful little vibrator. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. This two-speed vibrator is very powerful and it packs one hell of a punch. I like to alternate between the speeds, starting slowly and building up to a crescendo.

The plastic material is rigid, which is my favorite type of massager. I like the way the massager is shaped. It fits easily in my hand, as I said. I have very powerful orgasms thanks to this vibe. It certainly transcends other, similar vibrators.

I can use the bullet separately as its own sex toy, but I prefer to use it with the body massager. It's good for more than orgasms, though. I used it on my sore shoulder blade, which gets that way from too much typing. The powerful vibrations felt very good, and they eased the ache in my back.

The only problem I had with this massager is that it's a tad noisy. I'm used to quiet toys, and this one buzzed too loudly for my taste. Otherwise, it's a very good massager than has multiple uses - not just for sex play. I'm very satisfied with it.

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June 07, 2013

Remote Control Toys For Grown-Up Boys

Remote control planes and monster trucks provide hours of entertainment for many boys, but boys become men, and men enjoy toys of a different kind. The excitement of adult remote control devices mirrors the attractions of childhood’s mechanical toys; their unpredictability and the pleasure of being in control which they offer.

Men who get a unique thrill out of being the controlled one in the bedroom can use sex aids such as vibrating cock-rings which may be turned on and off wirelessly, via remote. There are also remote control sex toys for women which are sure to introduce excitement to lacklustre sex lives.

Many adventurous couples find engaging in risqué sexual activities in public a huge turn-on. Next time you and your significant other are invited to a dull event, you could spice things up by each wearing a concealed vibrating device that can be operated at a distance via a cunningly disguised remote.

If you prefer to keep your sex games restricted to the bedroom, a battery-operated device still provides plenty of enjoyment, and a cock ring which has variable speeds provides extra control. Pair a ring for him with a vibrating bullet-shaped device for her, add some pleasure-enhancing lube, and you will experience hours of scintillating, sensuous pleasure.

There is no reason why being the object of a man’s control should serve his sexual needs only – remote control panties which are invisible beneath clothing are great for women who like to experiment out of doors.

A design which incorporates a massaging egg that may be controlled wirelessly presents a novel way to experience heart-stopping sexual stimulation in the middle of a park or a crowded street – discreet devices such as these allow lovers to really use their imaginations.

The fluttery feeling of a vibrating egg or ring provides the kind of energizing buzz which stepping into a cold shower does. Vibrating toys which are waterproof can also be used in the shower, enhancing the tactile thrill of water on skin. Whether you like to control or be controlled, there are many devices which will add variety to your sex life.

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