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June 13, 2008

Nuts4chic - The Art Of Foreplay


The Art Of Foreplay

by Elizabeth Black

Atmosphere is very important when it comes to sex. Don't let yourself get into a sexual rut by doing the same thing, day in and day out, in the same manner.

Don't limit your sexual activity to the bedroom. Remember when you were younger, and you used to make out in the back seat of a car? Even if you haven't done that, you get the point that variety creates excitement.

Try something new and daring. If you have always made love on the same side of the bed at the same time in the evening, it's time for a change.

Try making out in places outside your home. Arouse each other in the back row of a movie theatre, out of sight of the staff so that you don't get caught.

Go for the old tried and true make-out session in the back seat of your car while parked in by the beach or at a state park. The thrill of being caught by hikers, bike riders, and police will make your lovemaking all the more exciting. An aura of fear can bring more excitement to sex.

At home, get ready for some fun sex play in places other than your bed. Sit on the couch naked, and explore your own body. Play on the kitchen table or in the bathtub, covered with scented bubbles.

Some of my best bouts of foreplay were when I was in college. I and my boyfriend would drive around town, looking for dark and secluded places to park, and make out in the cars. It was exciting and scary for me to be wondering if a cop was going to tap on the window with his nightstick. That did happen to me once. The thrill of being caught made the foreplay even more exciting for me, although I was also scared out of my wits. Thankfully, we had finished making out about fifteen minutes before the cop had shown up. When the cop stood staring at us through the passenger seat window, we were only talking.

We had the radio on, but I don't remember what music was playing. I was too busy having fun to notice what was on the radio. You can play music that would enhance your mood. Play some erotic music, such as Lords of Acid or Enigma.

When I'm home, I prefer to burn exotic incenses, such as Ocean, Amber, Blue Roses, or Spirit. Smell is important in a good bout of lovemaking, and the right kind of incense can enhance the erotic mood. You can find those incenses in any New Age store.

As you can see, what matters is location, location, location. Foreplay with a little danger thrown in is even more exciting. Be creative when you make out. Foreplay is much more than French kiss. It can last for hours, and it will warm you up so much that you will beg for release. That's the best kind of foreplay of all.

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