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July 14, 2008

Nuts4chic - Anal Sex Can Make Your Butt Bigger And Other Myths


Anal Sex Can Make Your Butt Bigger And Other Myths

by Elizabeth Black

I know that, for women, sex without a condom can make your belly grow.

I saw the most unbelievable post on a sex forum.

A woman in all seriousness wanted to know if allowing her boyfriend to have anal sex with her, and come deep inside her, would make her butt bigger.

I'm not making this up.

She wrote that her butt was small, and her boyfriend told her that if he had anal sex with her, and came deep inside her, it would make her butt bigger. She was stupid enough to believe her boyfriend's lame excuse for wanting anal sex. I think she was a troll, but some people in the forum actually gave her some serious answers.

I knew she was kidding around when she later thanked everyone for their comments, and she has some more questions, like if he stops having anal sex with her, will her butt go back to its original size?

Still, it made me think of other myths about sex that are out there. Some people really believe these myths, and a lot of them are dangerous. Here are a few that I've run into.

Myth #1: A woman having her period can't get pregnant.

Nope, not true. There's less of a chance of her getting pregnant, but it can still happen. Teenaged girls can have problems with this belief, since their periods may start out irregular.

Myth #2: If a guy doesn't come while having intercourse, or if he pulls out before coming, the woman can't get pregnant.

Dangerously false. I knew a guy in college who really believed this, and he should have known better because he was a scientist. Coitus interruptus is not good birth control.

Myth #3: Drinking Mountain Dew can make your sperm count drop because Mountain Dew has Yellow dye number 5 in it.

I have no idea how this one started, but I've heard it for years. No, Mountain Dew won't lower your sperm count. It will likely keep you up at night because it has lots of caffeine in it, but it won't affect your little swimmers.

I just read an article about some research that found that sex makes your brain grow. I know that, for women, sex without a condom can make your belly grow. I'm sure that the woman who wanted to know if anal sex can make her butt bigger was pulling everyone's leg, but as you may have heard, there is a sucker born every minute.

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