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July 02, 2008

Nuts4chic - Pop Rocks And Blow Jobs

pop rocks.pop rocks

Here's another article from my column at Nuts4chic - Pop Rocks and Blow Jobs. Head on over to Nuts4chic today and read my latest column.


I'm overdue for another segment of "Do It, Lizzie! Do It", so I have a special treat for my readers today. Remember my article about enhancing a blow job by chewing on Altoids?

Well, another blow job myth revolves around Pop Rocks. You remember those things? Little fruit-flavored candies that fizz in your mouth while you chew on them?

I bet you already know where this article is going. How do Pop Rocks affect a blow job? Well, my husband, who always enjoys my little sexual experiments, was eager to try it out. I'm going to make sure he goes down on me with a mouthful of Pop Rocks. I'm here to report on the results of our fun little experiment.

My husband and I were very excited to play with Pop Rocks while we had sex on the living room couch. We had already tried using Altoids, and that was a big success. Peppermint Altoids gave a cool and tingling sensation to a blow job and cunnilingus. We fully expected something similar with Pop Rocks.

We were greatly disappointed.

The candy popped so loudly in my mouth that I could barely hear. I went down on my husband, albeit with a lot of giggling. An unexpected side effect is that Pop Rocks make me drool. What a mess! He liked that a lot, of course. I waited for him to start squirming and giggling as the Pop Rocks burst all over him.

Nothing happened.

Was a let-down! He felt nothing unusual. Despite that, giving him a blow job with a mouth full of bursting Pop Rocks was loads of fun. They tasted good, so if you are a woman who doesn't like the taste of oral sex, they could be fun to use. I also honed my blow job skills

He went down on me, too, with a mouthful of Pop Rocks. I didn't feel anything unusual, like the fizzing I expected to feel. I was disappointed, but the experiment wasn't a total loss.

I wasn't ready to give up, though. We had two packets of Pop Rocks left. I poured some of the fizzing candies into my mouth, and sucked on my husband's nipples. Nothing happened. However, a Pop Rocks kiss was loads of fun. The fizzing was very ticklish, and the kiss tasted good. From now on, I'll stick to peppermint Altoids for blow jobs and Pop Rocks for French kisses. There's an old saying in the U.S. – "Candy Is Dandy And Liquor Is Quicker, But Sex Won't Rot Your Teeth."

Not in our household, with all the candy we use while having sex.

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