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August 27, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Ladygasm Cici

I had heard about the Ladygasm for quite some time, and I was given one to review by Ladygasm itself. Ladygasm is a small rabbit-styled vibrator but don't let the size fool you. She's powerful. I prefer smaller sex toys to the OMG! CLEAVE ME DOWN THE MIDDLE LIKE AN OAK TREE type of sex toy. These toys, and Ladygasm is one of them, are easy to use and easy to pack when I wish to take a toy with me on holiday. Ladygasm won't take up a lot of room in my luggage. Plus this vibrator comes in its own pretty purple box so I may take it with me that way.

I liked the soft feeling of the silicone and ABS shaft and clit stimulator of Ladygasm. Plus, it's very flexible! While I like rigid sex toys, the flexibility of Ladygasm makes her very comfortable. She moves with me and I don't feel like I'm being impaled. The sensation is very comfortable and very sexy. Ladygasm is smooth and soft. She feels good going in and out. The clit stimulator is located in the perfect spot, and it does its job beautifully.

Aesthetics are important to me, so the general form of Ladygasm matters. I like the beautiful and sensuous streamlined form. This is an elegant-looking vibrator. It also fits perfectly in my hand. My fingers did tend to press the two buttons a bit when I didn't intend to but I soon got used to keeping my fingers away from the buttons unless I wanted to try out a variety of the eight different speeds. I preferred the steady vibration with both the G-spot motor and the clit stimulator motor humming at the same time. The vibrations are also nearly silent, which is important in this sardine can I live in. She takes 2 AAA batteries and they last a long time.

This lightweight vibrator is one of my favorite sex toys. I'm glad it's lightweight. One problem I've had with some rabbit vibrators is that they may be big and bulky – as well as heavy. My wrist wears out quickly and it's hard to hold those heavy vibrators. Ladygasm isn't like that at all. She's light as a feather, which means I can enjoy using her for the long period of time it takes me to come. I'm not distracted with a sore wrist. I highly recommend Ladygasm for any woman looking for a new and distinctive rabbit-styled vibrator. She also makes a great gift – hint, hint.

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