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April 28, 2009

Pleasurists #26

From art-or-pornvia img-2006-10.photosight.ru

Pleasurists #26 marks six months of Pleasurists weekly round-ups!

Pleasurists is your round-up of the adult product reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #25? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #27? Submit it here before Sunday April 26th at 11:59pm PST. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

Want to win some free swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Madame Editrix
Scarlet Lotus St.Syr

On to the reviews…

Editor’s Pick

  • An Open Letter to my Fleshlight: Ice Butt Fleshlight by Jake Holden
  • Since I’ve got to know you so deeply I’ve come (literally) to see past (literally) your slightly gimmicky clear case, and I’ve seen the real you; the so open, so accepting, and so soft moulded gel insert whose embrace I could never grow tired of - especially when it’s been submerged in hot tap water and coated with my favourite lube.

    Editor’s Note: Though technically this review went up quite some time ago, but it was submitted with a note recognizing that and asking for it to be included anyway. I’m not super strict on the posting rules as long as people aren’t giving me twenty reviews from the last few months to put in the issue, but I digress. I thought The review was so well done and quite unique so I not only had to include it but I had to highlight it for you all to read as well!



Toys for Cocks

Lube & etc.


Adult Books

Adult Movies/Porn


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Does Your Pet Watch You While You Have Sex?

This is a reprint of an article I wrote for Nuts4chic. The cat pictured above is my cat, Lucky.


Does Your Pet Watch You While You Have Sex?

by Elizabeth Black

Two nights ago, one of my cats chewed through the cord of my favorite vibrator. I am not pleased!

I was in bed, unable to sleep, and my husband was snoring next to me. What I needed was my Rabbit Pearl vibrator to play with and then I could finally fall asleep.

I reached into the little drawer on my headboard to get the vibrator, but it wasn't there. That was when I saw the chewed wire. I reached up onto the headboard, and there was the vibrator, now in two pieces thanks to Lucky, The Cat Who Can Do No Wrong.

Until Now!

I showed the vibrator to my husband the next day, and he said he can fix it for me. I hope he does that soon since my vibrator is my friend. This incident made me think about other incidents involving pets giving their opinion of your sex life. Don't you just hate the scrutiny?

I had one cat named Koala who liked to watch me in the act. Smartest cat I have ever seen, and very opinionated. So my husband and I would be going at it in bed, and I’m lying there with my legs around his hips, eyes closed, really getting into it, and I open my eyes.

Staring at me from a spot directly over my head from his spot on the headboard is Koala, his head bobbing up and down as he watches us have sex. It is not easy to concentrate on having an orgasm when a cat is staring you down while you go at it.

Pets that get involved in your sex life aren't always amusing. I read an article about a London woman who learned the hard way. Her boyfriend's African grey parrot squawked "I love you, Gary" while she sat on the couch with him.

There was one big problem. Her boyfriend's name was Chris.

That was the moment Chris found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him with a bloke named Gary. She had moaned Gary's name so often while shagging him that the bird picked up on the cue, and announced his name for all to hear. The bird even mimicked her voice. Sadly, Chris had to let the bird go because hearing it call for his girlfriend's lover in her voice was very painful, especially after they broke up.

I've heard of people who get their pets involved in "child" custody disputes, and I've written about those kinds of incidents n my column before, but having pets watch you while you do The Nasty is a bit more disconcerting.

Still, I think it's a great ice breaker when you discover your cat scrutinizing your sex play as if it’s about to hold up a card giving you a rating of 9 (or 6, if the cat is a Russian Blue).

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April 27, 2009

I'm A Reality Based Intellectualist

How to Win a Fight With a Conservative is the ultimate survival guide for political arguments

My Liberal Identity:

You are a Reality-Based Intellectualist, also known as the liberal elite. You are a proud member of what’s known as the reality-based community, where science, reason, and non-Jesus-based thought reign supreme.

Take the quiz at www.FightConservatives.com

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April 25, 2009

Sex Toy Review: Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster

I am lucky enough to own two of Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrators, and I like both of them. This review is for Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster. I was so excited when my box of Belladonna toys arrived. The Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster came in a little clear and pink box with a naked smiling woman on it who invited me to open the box and grab the little treasure inside. And what a treasure it was! Made of soft Sil-A Gel, the Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster is just over five inches of cotton candy colored fun. Aside of the inviting color, I noticed the delightful smell; it smelled like bubble gum. The Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster has a "new sex toy" smell about it that is very pleasant. So, even before I put batteries in it and use it, I'm already impressed with this delightful sex toy.

Knowing that I could use Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster in or out of the water, I opted for both. I love to keep the vibrations high and slowly slide Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster in and out of me. I tug it towards me as I pull it out so that it rubs against my clit, and oh does that feel good! When I use it in the shower, it's easy cleaning. I just might have to keep this sex toy in my shower with my shampoo and soap so that I may use it when the mood strikes while I'm washing up.

When I use it on the couch, I just cover the tip with a bit of lube, lean back, slide it in, and enjoy the immediate arousal. Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster is a bit thick, so the thickness feels very good. The vibrations make it best of all. I slowly pull Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster in and out, and as I pull it out I make sure it rubs against my clit. Orgasms with Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Blaster are phenomenal.

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Sex Toy Review: Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy

I am lucky enough to own two of Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrators, and I like both of them. This review is for Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy. I was so excited when my box of Belladonna toys arrived. The Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - BUMPY came in a little clear and pink box with a naked smiling woman on it who invited me to open the box and grab the little treasure inside. And what a treasure it was! Made of soft Sil-A Gel, the Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy is just over five inches of cotton candy colored fun. Aside of the inviting color, I noticed the delightful smell; it smells like bubble gum. The Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy has a "new sex toy" smell about it that is very pleasant. So, even before I put batteries in it and use it, I'm already impressed with this delightful sex toy.

Since the Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy may be used in the water, I tried it both sitting on my couch (my favorite place to use vibrators next to the bed) and in the shower. After rubbing on a little lubricant, Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy slid right in. The bumpy shaft felt wonderful sliding in and out of me, and in the shower it was even more fun. There's nothing quite as much fun as getting it on in the shower or bath, and Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy made the experience very pleasant. This vibrator's vibrations can be very gentle or very intense. I prefer intense. Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy was made to slide in and out to take advantage of that bumpy shaft, and the orgasms I get from it are out of this world. Plus that delightful cotton candy color and bubble gum smell of the silicone can't be beat.

Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy is small so I can stash it in my luggage when I go on holiday. It's a cute little thing that packs a wallop, too. Belladonna's Evil Pink Vibrator - Bumpy is the perfect sex toy for the bath or in bed or on the couch watching a movie - other ways I like to enjoy my sex toys.

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April 24, 2009

The Winner Of Yesterday's Ravenous Romance Blog Tour Contest Is...

The winner of yesterday's Ravenous Romance blog tour contest is...

Becky Ward!

Becky, RR will be in touch with you shortly to give you your prize. Congrats!

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April 23, 2009

Allison Krause - Down In The River To Pray

At the end of this week's episode of "In Plain Sight" I heard Allison Krause's lovely rendition of "Down In The River To Pray". Here it is:

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Ravenous Romance Blog Tour: Author Jamaica Layne

Hello, and thank you so much for having me on the blog today. I’m Jamaica Layne, erotica author extraordinaire. I write erotica and erotic romance for Virgin Cheek and Virgin Black Lace in print, and in ebooks/audiobooks for Ravenous Romance (www.ravenousromance.com). My erotic writing styles range from erotic romance (such as my debut novel MARKET FOR LOVE, released August 2008 by Virgin Cheek, and the VITAL SIGNS series for Ravenous Romance); to kinky/BDSM contemporary erotica (like my sex-and-politics novel A CAPITOL AFFAIR for Ravenous, as well as many of my short stories); to scorching-red-hot paranormal erotica (like my bestselling novel KNIGHT MOVES, also for Ravenous). Whether you’re in the market for an erotic romance, a sexy paranormal adventure, or a story so hot it burns the ink right off the page----I’ve got a book for you.

I’ve been writing erotica professionally for a few years now, but before I became a full-time novelist (i.e., in my “other” life), I was a successful journalist/editor, a government policy analyst, and even a playwright (my plays have received productions in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, even the UK). My experiences out in the working world definitely made an impact on my erotic writing. For example, I got the idea for my super-kinky novel A CAPITOL AFFAIR when I was working among uptight policy wonks in Washington DC and wondered what those tightly-wound stuffed-shirts would be like behind closed doors. My years working as a policy analyst in health care (as well as my lifelong love of medical soap operas) also inspired to write VITAL SIGNS, my young-doctors-in-lust erotica series (think of it as Grey’s Anatomy, except with the sex left in). The first volume in the VITAL SIGNS series (I’ve Been A Naughty Nurse) has been very popular, and the second volume (Sex In A Southern City) picks up where Vol. 1 left off. Vol. 2 releases later this spring, and Vol. 1 continues to be a bestseller for Ravenous----the audiobook version especially. There will be a total of five books in the series----and maybe more if the readers demand it!

In celebration of the next release in the VITAL SIGNS series (Sex In A Southern City releases later this spring---release date TBA), I’m giving away a free copy of VITAL SIGNS Vol. 1: I’ve Been A Naughty Nurse to one lucky commenter here today. I always love to hear from my readers, as well as erotica fans who haven’t discovered my books yet and want to learn more---or maybe just want to talk about what turns them on! Feel free to ask questions; I’ll try to log in and answer as many as I can!

For more information about me and my writing, visit www.jamaicalayne.com. For the latest news on my upcoming releases, visit jamaicalayne.blogspot.com.

Have you ever been turned on while writing a sex scene?

Jamaica Layne: Yes, I have. It happens quite often, in fact. I actually use this as a barometer to determine whether or not my writing is erotic enough. If it doesn't turn me on, then there's a good chance it isn't going to turn anyone else on, either.

Lisa Lane: Many times. It depends upon the specific scene and, interestingly enough, the particular time of the month at which I happen to be writing it.

Isabel Roman: Normally, when writing, I’m too concerned with the positioning and the escalating “hotness” of the scene to get mentally lost in it.
However, reading one...
Neve Black: Um, yeah…and thank God for vibrators!

EM Lynley: Yes, most of the time while playing the scene through my head before actually sitting down to write it. If it's not hot enough to get me going just thinking about it, it's not enough for the reader either.

Inara LaVey: Absolutely. If I don't find what I'm writing sexy, I can't write it.

C. Margery Kempe: If I'm not, no one else will be.

Savannah Chase: I would lie if I said no. I think every author who writes erotica and or romance has gotten turned on while they wrote a sex scene. Sex scenes are steamy and tie in all the senses and emotions between two characters. I think that if the author gets turned on while they write a sex scene then they have done what they set out to do. We are human beings and we are very sexual, it is something we can’t avoid.

Angela Cameron: Uh...yeah. *blushing* I couldn’t write a great sex scene without it being hot to me, too. The best ones are always a turn on. The heroes are in our heads, and they are attractive to us before anyone else sees them. I think it’s only a natural side effect if I’m doing my job right.

Elle Amery: I hate to be boring, but I’ve never been turned on while writing a sex scene. There’s a distance for me that occurs as I write. I suppose the best way I can compare how my subconscious approaches writing sex scenes is like how sex therapists don’t (usually!) get turned on while working with their clients. Writing is fun, there’s no doubt about that, but it also is work. For me, I approach writing a sex scene the way I do any other scene, so concentrating on pacing, dialogue, tags, beats, and language all takes a little something out of the visceral experience.

Sèphera Girón: Yes. I think that an author should be turned on writing a sex scene even if it’s something you would never actually do in real life.


Joanna stepped into the elevator when it arrived on her floor. She pressed the “DOOR CLOSE” button several times, trying in vain to get the elevator moving. But the old contraption, designed in the 1950s for ferrying slow-moving gurneys and wheelchairs, wasn’t cooperating.

“Damn it,” she mumbled under her breath, mashing the “DOOR CLOSE” button again. At last, the squeaky car doors began to shut.

“HOLD THAT GODDAMN THING! HOLD IT!” A booming male voice echoed into the elevator car from somewhere down the hall. A deep, gravelly, slightly hoarse male voice.

A voice that for some unknown reason, gave Joanna pause.

Her finger floated involuntarily to the “DOOR OPEN” button. She almost didn’t notice it happening until the last possible second, when the doors were nearly shut.

“DID YOU HEAR ME?” the voice thundered. “Hold it!”

Joanna pressed the “DOOR OPEN” button without exactly knowing why. She wanted nothing more than to get to the basement for her coffee break, but something in the unseen man’s voice made her waver.

The elevator doors glided open again. A tall, scowling man stood on the other side of them.

A tall, scowling, rumpled, sweaty, and very attractive man. A man that Joanna hadn’t seen before. A man wearing dirty scrubs, a vicious frown, and at least three-days’ growth of stubby beard that did nothing to deter from his natural good looks.

“Are you hard of hearing?” the man growled at her. “I asked you to hold this goddamn elevator.”

Joanna didn’t respond for nearly thirty seconds. She set her jaw and returned the man’s steely, aquamarine-eyed gaze. As a seasoned hospital nurse, she was accustomed to difficult, short-tempered people. She was used to rude, crude, obnoxious behavior by both patients and doctors. What she was not used to was that rude, crude behavior emanating from a man who was so ruggedly handsome that it made the pit of her stomach quaver.

“Sorry, I thought I was holding it for you,” was Joanna’s curt reply.

The scowling man blinked twice. He held the elevator doors open with his hands. Joanna noticed that unlike the rest of his unkempt, rugged self, both his hands were immaculately manicured, the skin moisturized, the fingers long and nimble. She’d seen hands like that often enough to know exactly what they were used for.

They were a surgeon’s hands.

Remember to leave a comment; it automatically enters you to win a free copy of VITAL SIGNS Vol. 1: I’VE BEEN A NAUGHTY NURSE. We’ll also be giving away three $5.00 gift certificates for Ravenous Romance on three random stops. You won’t know which ones until the tour is over, so visit as many as you can! And if you leave a comment on every stop in the RR Ornery Eleven BBT, you’re eligible to win a $25 gift certificate from Ravenous Romance!

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you, Countess (Elizabeth Black), for hosting us! Please visit PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance for another question of the day and our featured author Sèphera Girón!

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April 21, 2009

Ravenous Romance Blog Tour

The erotic romance e-publisher Ravenous Romance is having a blog tour, and my blog is one of the stops. This tour goes on all through April until early May. My day is April 23. This is a list of all the blogs participating in the blog tour. The first link is the blog, and the second link is the Ravenous Romance author. Leave comments on these posts because you stand a chance of winning an e-book reader from Ravenous Romance. There are also small cash prizes. All you have to do is visit and comment.

April 18: Zhadi’s Den - Intro Stop
April 19: Jennifer’s Random Musings - Elle Amery
April 20: Unbound - Lisa Lane
April 21: Talk about My Favorite Authors - Angela Cameron
April 22: Kissa Starling - Em Lynley
April 23: The Countess - Jamaica Layne
April 24: PNR Inklings Blog at ParaNormal Romance - Sephera Giron
April 25: Wicked Thorn and Roses - Isabel Roman
April 27: Sia McKaye’s Thoughts On… - Neve Black
April 29: Bryn Greenwood - C. Margery Kempe
April 30: Bookwenches - Savannah Chase
May 1: Neve Black - Inara LaVey
May 2: Night Owl Romance - Final Stop

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April 20, 2009

Nuts4chic: The Hello Kitty Vibrator

This is another reprint of one of my Nuts4chic articles. Enjoy! If you want to buy the Hello Kitty vibrator, look to Amazon for the Hello Kitty massager or check eBay.


The Gift For The Woman With Everything – The Hello Kitty Vibrator!
by Elizabeth Black

This week, I will talk about the perfect gift for the woman who has everything, but I will warn you – this little gem strikes fear in the hearts of some people.

It's the Hello Kitty vibrator!! She's back after a long absence.

The evil little mouthless one has made her way into your bedroom again! I got the news when one of my sex toys shop colleagues e-mailed me to tell me she carried the little beast.

Hello Kitty has been around forever. I had the purse and notepaper when I was a kid, which was back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. She was aimed towards little girls. My friends and I loved Hello Kitty, although she was getting to be like McDonalds – she was everywhere. You couldn't turn a corner without seeing Hello Kitty mechanical receptionists, a Hello Kitty crop circle, Hello Kitty wedding dresses, Hello Kitty corsets, Hello Kitty everything.

So when did she become sexualized?

The Hello Kitty vibrator is marketed in Japan as a shoulder massage device, but it was inevitable that she has found her way into sex toys store. Vibrators throughout history have been marketed as muscle massagers, but starting in about the 1920s, they were being used as sex toys.

I freaked out the first time I heard of the Hello Kitty vibrator. How did a line aimed at little girls end up attached to a device meant to tickle your genitals? Apparently, over the years, Hello Kitty has turned into a bit of a sexual fetish. Amanda Marcotte at the blog Pandagon remembers the Usenet group alt.sex.hello-kitty, and so do I. (http://pandagon.blogsome.com) She pointed out a hilarious portion of the group's FAQ:

3c) How does Hello Kitty give head?

Alas, Hello Kitty sometimes wishes she had a mouth so she could perform fellatio. However, since she is able to generate powerful suction with her vaginal muscles, she has yet to leave a partner unsatisfied. Hello Kitty is also able to extend and move her labia so that they can “lick ”like a pair of tongues."

3d) How does Hello Kitty eat?

Hello Kitty does not need to eat. Hello Kitty lives on sunshine, fresh air, and lots and lots of hot cum shot up into her pussy.

According to the FAQ, Hello Kitty has "gymnastic genital control" and she can ejaculate when she comes. If you play with that vibrator, you too can be an amazing fuck bunny in bed.

There are rumors on the Internet that there are Hello Kitty condoms, but that is a myth. I'm afraid you'll have to find the festive holiday condoms I talked about in my previous article if you intend to use the Hello Kitty vibrator with a partner.

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