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January 31, 2008

More Dirt On Dean Tong - NY Post

The chips are finally falling in place for Dean Tong. I knew he had a prior history of domestic violence (without getting prosecuted), but it's good that the NY Post is on top of his history. I hadn't heard about the attempted burglary charge. He's so special - the "expert" on wife beating who is charged with beating his wife. My irony meter just exploded.




January 31, 2008 -- An expert on domestic violence, who has appeared on several national TV shows, was busted for roughing up his wife, Florida officials said yesterday.

Cops near Tampa responded to the home of Dean Tong, 51, after receiving a frantic call from his wife the night of Jan. 21, according to law-enforcement records.

Tong was booked for alleged domestic violence and tampering with a witness. He was released on $1,000 bail.

Tong has appeared as an expert on shows like "Dr. Phil," "48 Hours" and "Nancy Grace."

"During the argument, he grabbed [his wife's] arm, slammed the door into her foot, and took the phone away from her when she attempted to call law enforcement," Hillsborough County Sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter said yesterday.

Tong's wife suffered bruises on her arm and leg, cops said.

Hillsborough Sheriff's records show Tong has been busted before - in 1998 for alleged burglary, and again in 2001 for domestic violence.

Tong was not prosecuted in either case.

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Dean Tong Out Of Jail And Releases Statement

Statement from Dean Tong, which is an update to the earlier Tampabays10.com article. As expected, the "false allegations expert" is likely going to accuse his wife of making false allegations of abuse against him, even though he slammed her foot in a door, bruised her arm, and threatened to "ruin her" if she called the cops on him.

Read the comments to the article. They're just getting started.

UPDATE - On Wednesday Dean Tong's public relations firm released the following statement:
"Dean Tong, author of the critically acclaimed book “Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused,” has found himself in the same situation as many of his clients. He was released on $1,000.00 bail yesterday for an alleged abuse charge.

Tong has made this statement: “I am in the middle of a bitter divorce. Allegations have been made by my wife. I have been advised by my attorney to not discuss the details of the case. However, I maintain my innocence and enthusiastically look forward to my day in court so that the truth can come out and clear my name.”

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January 30, 2008

MSNBC On Dean Tong

Domestic Violence Expert Accused Of Abusing His Wife

Tampa Bay Online
updated 10:20 a.m. ET, Wed., Jan. 30, 2008
By Chris Echegaray

TAMPA - Dean Tong, an expert on family rights and domestic violence, was arrested Monday night, accused of abusing his wife during an argument a week ago.

Tong, 51, of Riverview, who has written books on false accusations of child abuse, was charged with tampering with a witness and battery domestic violence, according to an arrest report.

Tong was arguing with his wife Jan. 21 when he grabbed her and slammed her into the bedroom door, according to the report.

She attempted to call the sheriff's office but Tong grabbed her cell phone and told her he would ruin her if she called police, the report states. She suffered bruises on her arm and leg.

Tong is also a forensic trial consultant. He was accused of sexually abusing his 3-year-old daughter by his ex-wife, according to his Web site. He was acquitted but it took 10 years of litigation and $120,000 to receive unsupervised visits with his children, his Web site states.

Efforts to reach Tong were unsuccessful. He was being held at Orient Road Jail on $1,000 bail late Tuesday.

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Dean Tong Out Of Jail. For Now.

Dean Tong is out of jail... for the time being. Here's the latest article on his arrest for wife beating and witness tampering. I like how the article makes it sound like Tong actually had something of substance to say to the reporter, when all he did for the most part was growl at her.


Author Under Arrest Talks Exclusively With 10 News (Tampa Bay Local News)

Tampa, Florida - Dean Tong walked out of the Hillsborough County Jail a free man. For now.

The well-known domestic abuse author is in a position that he normally condemns: the abuser. Tong was arrested Monday night for grabbing his wife's arm, slamming her foot in the door and wrestling the phone out of her hand as she called police.

As he walked past a 10 News camera in front of the jail, he told reporter Melanie Brooks in a curt tone, "Innocent until proven guilty. Talk to my attorney."

It is a road Tong has traveled before. He's been arrested twice, once in 1998 for burglary and again in 2001 for domestic violence.

Tong has appeared on countless televisions shows, such as Dr. Phil, 48 Hours, and Nancy Grace on CNN. He's also written books on the subject of abuse.

But, this time, it is his own actions that are under the microscope, labeled as abusive by authorities.

Melanie Brooks, Tampa Bay's 10 News

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January 29, 2008

Dean Tong - Arrested And In Jail

I found the Florida database page of Dean Tong's arrest record for beating his wife and tampering with witness with force to evade prosecution:

Dean Bryan Tong - Arrest/Jail/Charges

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Don't Forget - Dean Tong Excused Murderer Darren Macks' Shootings

This is a reprint of a post I wrote about Dean Tong when Darren Mack made the news due to murdering his wife and shooting the judge that heard his case. Tong is now in jail, charged with wife beating and trying to evade prosecution. The original link is here.


My readers may recall that I have already posted about Dean Tong's comments excusing what Darren Mack had done. Mack had hired Tong as his forensic consultant. Now, Tong has an editorial published in the Reno Review Journal. He's engaging in more damage control, a la Glenn Sacks and Wendy McElroy, but he falls flat on his face.

Note how Tong blames "the system" for Mack, who he said "was cracking".

What happened to Darren Mack between then and June 12, when, according to police, he stabbed Charla Mack to death and shot Family Court Judge Chuck Weller with a high-powered rifle? Hindsight is 20/20, but my opinion is that this "family man turned hit man" was cracking under the strain of trying to hold onto his business, his assets and his daughter while navigating a misguided Family Court system that only poured gasoline on an already incendiary situation.

Tong also sought to place blame on Charla Mack, whom Mack had stabbed to death.

He claimed his wife and her very aggressive and competent attorney were drumming up a story to gain the upper hand in their demands for custody and assets. To wit: If she was so scared of him, why did she drive to his townhome the morning of June 12 without an adult witness by her side?

That's right. Blame a dead woman for her own murder.

I'm not surprised that Dean Tong would create excuses for what Darren Mack had done. Lots of father's rights activists are taking the "the system is to blame!" approach. Let them. It makes them look like they are making excuses for Mack's murder, shooting, and flight, which is exactly what they are doing. Tong had written that Mack "was cracking", as if his contentious divorce was to blame for him stabbing his wife to death and shooting Judge Weller.

Tong represents men who claim they have been falsely accused of abuse. That's how he makes his money. He has no training to do what he does. He is trained as an Emergency Medical Technician. As I had written in my earlier post about Tong, the test that Tong uses is the penile plethysmograph test, which is unreliable in ascertaining child sexual abuse. This test measures male sexual arousal. This test has many problems, including that it is not admitted in court under Daubert, which means that the test is scientifically unreliable. The test is "subject to fakery and voluntary control by test subjects..."

Here is one of Tong's recommendations in his op-ed for divorces to supposedly prevent contention:

Joint custody should be the preferred option. Even though the rule of law is "the child's best interests," too often it is interpreted as, "the father should get the shaft and the mom should get everything."

Tong neglected to point out that Charla and Darren Mack had joint custody. It obviously did not inspire them to get along for the sake of their children. Joint custody did not prevent Darren Mack from "cracking". It's so nice of him to write the inflammatory statement "the father should get the shaft and the mom should get everything." That makes him look petty and vindictive - not the way you want to look when talking about a man who had stabbed his wife to death, shot the judge who was hearing his case, and then fled to Mexico.

Dean Tong is a favorite amongst father' rights activists and "false allegations" supporters. He, like most of the fathers' rights activists who have written about the Mack case, continues to blame "the system" for a murder and a shooting. What Dean Tong is doing is damage control. Fathers' rights activists have made their opinions clear on message boards where they have supported Mack shooting Judge Weller. They also blame "the system" for Mack's downfall. Fathers' rights activists do not represent good men. Good, decent men who are going through divorce should not look to those groups or the individuals in them for help.

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More On Dean Tong - Let The Backpedaling Begin

And now let the screaming start... the Tong supporters are already coming up with the expected excuses. In fact, I saw these kinds of excuses made by fathers' rights and men's rights activists when Darren Mack was arrested for murdering his wife (while his child was only yards away in her home!) and shooting the judge that heard his divorce case

Here is the latest, from a mailing list that will go unnamed. Note the excuses. Tong WAS NOT "pushed" "over the edge". He is accused of beating his wife, and my main source tells me that this is not the first time.

By the way, this Tong supporter is a woman, so don't think that only men accused of beating their wives and children or molesting their kids are his only supporters.


What a "downer" that this man would allow himself to become so angered as to lose control of himself to the point of attacking his wife. ALL of his credibility and books and good works, now tainted. So VERY SAD~!!!

It really makes me wonder just how many people are literally "pushed" over the edge as a result of all the bull-sh*t they go thru from the various sources stemming from CPS and the corrupt family courts. They literally DRIVE perfectly healthy and normal people to insanity and to the point of just "losing it". CPS and the corrupt family court players SHOULD BE CHARGED with criminal activity against mankind when they "cause" such to happen. Mr. Tong has long been a great fighter and ally for parents. It's just beyond words~!!! You really wonder just what did happen to push him over the edge.........


I am forwarding this link to the news story from FL for everyone, given that someone else has posted a message about it to a few regarding the incident. I just found it so very hard to believe, so searched for the legitimate story about it to validate it's truth, and this is what I found.

Soooo VERY SAD~!!!

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"False" Allegations/FRster Dean Tong Arrested For Wife Beating

Update: Please see my Dean Tong category for more updates on this case.


I've stopped the family law feminist work for the most part, but I could not let this news go by without saying something about it.

Dean Tong, author of "The Abuse Excuse" and long-time "expert" on "false" allegations of abuse and how women supposedly frequently file them, has been charged - again - with wife beating. According to the paperwork, he is in jail right now.

He was also charged with, to quote the paperwork, "tampering with wit(ness) with force to evade pro(secution).

Interestingly, the paperwork says Tong is a "consultant" who is self-employed, which I've known for years anyway. He's not a real expert on anything. He created his "job" of "forensic consultant" in cahoots with another "false allegations" proponent, Ken Pangborn, who has issues of his own, and husband/wife team the late Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield (infamous for their pro-incest quotes in the Dutch pedophile magazine Paidika- Paidida, Part 1, Paidika, Part 2, Underwager - "expert" (bah!) testimony), Richard Gardner (see my links about the bogus Parental Alienation Syndrome, and information from The Leadership Council about PAS), etc., after Tong beat charges laid against him in his prior marriage of sexually abusing his daughter, whom I understand does not speak much to him to this day.

My source is NOT the sources below. MY source is not feminist, does not believe most women when they make allegations of abuse, and that source is not very friendly towards feminism. I also learned of the charge before the news article came out. I only link to the first source because it provides a readable image of the paperwork detailing Tong's charges. I can't figure out how to post that paperwork on my blog, and I have the same paperwork in e-mail.

I found the Florida database page of Dean Tong's arrest record for beating his wife and tampering with witness with force to evade prosecution:

Dean Bryan Tong - Arrest/Jail/Charges

Then there is this article, from Tampabay10s.com Abuse Expert Arrested On Abuse Charge.

Here's the article itself:


Tampa, Florida - Google the name "Dean Tong" and the search turns up hundreds of entries that list him as a "nationally recognized legal consultant and author on child abuse, custody and abduction cases."

Tong is an author who has appeared on many national television and radio shows on the topic of false accusations of child abuse.

His web site, abuse-excuse.com, describes him as an "internationally known family rights and forensic consultant on child abuse, domestic violence, and child custody cases."

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies arrested Tong today, accusing the domestic violence expert of domestic violence.

An arrest report says Tong grabbed, shoved and bruised his wife as they argued in their Riverview home. It goes on to say Tong slammed his wife's foot in the door and wrestled the phone away from her as she tried to dial 911.

Tong was arrested on charges of domestic battery.


The news is making the rounds like a wildfire. Expect to see men's and father's rights advocates backpedal like crazy over Tong's arrest. After all, Tong was one of their "false" allegations darlings. Sucks to be them.

This arrest only proves what I have been saying for years; that those who complain most loudly about women supposedly frequently filing false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence are guilty of those crimes in their own lives. It's good to see another supposed "expert" on "false" allegations get his comeuppance.

I will update this post or create new posts as I am sent new information.

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January 26, 2008

Meet Me At The Night Owl Romance Live Chat!

From 8 - 10 EST on Monday, January 28, I will be at the Night Owl Romance chat room, with other Midnight Seduction authors. Come by, meet me, and ask me embarrassing questions about sex toys! I'll talk about new projects and chat about articles and stories.

Hear about why my latest column at Nuts4chic was censored for being too hot. Imagine that! I rewrote that column, and the not-as-radioactive version will be posted next Wednesday.

Here's the link to the chat:

Night Owl Romance Chat


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January 17, 2008

Meet Me At Dark Diva Reviews Tomorrow!

I just signed up for this group, and I'll be there tomorrow posting, so drop by and pester me if you like. ;)



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