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December 14, 2011

Orgasm Kings Present Intensity By Jopen


How would you like to own right now the product that will win best toy of 2012? Shipping in time for Christmas…

Orgasm Kings present…

Intensity by Jopen®

This vibrator is so incredible you have to see and feel it to believe it.

Intensity has the following features:

* Powerful G-spot vibrations
* Powerful clitoral vibrations
* Electro stimulation contacts
* Inflatable shaft for a customized fit
* Air release valve
* Inflation pump
* On/off button on the handle
* 5 levels of vibration control
* Stimulation LED lights
* 10 levels of electro stimulation control

Buy today and save $80.00!

$299.99 $219.99


Here's how it works:

Intensity will increase the power of your orgasms by focusing on strengthening your Kegel muscles. Those are the muscles you tighten to hold in your pee. When properly strengthened, they intensify your arousal and make your orgasms feel much more powerful.

You want all that, don't you?

Intensity was created by doctors and it represents a revolution in the sex toy industry. It resembles the very popular rabbit vibrator but it is so much more!

Strengthening your Kegels (a. k. a. your pelvic floor) is very easy. Intensity will help you do this. Intensity has an inflation pump that helps the vibrator fit the contours of your body. You may adjust it so that it fits you perfectly. This vibrator inflates and deflates to give you the perfect girth for your pleasure. This is truly a very personal and unique vibrator. You choose the size and stimulation level that feels comfortable for you. Clamp down around Intensity using your Kegel muscles. That action strengthens and tones your Kegels. Intensity also massages your G-spot and your external erogenous zones including your clitoris and labia, making this vibrator an absolute joy to use. Intensity brings you the best of two worlds: sexual pleasure and sexual exercise. You'll exercise and not even feel like you're doing it! That's pleasure in and of itself.

Practice tightening and releasing your Kegel muscles whilst using Intensity and in no time you'll notice a big difference in your tightness, arousal, and power of your orgasms. Plus intensity simply feels good. It massages your G-spot, stimulates your outer erogenous zones, and teases your clitoris.

Buy Intensity by Jopen® today and your sexual enjoyment will be unsurpassed!

Intensity will arrive on your doorstep in discreet packaging. It is made of 100% pure and safe silicone.

Please allow for 24 – 48 hours handling time. We cover shipping! Orgasm Kings ship to Europe as well as America.

There is an additional charge for expedited shipping. Please contact Orgasm Kings for rates.

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