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November 30, 2007

Midnight Seductions Chat All Day Tomorrow!

I am a member of the group Midnight Seductions, which is for erotic romance authors. MS is going to be part of an all-day chat tomorrow at Beth Wylde's Yahoo group. Here are the details:

Tomorrow there will be a major event at the bethwylde group! At least 15 authors are attending and holding contests throughout the day and many will be giving away at least two books or more! As the authors are from all over the world, the fun starts around midnight EST and will continue for the entire day.

Treat yourself to tantalizing excerpts from the books by Anne Sole and MC Halliday, Savannah Chase, Sloane Taylor, Jen Black, Jess Dee and Tess Mackall. Guests dropping by will include Jade Twilight, Jude Mason, Giselle Renarde, LA Day, Darcy Campbell, Elizabeth Black, Ava Rose Johnson and Adriana Kraft.

A guaranteed fun filled day...pop in and out, ask questions of the authors! We'll have new and recent releases and what's coming soon!

Be sure to join us at Beth's Wylde's Group!

Post message: bethwylde@yahoogroups.com
Subscribe: bethwylde-subscribe @yahoogroups. com
Group address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bethwylde

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November 27, 2007

Feminists Make Better Mates

Whoda thunk it? Feminists make better mates. My latest article at nuts4chic goes into more detail about this new study showing how cool it is to hook up with a feminist. I'm surprised the throwback anti-feminist dudes haven't found this study and tried to debase it. To my surprise, the feminist bloggers haven't found this study, either, so I figured I'd let them know about it.

The gist of the study is the following:

Social psychologist Laurie Rudman of Rutgers University found that feminist women were more likely to be in a romantic relationship than other women. Not only that, but a feminist woman's relationship with her man was healthier than average – "better in terms of relationship quality, equality, stability and sexual satisfaction."

Now, head on over to nuts4chic, read my article, and learn in more detail why feminists make better mates.

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November 05, 2007

Orgasm - Do You Fake It?

My latest column is up at nuts4chic - Faking It, about faking orgasms. It might be harder for a man to fake an orgasm, but it's easier for women. Why do women fake it? Read the article and find out!

Next week - Things Men Do In Bed That Turn Off Women. Lots of anecdotes and generally fun times to be had!

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November 02, 2007

Last Week At Nuts4chic - Stupid Slang Terms For Sex

Here's my weekly column for the British pop culture e-zine, Nuts4chic:

Why Do Sex Slang Terms Have To Be So Stupid?

I talk about those silly sex slang terms we all know and love as well as the stupid nicknames my mother gave for my pussy and ass. It seems all parents are too embarrassed to call a vagina a vagina. And what's the deal with "vajayjay"? That sounds so embarrasing, childish, and stupid.

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New At Nuts4chic - M/M/F Menages

Here's the link to my new nuts4chic article about M/M/F triads. I have finished a story about just such a triad, and I have never written one before. Apparently, they are very hot right now, and women like them very much. Sounds good to me!

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