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May 31, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Blow Up Dolls

Blow up dolls have been around for decades. While some men mistreat their blow up dolls, this post is not about them. It's about the many men and women who properly use blow up dolls for masturbation and gift purposes. Yesterday's article was about sex dolls in general. This one is about blow up dolls in particular. Blow up dolls have long been a staple of keggers at colleges, bridal showers, and bachelor parties.

There are blow up dolls for both men and women. You use a pump to inflate a blow up doll. Most blow up dolls come with a repair kit in case you damage your doll. The blow up dolls for men have openings in the mouth, pussy, and anus for masturbation. Some of these blow up dolls have removable pussies so that you may use that part of the blow up doll separately. Male blow up dolls, used by women and gay men, have removable penises so that you may use the penis on the blow up doll or separately.

While some blow up dolls are generic, others are made in the images of celebrities such as Aria Giovanni and Jenna Jameson. Other blow up dolls, both male and female, depict various occupations such as construction worker and cowboy. Blow up dolls today are not merely prone. Some blow up dolls are in the doggy position for rear entry and anal sex. Others hold up one leg for a variation on the usual missionary position.

Most blow up dolls are made of plastic. They are popular gifts at parties, especially bachelor parties and bridal showers. Fans of blow up dolls also like to use them for their own personal masturbatory fantasies. Just inflate your blow up doll and you are ready to go. Bondara sells a blow up doll pump so that you don't hyperventilate trying to inflate the blow up doll yourself. Some blow up dolls have ribbed and vibrating vaginas, perfect for your own pleasure.

Male blow up dolls also have their own unique features. With penises up to 8 inches long, male blow up dolls are popular with women and gay men. Some male blow up dolls have vibrating penises. Some have detachable penises that may be used separately.

So there you have it. While these blow up dolls may be inexpensive, they aren't without their perks. Men and women have used blow up dolls for decades, and they remain popular today.

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May 30, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have changed a lot since I was in college back in The Dark Ages. I had most often seen the plastic blow-up variety of sex dolls. You know the ones I mean – they have wide-open mouths with the most surprised expressions on their faces. I most often saw those sex dolls at keggers. I heard sex dolls were popular at bachelor parties, but never having been to one, I can't say for sure.

There are sex dolls that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, such as Teddy Babes and RealDolls. Teddy Babes are life-sized pillows shaped like women. RealDoll brought lots of attention to sex dolls due to the U. S. television show "Nip/Tuck", which is about the randy adventures of two plastic surgeons. One of the female characters, a porn star, had a life-sized and very expensive sex doll created in her image. And I'm not talking about only her face. She asked one of the doctors to examine her nether regions, and to create a realistic pussy for her sex doll before it was released to the public. Sex dolls received lots of attention because of that show.

Sex dolls are no longer made only of plastic. These days, sex dolls are made of cyberskin, which feels very much like real skin. Sex dolls today are soft and pliable, and perfect for use in the privacy of your home. You can get black, white, or Asian sex dolls. Male or female sex dolls. Blonde or dark haired sex dolls. Most sex dolls have three openings for you to explore – its mouth, pussy, and anus. Today's sex dolls feature breasts and nipples that you may play with and suck on, just like the older variety of sex doll. You may choose sex dolls that are positioned doggy style so that you may enter it from behind.

Some of the more expensive sex dolls are made of high quality latex and LoveSkin that feels very realistic. The vagina and anus are made of a soft material called Love Clone. These sex dolls have realistic looking hair that feels real to the touch. They also come with a pump and a repair kit in case you damage your sex doll. If you want a little extra in your sex doll, how about one with a vibrating vagina? Those kinds of sex dolls offer you hours of good, hot, sexy fun!

So try out a sex doll today if you are game. They are great for bachelor parties, wedding showers, keggers, and personal use in the privacy of your own home. Some even come with clothing! Sex dolls have come a long way.

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May 29, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Penis Pumps

Penis pumps made the news in the U. S. when a former state judge was charged with three felony counts of indecent exposure for using a penis pump in court while he was hearing cases. A court reporter that worked for the judge was fired after she said she saw the judge masturbate and use the penis pump during hearings. In 2006, he was sentenced to four years in prison.

With this notoriety, penis pumps have gained some attention. Penis pumps were originally designed to help men with erectile dysfunction. Today, drugs like Viagra help that problem, so penis pumps are now used as sex toys. Using penis pumps make your penis feel more sensitive and it may increase the length and girth of your penis.

It is easy to use penis pumps. Your penis fits into a tube that is attached by hose to a vacuum pump. When you pump the penis pump, air is sucked out of the tube, putting pressure on your penis. As the vacuum is created, the penis is pulled further down the tube and blood flow increases.

There's no need to rush. Slather lots of lube on your penis all around and in the sealing ring on the opening of the penis pump's tube. Push your penis into the penis pump's tube until the end of the tube is flush up against your body. Pump slowly, and don't over-pump. You can seriously damage your penis if you over-pump with a penis pump. Make sure the pressure is pleasant and that you don't put undue pressure on your penis.

Keep working with the penis pump for about six months if you want to see results. Each pumping session should last for about thirty minutes each. When using penis pumps, your penis tends to gain more width than length. Women often say that it is the width and not the length that matters for their sexual pleasure, so penis pumps may be able to help you with that.

Many men use penis pumps for sexual pleasure, because the pumping sensation feels incredibly good. Use penis pumps before having sexual intercourse and your more sensitive penis will feel wonderful while having sex. Just remember to pump slowly and to not overpump, lest you injure yourself. Using penis pumps will bring additional blood flow to your penis and make it feel more sensitive.

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May 28, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Cock Rings

Cock Rings Keyword Guide

If you want your erections to be more sensitive, harder, and longer lasting, you need cock rings. Cock rings come in several sizes, small, medium, and large, to fit your erection. You may also choose cock rings made of leather, steel, or rubber. Finding cock rings that appeal to you is not hard at all. It's all a matter of what you want from cock rings.

First, choose cock rings in the material you want. For your personal sexual pleasure, try cock rings made of steel. They are sturdy and will last you many years. Steel cock rings do not have seams that will scratch your sensitive penis. If you want to make a fashion statement, try cock rings made of leather, complete with studs and buckles. You'll be dressed in style when wearing leather and studded cock rings.

Cock rings are easy to use, and they restrict the amount of blood that leaves the penis after it is erect. Just slide your cock rings down your shaft until they are at the base of your penis. When using cock rings, your penis will become more sensitive, your erection will become harder, and your orgasms will be more intense and pleasurable. Many cock rings are waterproof so that you may use them anywhere, wet or dry.

Sex while wearing cock rings is especially good. Your erection holds the cock rings in place while you have vaginal or anal sex. Most cock rings are waterproof, and they will help you have more staying power while using them in the shower or hot tub.

Do you want to dress in a stylish fashion for a fetish ball or bondage party? Then wear metal or leather cock rings as a fashion statement. Your package will look great – harder and bigger – while wearing cock rings. Be the envy of all at the party when they see you dressed to the nines in fetish gear and cock rings.

Cock rings are affordable, so you may wear steel cock rings one day while having sex and then wear leather cock rings another day while having sex or while at a party. Since cock rings come in many sizes, it will be easy to find cock rings that are a perfect fit for you. Invest in steel cock rings and leather cock rings today, and you'll be on your way to harder erections, a more sensitive penis, and better orgasms.

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May 02, 2008

New At Nuts4chic - Ghosts And Sex


My new article at Nuts4chic is about ghosts and sex. Who you gonna call?

Nuts4chic - Ghosts and Sex

I talk about the Carla Moran case, which was made famous in the movie "The Entity". That movie is being remade in Japan, home of the scariest ghost stories out there. Remember "The Ring"?

Check out my article and come back here and talk about horny ghosts!

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Come Join My New Yahoo Group!

Now that I have stories to sell, I have opened a brand new Yahoo group. I would love it if my blog readers would join.

Here's the link:


I have up some excerpts and a "question of the day". Please join and make my new group a success

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