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November 26, 2012

Autoblow - Blow Jobs Just Got Better!

Finally, the Autoblow Blast will give you the blow job you deserve and have been waiting for!

You deserve better and more powerful orgasms! Treat yourself to the best.

Choosing Pleasure is Easy As Pie
Sometimes life sucks but more often than not it doesn't, and not in the way you think. Many men have a problem of too few blowjobs. How can you get the suckage you want and not have to bend over backwards to get it? Sometimes your partner can't or won't deliver so there has to be a better way. You often use sex toys but too many of them aren't hands-free.

Guess what? You are in luck!

The Autoblow blowjob machine exists to give you exactly what you want and need - phenomenal blowjob experience, all hands-free! Let the Autoblow do the heavy lifting whilst you concentrate on important things like your arousal and orgasm. With your hands free, you may explore your body - or your partner's body. Or both!

Using Your Autoblow

First, slather on some lube and slide your penis though Autoblow's sweet, realistic mouth. You'll feel Autoblow's lush silicone sleeve caress you like nothing ever has before. When you turn on Autoblow, you'll feel two rows of spring-loaded beads sliding up and down and around your penis, just like a blow job giving to you by a living partner. You even control the speed of the motions using the simple-to-operate hand-held controller. Autoblow is better than a real person, though. It doesn't get tired. It doesn't get a jaw cramp. It doesn't want to cuddle. It has no gag reflex. Very importantly, it has no teeth! You don't need to announce you're coming to Autoblow so it can prepare for your ejaculation.

Autoblow comes in three sizes, Blast, Max, and Pico.

Autoblow Blast - For Average-Sized Men
When Autoblow Blast was introduced to the world in January, 2009, the collective sigh of "Wow!" could be heard across the four corners of the earth. Now, the name Autoblow has become synonymous with automated sexual bliss. Autoblow is very easy to use. All you need do is insert batteries, slather on the lube, and insert your penis into the realistic, soft rotobic mouth. Let Autoblow do all the work for you. It does the heavy lifting while you concentrate on your arousal and orgasm. Two rows of spring-loaded beads wrap around the silicone sleeve, all existing to give you the utmost pleasure. Those beads glide gently up and down your shaft, making your knees turn into jelly it feels so good. Have your orgasms where you want, when you want. Your sexual world is under your control! Best of all, your motorized blowjob speed is controlled by you, by using the speed dial on the hand-held controller.

Autoblow Blast fits about 95% of men with penises ranging from 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and 5 to 8 inches in length. For a truly mind-blowing experience (pun intended), use a Mangasm tool and lube with Autoblow and watch your orgasm shoot through your roof!

Autoblow Max
Are you hung like a bull? Then Autoblow Max is the masturbator for you! Autoblow Max is designed for the hefty man - one who is 7 - 9 inches long and 6.5 - 7 inches in girth. Autoblow Max works exactly like Autoblow Blast, but there's more room for your massive one. All you need do is insert the batteries, lube up, and insert that monster into the eager mouth. Enjoy the feel of spring-loaded silicone beads wrapped around a silicone sleeve as they roll along your cock, up and down, until you're begging for release. When Vesuvius is ready to blow, pull out or explode directly into Autoblow Max.

You may use Autoblow Max with or without the sucking feature. Treat it like a Fleshlight - fuck that inner sleeve until you see stars. You don't need the sucking sensation to get off but if you prefer it, turn it on.

Want to try something that will really get your pulse racing? Combine the Autoblow Max with a Mangasm. You'll come so hard you'll put holes in the ceiling!

Autoblow Pico
Big and average guys shouldn't have all the fun. Due to demand from our customers, we have created the Autoblow Pico - the only male masturbator in the world designed for smaller men. The Autoblow Pico is ideal for men who are 5 inches long and 4 inches in girth. Did you know that 20% of men have penises that size and smaller? The problem is most sex toys are made for average-sized or Long Dong Silver men. Many of Autoblow's customers rightly complained it wasn't fair that they were left out, so with the help of several of customers who agreed to be test subjects, the Autoblow Pico was born!

Autoblow Pico is a retooled version of the Autoblow Blast. The top lips/anus portion has been removed. Larger beads were added so you can penetrate deeper into the device and feel that luscious stroking action. Now smaller men may pleasure themselves when they want, how they want - completely hands free! Let Autoblow Pico do the work for you.. While you're at it, don't overlook the sexy combination of Autoblow with Mangasm for universe expanding orgasms!

Autoblow - Blow Jobs Just Got Better!

You're just dying for an Autoblow, aren't you? What are you waiting for? Buy yours today. You'll wonder why you waited so long for the blow job of a lifetime!

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Mangasm - The Ultimate Prostate Massager

Take your orgasm to the stratosphere with Mangasm prostate stimulators!

There's something special about prostate stimulation, and you'll find it at the Mangasm shop page. Orgasms from prostate stimulation are much more powerful than orgasms you get from simply jerking off. Mangasm prostate stimulators will give you a unique experience, completely different for every man, but they have one thing in common: you're views of male pleasure will change immensely, for the better. Our two popular models are the Buzz and the Rush, but there is a Mangasm model to suit your every need.

Mangasm Alpha

The Mangasm Alpha is the perfect prostate massager for the novice. It works very well for all men. The Mangasm Alpha's curves place a moderate amount of pressure on your prostate, resulting in the most exciting massage ever. Unlike other prostate massagers, the Mangasm Alpha is made from our own patented material, Pleasure Grip. This material makes Mangasm easy to insert but flexible enough to move with each of your muscle contractions, making it very comfortable to use. You'll increase your sexual pleasure with Mangasm.

The Mangasm Alpha has a very flexible perineum tab which places slight pressure on your prostate from the outside, increasing your sensuous feelings to the point of bursting! The ring at the base enables you to easily remove the massager.

Mangasm Buzz

A little vibration goes a long way to ensuring your sexual pleasure. Mangasm Buzz is made from high quality silicone. It features a fabulous five speed bullet vibrator in the base. The shape of the Mangasm Buzz is a bit different from the shapes of our other Mangasm models in that it offers one of our most knee-knocking male G-spot stimulation. Combine the curved tip with the multiple ripples on the Mangasm Buzz's surface and you have one hell of a phenomenal sex toy.

The shape of the Mangasm Buzz isn't the only thing to buzz about. The real satisfaction comes from the 5 mode removeable bullet built into the model's base. This delightful anal sex toy has a built-in arousal machine. Just turn on the vibrations and get ready for one hell of a ride! The 5 vibration modes stimulate the entire area around you prostate, leading to intense pleasure and stupefying orgasms. You'll stimulate all your pleasure sensors at once. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. When you have a Mangasm Buzz orgasm the sex toy won't be the only thing buzzing!

Mangasm Rush

Are you the adventurous type? Do you have experience with anal sex toys, and you want something with a bit of heft to it? Then you'll like the Mangasm Rush. You'll get a real rush from this anal toy. The Mangasm Rush has a thicker head that can flex a complete 90 degrees in any direction. You'll experience untold arousal like never before! This incredible anal device is made of our own patented material called Pleasure Grip. This material is rigid enough for insertion but flexible enough to adjust to the natural contours of your body. Since Mangasm Rush has a thicker head than most prostate massagers, beginners may want to ease themselves into using this one. This particular massager is designed for the man with experience in anal toys and he wants the next step up.

Mangasm Rush has two flex points - one in the middle and one at the bottom. These flex points give maximum pressure to your prostate gland so you may enjoy the most incredible sensations. The perineum massager on the outside places pressure on your prostate from the outside. Combing those two sensations and you'll have some cracking orgasms.

Mangasm Edge

Do you want to come so hard your eyes pop out of your skull? Then you need Mangasm Edge. This device has extremely powerful vibrations, so powerful some men have had intense orgasms without even touching their penises! That's how impressive this anal toy is. It's meant to induce extreme, knee-knocking orgasms. It will even surprise the most experienced anal sex aficionados. Mangasm Edge is made of harder material than the other Mangasm devices, so the perineum extension places heavier pressure on the outside of your prostate than the others. Combine this intense outer pressure with those fab vibrations and you have a sex toy that will make you come so hard, some customers have reported loss of vision during their orgasms! Are you game for the most intense prostate stimulator known to man? You won't be disappointed with Mangasm Edge.

Mangasm Spark

Do you enjoy that full feeling you get when you use certain anal toys? If so, you'll love Mangasm Spark. The Mangasm Spark is not your average prostate toy. It's longer and thicker than our other Mangasm anal toys. It also vibrates. This anal toy gives its lucky users that full feeling you enjoy whilst focusing pressure on your perineum. That's the outer surface of your prostate, for those who aren't up to snuff on these things. Mangasm Spark has seven raised nodules on a small 1.5 square inch surface. These nodules are especially designed to apply direct pressure to your taint (perineum). You'll have a very intense male G-spot orgasm from the combination of the interior and exterior stimulation from this incredible anal toy. Since the vibrator is located directly beneath your perineum, you'll experience maximum pleasure - and then some!

Mangasm Spark is made of slick, soft, and very flexible material so that it moves with you. It inserts easy as pie. This delightful anal toy is perfect for every man whether he is new to anal stimulation or an old hand at it.

Mangasm Flux

The Mangasm Flux may look like plain old anal beads, but don't be fooled! Unlike other Mangasm devices, Mangasm Flux doesn't put much pressure on your prostate. The top two balls rest gently on your prostate, giving it a gentle massage. Made of silicone, Mangasm Flux is easily the most hygienic and the most comfortable of all anal sex toy materials. Mangasm customers enjoy the graduated size of the three balls. The smallest ball is at the end and the biggest -and thickest - is at the base next to the retrieval ring. Insertion is always comfortable and exciting. Are you looking for a less intense male G-spot orgasm but you still want the amazing benefits of prostate massage, you can't go wrong with Mangasm Flux.

Mangasm Electro

Mangasm Electro is the world's very first electonic prostate stimulator. If you're a man who likes to keep up with the best, you must use one! If you are looking for the next, higher level of prostate massage, Mangasm Electro is the anal toy for you! Whilst you'll enjoy stupefying orgasms with other Mangasm anal toys, electronic stimulation will send your orgasms into the stratosphere! Mangasm Electro uses 2 AAA batteries. A small microprocessor unit delivers several different patterns of stimulation directly to your prostate and your perineum for the most jaw-dropping sensations ever.

The handy instruction manual provides details about all the modes plus tips on how to use e-stim to have the most amazing orgasms of your life. Add a Fleshlight to your sex play with Mangasm Electro and you'll enjoy the most astounding orgasms. Sexual pleasure has never been so good!

Mangasm Voyager

Are you a man looking for an extremely intense male G-spot orgasm? Do you like larger-than-average anal toys? Then you need Mangasm Voyager, the largest and most aggressive Mangasm model. Behold its massive girth! It's about 30% thicker than Mangasm Edge but it's still bullet-shaped, making it easier for you to slide it in and enjoy an intense-beyond-belief orgasm. The perineum tab is even larger than other Mangasm models, placing direct pressure even more effectively on the outside of your prostate.This anal toy is perfect for men who enjoy that "full" sensation. It's also ideal for men who like a challenge. Your semen production is incredibly increased when you use the Mangasm Voyager. Feel the burn. Enjoy the eye-popping appeal of Mangasm Voyager.

Mangasm - The Ultimate Prostate Massager

So there you have it. Aren't they mouth-watering? You want one inside you. I know you do. Heck, you want more than one! Mix and match for the best anal experience ever. Enjoy Mangasm in its many forms. Buy them today.

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November 19, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Butterfly Dreams

The Butterfly Dreams is a delightful combination of a strap on butterfly and a Rock Chick type vibrator. Instead of straps, I insert the dildo portion of the butterfly, and sit down. My seated position holds the butterfly in place. The wings and body of the butterfly massage my labia and stimulate my clitoris. The vibrations feel wonderful both inside and out. This sex toy is ideal for my use when I'm seated in front of my computer, as I am now, writing sex toy reviews or writing erotic scenes in my smutty fiction. I don't need to use my hands to get off! The Butterfly Dreams vibrator does all the heavy lifting for me. This vibrator is made of soft and smooth TPR. The interior bullet is removable and takes one AAA battery.

The vibrations are fast, quiet, and very arousing. I like to start with the lowest speed first and work my way up to the highest. There are three very tantalizing speeds and each one is delicious! The shaft of the dildo is curved at the end to massage my G-spot, so this vibe has it all - G-spot stimulation, clit stim, vaginal massage, and labial massage. It's small but don't let that fool you. This vibrator packs a wallop! I'm very satisifed with it. Now pardon me while I finish what I was doing with it. :)

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