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June 30, 2008

New At Nuts4chic - U. S. Sex Scandals


My column at Nuts4chic is finally up again! I don't know what happened. For some reason, it didn't update the entire month of June. My latest article about U. S. sex scandals went up on Friday. Click on the link to read it.

I found lots of sex scandals, but I included the more interesting ones for the article. I discuss the women behind powerful men, and what brought the men down, including

The women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual harassment
Jimmy Swaggart
Jessica Hahn and Jim Bakker
Elizabeth Ray, the secretary who couldn't type
Donna Rice and former Presidential candidate Gary Hart
"Client 9", who brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer
Amy Fisher, the "Long Island Lolita"
Jean Harris, who killed the Scarsdale Diet Doctor

Go to Nuts4chic and enjoy the article!

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June 27, 2008

5th Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy

I submitted my article I Can't Stand "Sex And The City" to The 5th Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy a couple of weeks ago. There are many insightful articles about sexuality in this carnival, and I highly recommend it. Topics include "Sex and the City", a challenge of the usual role of women's sexuality of being desired (passive) rather than doing the desiring (active), vanilla privilege, and listen to Susie Bright and Betty Dodson talk about sex, masturbation, and much more! Some very good stuff there.

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Nuts4chic - What Is Sexy?


Here's another Nuts4chic article, but I can't find the original on the site. So, I'm reproducing it here. Enjoy!


What Is Sexy?

by Elizabeth Black

Jessica Alba now tops Victoria's Secret's "What Is Sexy?" list. Justin Timberlake was named the sexiest male musician. Others who made the list are Jay-Z and Beyonce (couple), Cameron Diaz (sexiest legs), David Beckham (sexiest dad) and Kate Hudson (sexiest mom).

Just what does make a person sexy?

Everyone has their own list. Men and women all over the Internet ask each other what they find sexy. One guy on one of these sites, ticked off a list of physical characteristics, such as dark hair, full lips, and big boobs. He did mention intelligence. At least she's likely to hold a conversation with him while he's admiring her big boobs.

Another guy on the same site ticked off a list that sounded so romantic that I didn't think any live woman could ever meet his expectations. He mentioned her smile. Holding his gaze as they walked, which made me wonder how long she could do that before tripping and falling over. The way she responds to his intimate touches on her arm or back. She has to kiss softly, then passionately.

A woman on the site would recognize her sexy guy by his eyes, and especially the way he laughed. It was important to her that he have a sense of humor. Sense of humor seemed big on quite a few of the "what makes someone sexy" discussions. That's a good sign. At least it's hopeful that they wouldn't take life too seriously.

What is sexy is so elusive. Everyone has a different opinion. Most people find cleanliness and confidence sexy. Another web site described a sexy man. He has a great smile and maintains eye contact with you when you talk to him. Confidence made the list, of course. Sensitivity and a sense of humor naturally made the list.

Sometimes it might be better to tick off a list of what is not sexy. Here's a short list:

Not having bathed in a few days.

Having belching and farting contests. An ability to belch the entire alphabet in one breath is not sexy.
Ill-temper and putting down the woman who is with you.

Violence of any kind. Beating a woman who won't do what you tell her to do is beyond being unsexy. It is cruel and dangerous.

Lacking intelligence and holding bigoted views. Being a throwback is not sexy.

Former porn star and prostitute Annie Sprinkle had plenty to say about what makes someone sexy. Today, Sprinkle is a performance artist. When asked in an interview what she thought made someone sexy, she replied "The truth is sexy. When somebody's really being honest and open and vulnerable. That's what turns me on."

As people age, what is sexy becomes defined in different ways. Actress Helen Mirren is over sixty, and she is considered sexy. She is is known for taking her clothes off. She stars in two movies where she plays queens – Elizabeth I and The Queen. Helen Mirren, and other older women like her, such as Dame Diana Rigg, radiate confidence and accomplishment. These two women are comfortable in their bodies. They dress elegantly. These women aren't fashion models. They look like real people. It's good to see women with a variety of body types who have healthy attitudes about sex and sexuality.

It is true that what is sexy is in the eye of the beholder. You don't have to be gorgeous to be sexy. Having a good sense of yourself and confidence radiate sexiness.

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June 26, 2008

Nuts4chic - Think Your Sex Life Is Ho-Hum?

Nuts4chic Banner

This article was published by nuts4chic about a year ago, but I can't find it online. I thought it was a good one, as are all my articles, so here it is again for your reading pleasure.

Think Your Sex Life Is Ho-Hum?
You are not alone

by Elizabeth Black

Are you exhausted after working hard all day? American working hours are now longer than ever.

Work hours around the world aren't much better. After commuting in snarled traffic, cooking meals, feeding the kids, paying the bills, washing a load of laundry, and cleaning the dishes, are you too pooped out for sex?

You're not alone.

The Japanese are well-known for their work ethic. Japanese men often work long hours, and then they socialize with their co-workers at bars after work. The socializing is considered a necessary part of business.

Both Japanese men and women are exhausted. 39.7 percent of Japanese citizens aged 16 to 49, have not had sex for more than a month. Their sexual satisfaction is one of the lowest in the world. Stressful work, the Internet, and lack of physical communication are to blame for the lackluster sex lives.

Australia and New Zealand are following Japan's lead. A survey conducted by a condom manufacturer may not be scientifically accurate, but it revealed some very interesting and troubling trends related to sex, lack of interest, and exhaustion.

According to a survey done by a condom manufacturer, "(42 per cent) New Zealanders want to feel less stressed out and tired, and 40 per cent of us want more romance, and a further 34 per cent want a higher sex drive."

Australia wasn't much better off . The survey estimated that "Australians had sex 106 times a year, slightly above the global average and more than twice the rate of Japan." However, Aussies aren't satisfied with their sex lives. According to a newspaper article about the survey, "two in five [Australians] believed more time with their partners and a higher sex drive could boost satisfaction levels, while a similar number wanted more tenderness and romance." Sounds like the sexual blahs are getting to be a worldwide thing.

Every article I've seen describing the sexual blahs say the same thing – we are exhausted. What can average readers do to boost their sex lives?

Can you work shorter hours, or will your career suffer? Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, but most people can't handle a hit in the pocketbook.

Scale down your activities. Do the kids really need to take soccer, Little League, drama club, ballet, and tap all at once? Do you have to clean the house every day? Can you afford to hire cleaning help a few times per month? Give yourself permission to relax.

Don't pressure yourself into feeling you have to have sex three times per week. Rather than focusing too much on sex – which is just another bit of pressure you're putting on yourself – instead treat yourself and your partner to a relaxing bath or a massage. Let the sex come in a loving and tender way, and don't rush things.

Don't focus too much on having an orgasm. While orgasms are nice, they are not the be-all-and-end-all. Just feel good. Help your partner feel good.

Don't forget to bask in the afterglow. There is little more soothing than falling asleep in your partner's arms. Take the time to talk and caress each other. You won't regret it.

Stressful lives are the death knell of a good sex life. Look at what is driving you down in your life and in your relationship, and work to fix things. Once your life is less hectic and stressful, your sex life will likely improve.

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June 24, 2008

Nuts4chic - About "Nice Guys"...

Nuts4chic Banner

Getting Out From Under A "Nice Guy"
by Elizabeth Black

There is nothing like running into a Nice Guy to throw a wet blanket on a dating relationship.

Nice Guys are easy to spot. They annoy everyone by whining about how nice they are, yet they can't get a date.

Carol met a Nice Guy at a party. She wasn't about to date him, but she recognized the type immediately. "Dave" had just turned fifty-one. He had never been married. He was so desperate that he signed up at Match.com.

He couldn't understand why his relationships ended so quickly, and usually in an expensive restaurant. He paid good money. He took her to a nice place. He was clean. He was nice to her. He paid attention to what she said, and he responded to her, letting her know he was interested. Then, she kicked him to the curb.

He didn't get it. Carol did.

Dave described one of his dates. He honestly couldn't understand that a woman he just met – this was one of his Match.com dates – did not want to hear about his recent bowel surgery.

He told her this. On their first date. Over chicken cacciatore. Just the thing to be eating when a guy is telling you about the time he crashed and bled out.

There are plenty of Nice Guys in the world. Nice Guys think that women prefer jerks to Nice Guys like them. Nice Guys don't know that most women are onto them.

Nice Guys have entitlement issues. They say they are empathetic and sensitive, but they are really self-centered and immature.

They put the "pathetic" in "empathetic".

These guys are the center of their own universes, and they think all the problems they have with women are the women's fault, not theirs. These guys think that since women don't want to date them, then the women must prefer to date "jerks." It's an either-or thing with them. There is no gray area. There are only Nice Guys (like them) or "jerks." And women supposedly prefer "jerks".

The women are not the problem.

Nice Guys are suffocating. Angie described a Nice Guy she met when she was in college. "We were at a party, and he kept trying to monopolize my time," she said. "I wanted to mingle, and he wanted to read sonnets to me. He sulked when I talked to anyone else, especially if I talked to another guy. He always had to be the center of attention. He also moved too fast. After seeing him for only about a week, he started sending me huge bouquets of flowers with very sappy cards attached to them. He once sent me three bouquets of flowers in one week. When I wasn't grateful enough, he pouted. He pouted when I had plans for an evening and I didn't include him. I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough."

Nice Guys are not nice. Their means of expressing their shallowness and self-centeredness is merely different from that of the "jerk."

When did Nice Guys get the idea that if they are "nice" to a woman that she owes them attention, a date, or even sex? A Nice Guy thinks he is punished for being nice, when in reality it is because he treats women as objects of validation rather than as human beings. The Nice Guy doesn't understand that a woman is not obligated to devote all her undying time to him, date him, or have sex with him simply because he pays attention to her and because he's "nice" and doesn't treat her like a "jerk."

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June 23, 2008

Nuts4chic - Appearance-based Discrimination

Lip Piercings

"I'm Too Sexy For This Job" – Discrimination-Based Lawsuits Increasing
by Elizabeth Black

Discrimination lawsuits that are based on appearance are increasing.

These days, men and women can be discriminated against if they are not good looking enough, too good looking, too sexy, too fat, too thin, and if their physical appearance doesn't meet company standards.

Michelle Sullivan was a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority at Purdue University. She left the sorority after she found a poster of her face on a pig's body that said "Looks like someone gained weight."

DePauw University made the news when the Delta Zeta sorority kicked out twenty-three women who were thought of as not sexy enough. The President of the university didn't believe the sorority's excuse that the women were given the boot because they didn't meet the sorority's recruitment efforts. The President said that beginning in the fall of 2007, the sorority would no longer be offered housing on campus.

People, especially women, are judged by their looks all the time. A female bartender in a Las Vegas casino was fired for refusing to wear makeup. She had worked there for twenty years, and did not always wear makeup. The casino had appearance-based requirements in its standards. The makeup standards were later revised so that makeup worn would be tasteful, but makeup was no longer required to be worn. The casino says that the lawsuit filed by the bartender did not influence the decision.

I remember when it seemed to be a job requirement to work at a Starbucks coffee shop that you have at least five facial piercings. In any other job, face piercings would be frowned upon. Costco is one company that has a ban of facial piercings. An employee in Massachusetts fought that ban.

You can even be too attractive. A Harvard University librarian claimed she was fired because she was too attractive. She wore sexy outfits that didn't fit with the prim image of a librarian.

What happens when you begin to age, and your looks start to leave you? Age discrimination is quite common nowadays. Youth rules in the world, and the good looks that go with youth rule as well.

The first time I had heard of appearance-based discrimination was against broadcast journalist Christine Craft. She was made over in a way that she disliked. Her hair was dyed platinum blonde. She was demoted from co-anchor to reporter because she was called " too old, too unattractive, and wouldn't defer to men." She filed a lawsuit against the company, and a jury later awarded her $500,000 in damages. A judge later threw out the verdict. Craft filed again, and won, and the judgment was again thrown out later.

Women are judged by their looks all the time. A woman can be both too pretty and not pretty enough. She's too fat or too thin. Her skin is held under scrutiny for zits, pockmarks, and uneven skin color. Her thighs are too fat. Her calves are too thin.

Your looks can affect your employment. It is infuriating that years of experience and a kick-ass resume can be overlooked because the prospective employer thinks you are not hot enough. Or that you are too fat. Or too short. This kind of discrimination is illegal, but that doesn’t seem to stop employers from engaging in it.

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June 20, 2008

The Countess Reviews "Swingtown"


When I saw the commercials about "Swingtown", I knew I had to see it. The Washington Post has covered the show. The show is set in an American suburb in 1976. I was sixteen years old that year, but I was raised in a conservative household in a working class, heavily Catholic neighborhood. I lead a rather sheltered and naive life as a teen. I knew I probably wouldn't relate much to "Swingtown", but it turns out that I did after all. I came of age sexually when I was a freshman in college in 1978, so I did experience some of what happened in "Swingtown", albeit a few years later.

As I expected, the show has lots of product placements to help Baby Boomers flash back to their lives in 1976. When I saw a can of Tab, I spat iced tea all over myself. My father was always on diets, and he drank Tab like it was going out of style. I thought the stuff tasted like battery acid, and I wouldn't touch it. I still go "ewwww!!" when I think of Tab. The show also has the dreaded tuna noodle casserole. I still cringe when I think of tuna noodle casserole. It reaches a whole new level of suck. The show is also full of songs from the 1970s, ranging from classic David Bowie (the good stuff) to cringe-worthy songs like "Seasons In The Sun". All of this is obviously designed to make the Boomers go, "Gotcha!"

The show opens with Bruce and Susan Miller and their daughter moving into a new neighborhood in the suburbs. Their new neighbors, Tom and Trina Decker, are swingers. So far, the show plays with the swinging idea, with the expected snippiness from Susan's uptight best friend and sexy but safe games played at parties; but everyone is straight. I think that Trina Decker, played by Lana Parilla, is the hottest of the four main characters, and she seems clearly interested in Susan as well as Bruce, but bisexuality doesn't seem to cross the show's radar - this early in the season, at any rate. I have a strong feeling that Trina is bi. It's just a hunch from the way she acts on the show. I'd like to see a little sexual variety that goes beyond the usual heterosexual swinging. I'll give the show more time to tackle that topic, assuming it ever does.

Trina Decker is the woman in the picture below carrying the strategically-placed cantaloupes. She's just scrumptious!

swingtown 2

While I'm enjoying the show, it plays it safe much like the way "Sex and the City" played it safe. I have no problem with that in this show. At least "Swingtown" isn't full of product placements the way SATC did. SATC was very materialistic, and I didn't care for the show at all. I'm waiting to see if the show relaxes a bit and goes into more depth.

I like the way Trina described swinging. She said there's no sneaking around and no lies. Everything is out in the open and on the table. That also describes polyamory. There is no cheating because everyone knows about each other and everyone is okay with the open relationship. Cheating involves subterfuge, which is not what swinging and poly are about. The show gave a good explanation behind open marriages.

One portion I'd take issue with is how the Playboy club was depicted. While the backward dip of the Bunny waitresses was accurate, not much else was. I read Gloria Steinem's article "A Bunny's Tail", and I knew that the women wore bunny costumes two sizes too small for them on purpose, especially so that their boobs would get pushed up. Drunken men at the club pawed at them, and when they left for the night, the drunks walking around the building confronted them, thinking they were hookers.

The one character I identify with is Laurie Miller, the Miller's teenaged daughter. She's smart and leaning towards being a feminist. She's also a free spirit. Remember that the second wave of feminism swept the U. S. in the mid-1970s. She reads Anais Nin, which is something I haven't done. Not yet anyway. I read Erica Jong. I really identified with her regarding the obvious mutual attraction between her and her teacher for a summer class she chose to take. I took voluntary summer classes when I was in high school. I also dated college professors who were much older than me when I was in college. One scene in particular really struck home with me. Laurie went to see a feminist version of the play "Waiting For Godot". It was a feminist, female-only version directed by her teacher's close friend. A guy is interested in her, but she isn't into him, and he treats her like crap. He goes to the play with her, even though he doesn't really want to, and proceeds to humiliate her in public. She's embarrassed by his behavior, and tells him to leave the theatre rather than continue to publicly humiliate her.

That scene reminded me so much of an experience I had as a college freshman. I asked a guy I was seeing if he would like to see me in a play I was cast in. He said he'd go, but he really didn't want to. He wanted to go out drinking instead since I think there was a mixer that night. So, he asked all my friends what the play was about so he could give intelligent answers when I asked him how he liked it. He planned to go out drinking during the show, and show up at the end. My friends refused to tell him what the play was about, and one of them told me what he was up to. I confronted him, and he admitted what he had done, but he didn't think he had done anything wrong, since he ended up going to the show after all. I didn't need a guy like that in my life, so I broke up with him that night. I, like Laurie, didn't need a guy around me who only wanted to humiliate me and use me.

So far, I'm enjoying the show very much. I can identify with some of it, but not all since I was too young in 1976 to experience the sexual revolution and feminism. As I said, I grew up sheltered and naive. It wasn't until I went to college that I came "of age".

And I was Hell On Wheels. Photobucket

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Nuts4chic - Cybersex: Is It Cheating?


The World Of Cyber Affairs
Are you cheating when you send steamy emails to someone who isn't your spouse?

by Elizabeth Black

When Tim's wife opened the Valentine's Day gift he had mailed to her, he knew he was in trouble when she pulled an eight-inch purple butt plug out of the box.

That gift was meant for his cyber playmate. The company had shipped it to the wrong address.

He stammered, telling her it was really for him. He's into bondage and sadistic play. She's not.

He likes cybersex. He likes kinky web sites, in particular BDSM web sites. He said that he had done it "often when I had a day job that allowed unfiltered access to the Internet."

He doesn't consider his cyber-relationships affairs.

"They're flirtations," he said. "There's no face-to-face."


Infidelity expert Ruth Houston warns that partners should take cyber affairs seriously. She quoted two studies that found that one third of cyber affairs eventually lead to personal contact. " Cyber affairs are actually a form of emotional infidelity," Houston wrote on her web site. "Although in the early stages, there's no sex involved, most emotional infidelity eventually leads to sexual infidelity if left unchecked."

Houston said that most men don't consider cybersex cheating, but most women do. One woman who wrote to me anonymously is married to a man who had cyber affairs. As far as she was concerned, he had cheated on her. She called her husband's paramour a "cyber slut".

Could honesty be the key to a successful cyber relationship? Greg is polyamorous. "For those of us who are polyamorous, email and web communication has been an excellent way to keep in touch with lovers, flirt with and court potential lovers, and exchange sexually explicit writing, photos, etc for our mutual pleasure and edification," Greg says. "Of course our other partners know all about it and participate as much as they want."

Greg agrees that cybersex establishes an emotional connection between two people. " Two people who stimulate each other verbally to orgasm don't need to be in the same room to do it," Greg says. "I have definitely had "steamy" email exchanges that resulted in sexual, loving relationships. I see cyber communication as just one more way one can learn about partners and become more intimate with them."

Not everyone is happy with cyber-relationships. Chantal considers her cyber-relationship an affair. She's very torn over it. She loves the guy. Chantal has a hotmail account. She changes the password on her computer once per month. She won't check her e-mail when her husband is around.

She had a real-life affair with this same guy in 2000. It lasted about six months. Six months later, she was bored. She e-mailed him. He wrote back. They picked up where they left off, but online. He's married with several children. He's keeping his relationship with her a secret, as is she.

Her lover doesn't consider it an affair. Chantal would like to know if he sees other women on the Internet the same way he sees her, but she hasn't asked.

Her husband knew about the first affair, but he doesn't know about the current one. She knows that if he found out, it would destroy both her husband and her marriage.

The key to enjoying cybersex seems to be avoiding secrecy. If you can respect your partner, and help him or her not feel threatened by your desire for cyber affairs, it might work out. The polyamory community has a good grasp on cyber relationships. Openness and honesty are important in maintaining several relationships at one time. Not everyone may agree with that assessment, but it is worth considering.

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June 19, 2008

VibeReview - The Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand

I had heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand for several years, and I was just tickled to finally own one. The Hitachi Magic Wand had a reputation for being one of the best massage tools out there, and I was eager to find out if the rumors I had heard were true. VibeReview carries the Hitachi Magic Wand.

I was not disappointed in the slightest.

I'm glad that the Hitachi Magic Wand plugs in, since I knew I would wear out batteries quickly, considering that I had planned on using it very often. The Hitachi Magic Wand has two speeds – fast and slow. Believe me, you don't need any more than that. It's a noisy thing, but the noise doesn't bother me. It's big and bulky and noisy – not a discreet vibrator. However, it can do much more than act as a sex toy, although it plays sex toy very well.

My husband has arthritis in his right hand, near his thumb. When we moved a year ago, the physical effort from the move hurt his hand, and it's been giving him problems ever since. Plus he plays lots of video games that sometimes hurt his hand, since he has to use his thumb to move around his Dark Age Of Camelot characters. When he held the ball of the Hitachi Magic Wand in the palm of his hand, the vibrations from the Wand (on slow) unknotted the muscle around his thumb, and it stopped hurting so much! I have flat feet, and the Wand on my arches made my feet feel much better. The powerful vibrations relaxed the muscles in my feet and in his hand.

The Hitachi Magic Wand felt wonderful on my back, especially around my tailbone and along my shoulder blades. I was like putty in my husband's hands when he ran that Wand over my back. It felt good on our faces, too. The Wand felt especially good on my jaw at the spot where my lower and upper jaws met. Sometimes I clench my teeth, and I can get a bit tight in that area. The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrated away any tension in my face. My husband used it along the sides of his nose – where his sinuses are located – and the Wand even cleared up his head! He had to blow his nose after using the Wand on his sinuses. So, when we get head colds, we will make a special point of using the Hitachi Magic Wand on our sinuses to clear up any congestion.

We have several cats, and the most curious one – Lucky – kept hovering around the bed when we were playing with the Hitachi Magic Wand. His "Fun Detector" must have gone off, so he had to know what this contraption was. I leaned over, and ran the Wand against his back. He liked it! I put the Wand on the slow speed, and ran it slowly over his back and by his tail. He didn't run away the way I thought he would. The Hitachi Magic Wand is so good that even your pets would like it. Our cats are very finicky, so the fact that Lucky liked feeling the Wand on his back says a lot of good about the Hitachi Magic Wand.

And now, the real fun part – using the Hitachi Magic Wand as a sex toy. We both let the Wand do it's magic on our genitals. After spending close to an hour giving each other massages with the Hitachi Magic Wand, my husband placed it on my clit. Within seconds – and I'm not exaggerating – I had an orgasm so intense that I doubled up backwards against the couch. I came in waves like I hadn't come in years. And then, once that orgasm died down, I had another one! I arched my back so much that I stood up in front of the couch! My husband used it on his balls, and it felt so good he groaned. Watch using the Hitachi Magic Wand on your anus. You'll relax so much that you'll risk leaving a mess on your couch!

The day after I received my Hitachi Magic Wand in the mail, I got my period, and it was a heavy one. The cramps hurt so badly they woke me up in the middle of the night. I figured it was time to let the Hitachi Magic Wand work its wonders on me. I turned the vibration on high, and rubbed it on my belly right over my uterus. That felt incredibly good, and I felt the cramps subsiding quite a bit. Then, I send the Wand a little lower and masturbated with it. The best thing a woman can do if she has really bad cramps is to have an orgasm. The orgasm helps relax that whole area, and the cramps either go away for awhile or they aren't as strong. It took me about five minutes, but I had another intense orgasm with the Wand. Orgasms with the Hitachi Magic Wand are much more intense than they are with finger play or even some other vibrators. Once I had my orgasms (I had several with the Wand) and I used the Wand on my belly, I was relaxed enough to finally get a good night's sleep.

I would recommend the Hitachi Magic Wand to anyone, male or female, who likes a good massage and wants a little sex play on the side. The Wand literally is magic on the human body. It's a great tool to own yourself or to give away as a gift. I can't praise the Hitachi Magic Wand enough. It's a wonderful little thing that packs quite a wallop.

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Nuts4chic - Sex On The Internet: Sex Blogging


Sex On The Internet
An Introduction to Sex Blogs

by Elizabeth Black

Have you ever wanted to have an online journal, where you write about your daily sexual exploits?

Would you like to meet new and fun online friends through your journal? If so, blogging might be for you.

The blogosphere is full of good sex blogs. I have a Livejournal, which is more of a personal diary than a political mouthpiece like blogs can sometimes be.

The first sex blog I found was ErosBlog, ErosBlog has the best blog roll. A blog roll is a list of blogs that the blog writer likes. There are lots of sex blogs to choose from on the ErosBlog blog roll, covering everything from bondage to vintage porn.

Some sex blogs are personal, and others are political. Regarding Susie Bright's blog, Rolling Stone says she is the woman who "cannot be accused of shutting up." Susie's blog is a very political one.

On February 27, 2007, she became incensed over what had happened to one of the oldest sororities in America. Delta Zeta at De Pauw University, saw its entire chapter shut down – because the women weren't hot enough. They were called fat, ugly, non-white, not trendy enough regarding fashion, and – most important of all – they would not put out. So, the sorority was shut down.

The Countess, aka Trish Wilson, has been writing about pop culture and sexuality on her blog for about six months. She used to write about family law issues and politics. She still discusses the politics of sexuality on her blog.

Dr. Petra Boynton is a "lecturer in Health Services Research at a London university." She teaches "research methodologies to postgraduate students." Her research has covered topics including "women involved in street prostitution, intermediate care for older people, gender and heart disease, and sexual functioning."

If you want some kink with your sex blogging, try Bondage Blog. I read a great article about figging – which was the topic of my column last week – and nipple clamping. I squirmed in my seat just reading that entry. Bondage Blog is full of women tied, chained, and writhing in ecstasy. If bondage is your thing, this is the perfect blog for you.

Sexoteric is full of sexy pictures as well as informative posts about almost anything you can think of related to sex. I especially liked the post about ancient Chinese sex advice.

The post compared lovemaking to cooking. You have to have the perfect ingredients cooked in the right way for the dish to turn out right. Lovemaking is the same way. Yin and yang must be balanced. Once they are balanced, the good lovemaking will follow.

Fleshbot has the best in sex, including hentai and a luscious babe known only as Alexandre1000. Violet Blue of tiny nibbles is the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. If you want a little kink with your sex blog reading, try Mistress Matisse. She's a Seattle writer and professional dominatrix.

Here is a list of sex blogs to wet your appetite. They are good blogs to start with if you want to explore the world of sex blogging.

Bondage Blog


Dr. Petra Boynton

Elizabeth Black
(Countess's note: Now I'm at MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/elizabeth_a_black)


Tiny Nibbles (Violet Blue)


The Countess

Mistress Matisse

Susie Bright

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