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April 19, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Lelo Nea Black Pearl

I am a huge fan of Lelo sex toys and I'm happy to announce that I am sold on the Lelo Nea Black Pearl. This is one of the Lelo vibrators that I have lusted after for months and I'm incredibly impressed with it. When it comes to adult toys, Lelo Nea Black Pearl delivers the orgasms!

Lelo Nea Black Pearl is so tiny it fits in the palm of my hand. It's only about three inches long. The sleek shape is very eye-catching. I like the flowers drawn on the front and back. The drawings make this massager a real class act as does the shape. Rounded at one end and pointed at the other, Lelo Nea Black Pearl homes in on my clit with precision. The vibrations are very intense - and I like them as high as I can stand them - and I come a little too quickly. I can really enjoy using Lelo Nea Black Pearl for hours on end. This delightful massager gives me multiple orgasms.

Lelo Nea Black Pearl is silent - something important when I don't want to wake my husband in the middle of the night. I can enjoy Lelo Nea Black Pearl day or night without waking anyone or disturbing the neighbors. This has to be one of the quietest massagers I've ever used. Lelo massagers tend to be quiet or silent to begin with, but this one surpasses even other Lelo massagers I've used.

The controls are easy to find and use. They light up so it's easier to see them, especially in the dark. The controls are very basic. Either the device is on or it's off, with the vibrations increasing or decreasing exponentially. Trust me, that's all you need. The vibrations are very powerful and silent.

Another feature I like very much is that Lelo Nea Black Pearl is rechargeable. I've developed a special love for rechargeable sex toys because I don't have to mess with pesky wires or hope that I can find an outlet near where I want to pleasure myself. I charge the Lelo Nea Black Pearl in the kitchen - and I sit the massager on top of the potatoes - and in a few hours it's ready to go. Lelo Nea Black Pearl holds its charge for a very long time so it never dies on me when I need it most.

Lelo Nea Black Pearl is perfect for travel. It comes with its own satin pouch big enough to hold the massager and the recharging wire and plug. I plan on taking this massager with me the next time I go to a science fiction convention. It would be wonderful to use it after a long day speaking on panels.

Lelo Nea Black Pearl is now my favorite sex toy. I use it every night and it delivers high-powered orgasms. I love the feminine round shape and the smooth finish. I am glad I got a black one because I love the way the massager looks in that color. This is a sleek and classy looking massager that is very powerful. Just because it's small doesn't mean it can't pack a wallop. Believe me, it does! I highly recommend Lelo Nea Black Pearl to any woman who wants the best things in life. Lelo Nea Black Pearl also makes a great gift so guys, get her one!

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It's looking beautiful toy. I think this will definitely help a woman to have too much fun.

Posted by: sex doll at Sep 3, 2012 2:50:47 AM

This nea black pearl seems an awesome toy to please yourself. My friend also suggested me to use it once.

Posted by: sex toys uk at Nov 2, 2012 6:27:53 AM

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