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February 23, 2012

Intensity By Jopen

When I first heard about Intensity by Jopen I was intrigued. I had written about it before as a blog post so I was already familiar with it. This sex toy did it all. It had g-spot stimulation, rabbit ears to tickle my clit, and a thick shaft. So when I had a chance to try it out and review it for Jopen I couldn't pass up that chance.

This is a luxury vibrator unlike any other. Intensity is designed for both pleasure and for exercising your pelvic floor. When used regularly, you tighten your Kegel muscles which results in a stronger and tighter pelvic floor. Your arousal is more intense. Your orgasms are more intense. And it just feels so damned good! I'm talking knee-knocking, dance on the table in a biker bar intense gleeful bliss.

What makes it special are several things. One, it's made of high-quality silicone. If you're prone to allergic reactions to materials - especially the likes of jelly rubber - you likely won't react to this one. It has G-spot, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation as I already mentioned, It also inflates like a balloon at a carnival - and this is one hell of a carnival! I  just pump the handle whilst the shaft is inside me and I feel it get bigger and bigger. Wow! I liked that filled-up and plugged sensation. Elvis has entered the building! To deflate it I just pressed a small black button on the back of the handle. Then I pulled it out.

Then there are the electrodes at the tip of the shaft. Yes, electrodes. I've used electrosex toys before so I was dying to try this out. I was shocked - shocked, I say! - at how good it felt. When charged up and stimulating me on the inside, my Kegels automatically tightened around the vibrator's inflated shaft. I was so aroused by the intensity (har!) of this sex toy I rose up on the bed, doubled over with pleasure. Important - don't turn on the electrodes unless Intensity is inside you.

The instruction manual made everything plain as day. Directions were very simple. Insert your batteries in the base of the vibrator. Slather some lube on the shaft. Rub on some of the electrode gel on the two electrodes on the shaft. The gel comes in a tube that is included when you buy Intensity. Then, insert the shaft into your vagina and get ready for the ride of your life. Once inside, I inflated it until it felt as good as could be. Don't over-inflate! The two buttons on the left side control the vibrations. I preferred a heavy and intense vibration. The two buttons on the right control the intensity of the stimulations coming from the electrodes. I preferred a milder sensation when it came to the electrode stimulations. i enjoyed four of the five incremental stimulation speeds. As I played I could see the lights on the LED light up, guiding my way.

Overall, Intensity is a fine vibrator and Kegel exerciser. It's not particularly loud so I didn't disturb anyone whilst using it. I especially liked the combination of inflation, vibrations, and electro stimulation. Like I said, I've used electrosex toys before and I like them. This is an expensive vibrator but trust me - it's worth ever red cent. I highly recommend it.

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February 16, 2012

Book Review - Lust: Erotic Fantasies For Women (Edited By Violet Blue)

I am always on the lookout for good erotic fiction to read. Too much of it comes across like Penthouse Letters when I'm looking for something hot to not only turn me on but wow me as far as good writing goes. I can always count on a good, hot read from books published by Cleis Press.

Lust – Erotic Fantasies for Women” is a fantastic collection of 17 stories written by a wide variety of female authors. I'm already familiar with quite a few of them. Two stories stood out for me.

'Tied To The Kitchen Sink by Kay Jaybee had me wishing I received such a fantastic birthday present! Will walks into his friend Ben's kitchen to find a naked (save the thigh high boots) and shapely woman tied to his kitchen sink. She's his birthday present. I won't say what happens next but it's quite amusing and sexy as hell.

In “Golden Hand” by K. L. Gillespie, a woman pickpocket reaches into a man's pocket on a crowded train... and gets a big surprise! I kept waiting for someone else on the train to notice what was going on. This has to be the sexiest train jerking off story I've ever read, and I've read a few.

All of these stories are well-written and highly erotic. I wish I could write like this and I aim towards the high quality of these stories. Each is a tidbit of about 5,000 words – short enough to enjoy during a quick lunch hour but long enough to make you wet and eager for release. If you're looking for good, well-written erotic literature, this is a great book for you.

Look to Good Vibrations for wonderful erotic literature and sex toys.

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