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June 26, 2007

Tony Blair Not As Popular As A Pocket Rocket

In a cute poll taken by the sex toys site Lovehoney, poor Tony Blair trails behind sex toys when women were asked what they would want with them on a deserted island. Out of twenty men listed, respondents voted Tony Blair the man they'd least like to be stranded with on a deserted island.

The man most wanted to be with was, first, their partner, and second, George Clooney. I didn't participate in this poll, but if Jason Isaacs, Hugh Jackman, and Charles Dance were listed, I'd ask for a foursome. Grin

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June 22, 2007

Why Am I Not Surprised?

I figured I'd be rated NC-17. I got a major kick out of how the program counts the times I type certain words, like sex, penis, ass. I do take issue with how the rating used "rape". Sometimes you need to find good information about rape cases, since rape is obviously harmful to women. While I'm at it, I'll take issue with all of those words giving my blog an NC-17 rating. I do write about erotica and sexy stuff, but I also write about issues important in sexuality and relationships, and that means I will use the right words when describing sex, such as penis, vagina, and orgasm. What would the "church ladies" like me to say? Pee-pee and va-jay-jay? Gimme a break!

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

sex (47x)

rape (8x)

shit (5x)

orgasm (4x)

penis (3x)

vagina (2x)

ass (1x)

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More On The "Ex-Gay" Flim-Flam

This interview with Wayne Bessen, who investigates the "ex-gay" movement, is a must-read. He has talked to many gays and lesbians who became suicidal and very depressed when they become involved with these horrid ministries.

Bessen mentioned how "ex-gay" champion John Paulk was photographed at a gay bar in Washington, D. C. Bessen is one who outed Paulk. The ex-gay movement never recovered from that embarrassment. Here is a very eye-opening excerpt from the interview:

Wayne Bessen: I had already decided to write a book debunking the ex-gay myth. I was sitting in my dining room trying to figure out what Chapter 1 would be about - when Chapter 1 suddenly calls me. Daryl frantically told me to get down to the bar Mr. P's near DuPont Circle because ex-gay poster boy John Paulk was there hitting on him and trying to buy him cocktails. This was huge because Paulk had proclaimed he was straight on Oprah, 60 Minutes and on the cover of Newsweek with his ex-lesbian wife.

I slowly entered the bar to take a look when Paulk recognized me. So I yelled, "John Paulk is that you?" And then bedlam and mayhem swept the bar. The bouncers thought that Paulk was just a regular customer and that I was taking pictures to show to his wife or use against him somehow - so they ejected me. Paulk eventually had to come out of the bar and when he did I actually yelled at him and took him to task for hurting a lot of men and women with his lies. I was completely disgusted by his hypocrisy and the damage he had done and I told him this to his face. I have to admit that it was a very satisfying moment.

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"Ex-Gay" Group Protests Proposed Sex Education Curriculum In Maryland

I used to live near Montgomery County, Maryland when I lived in Maryland. Montgomery County has come up with what is likely to be a very good sex education curriculum that includes instructiuons about using condoms as well as lessons about sexual orientation.

Three right-wing groups are protesting this curriculum, which isn't surprising. One group is Parents and Friends Of Ex-Gays and Gays. I am long familiar with ex-gay groups. One of the better known ones is Exodus International.

I've written about these scams before. Pam at Pandagon had written back in 2005 about a conference held by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group which believes that homosexuality is not innate, and all those gay people can be turned into "normal" heterosexuals. The link to her original post no longer works, so I can't link to it. Here is what I had to say about NARTH when I first read about the conference:

The conference was packed with "more than 1,000 therapists, sociologists, and psychoanalysts who believe homosexuality is not inborn and can be changed." Now how's that for a cash cow? All those therapists, sociologists, and psychoanalysts who can't make a decent living with a plain old practice treating people for garden-variety depression or listening to patients go on and on and on about their lousy jobs or their sucky love lives... they can rake in the cash trying to "cure" homosexuals. Since homosexuality isn't a disease that can be cured, these people are bound to be in business for a long time. I bet this cottage industry of "curing" homosexuals makes even more money for therapists, sociologists, and psychoanalysts than the burgeoning "divorce industry". When they aren't raking in hundreds of dollars per hour draining the pockets of parents with custody and psychological evaluations, they can "cure" homosexuals. What a racket!

The press release below is about the former president of Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays And Gays, reparative therapist Richard Cohen. He was "permanently expelled" from the American Counseling Association in 2003 for serious ethics violations. He calls himself a "reparative therapist", which means he thinks he can turn you straight if you are gay. An official and important-sounding title doesn't mean squat if your "therapy" is bogus, which "reparative therapy" is. Note that Cohen was Dr. Laura Schlessinger's advisor.


Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2005

website: www.WayneBesen.com


Revealing, Never-Before Seen Document Is a Devastating Blow For Outdated Pseudo-Science That Tries To Turn Gay People Straight, Says Besen

NEW YORK - Author Wayne Besen today released an explosive, never-before seen letter he uncovered from the American Counseling Association that "permanently expelled" reparative therapist Richard Cohen in 2003 for serious ethics violations. The ACA document can be viewed at www.rawprint.com/besen/012504_aca_letter.php.

As the outspoken president of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Dr. Laura Schlessinger's ex-gay advisor, Cohen's expulsion casts a dark shadow over the disreputable practice of trying to change sexual orientation.

"The Right wing should be ashamed for promoting the work of a therapist who has been officially rebuked for egregious ethical lapses," said Wayne Besen, author of Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth. "That Cohen is the best the far right can find in support of their position that gay people can change underscores the quack-like pseudo-science that they rely on. It is time they end the charade and admit that reparative therapy is harmful and ineffective."

According to the ACA's letter: "Mr. Cohen was found in violation of the following code sections A.1.a; A.1.b; A.5.a; A.6.a; C.3.b, C.3.f, and has not elected to appeal the decision taken by the ACA Ethics Committee within allotted timelines." (Please see below for full explanation of violations)

The letter referred to Cohen's violations which included inappropriate behavior such as fostering dependent counseling relationships, not promoting the welfare of clients, engaging in actions that sought to meet his personal needs at the expense of clients, exploiting the trust and dependency of clients, unethically soliciting testimonials from clients and promoting products to clients in a manner that is deceptive.

"It is no surprise that Richard Cohen violated the ACA ethics because reparative therapy itself lacks integrity and attempts to meet their agenda's need, not the needs of client's," said Joe Kort, psychotherapist and author of 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives. "Of particular note is that Cohen's violations are self-serving as he is accused of violating standard ethics of protecting his client from dual relationships, marketing purposes, and testimonials."

Richard Cohen is the president of P-FOX, a group that recently placed an ex-gay billboard in Virginia (www.Pfox.org ) and sponsored a controversial ad campaign in Washington DC's subway system. His website is www.gaytostraight.org and he is a conference instructor for the National Association for the Research and Therapy for Homosexuality (NARTH). Cohen is also the author of "Coming Out Straight", a book in which Dr. Laura Schlessinger wrote the forward.

"With intellect and care, he [Cohen] offers invaluable insight into the reason for same-sex attractions and, for those willing to brave it, he illuminates a challenging journey from isolation," wrote Dr. Laura in Cohen's book.

Cohen has also been prominently featured on Larry King Live, The Ricki Lake Show, The Salley Jessy
Raphael Show and 20/20. The sound bite he often uses on these shows is, "Born gay? No Way!" Reparative therapy is rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organization in America.


The Rules Violated By Cohen


Section A: The Counseling Relationship
A.1. Client Welfare
a. Primary Responsibility. The primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and to promote the welfare of clients.

b. Positive Growth and Development. Counselors encourage client growth and development in ways that foster the clients' interest and welfare; counselors avoid fostering dependent counseling relationships.

A.5. Personal Needs and Values a. Personal Needs. In the counseling relationship, counselors are aware of the intimacy and responsibilities inherent in the counseling relationship, maintain respect for clients, and avoid actions that seek to meet their personal needs at the expense of clients.

A.6. Dual Relationships
a. Avoid When Possible. Counselors are aware of their influential positions with respect to clients, and they avoid exploiting the trust and dependency of clients. Counselors make every effort to avoid dual relationships with clients that could impair professional judgment or increase the risk of harm to clients. (Examples of such relationships include, but are not limited to, familial, social, financial, business, or close personal relationships with clients.) When a dual relationship cannot be avoided, counselors take appropriate professional precautions such as informed consent, consultation, supervision, and documentation to ensure that judgment is not impaired and no exploitation occurs. (See F.1.b.)

C.3. Advertising and Soliciting Clients
b. Testimonials. Counselors who use testimonials do not solicit them from clients or other persons who, because of their particular circumstances, may be vulnerable to undue influence.

f. Promoting to Those Served. Counselors do not use counseling, teaching, training, or supervisory relationships to promote their products or training events in a manner that is deceptive or would exert undue influence on individuals who may be vulnerable. Counselors may adopt textbooks they have authored for instruction purposes.

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Publisher Of The Month - Vote For Twilight Fantasies!

Sensual Reads And Reviews is hosting a poll for "Publisher Of The Month". Twilight Fantasies is listed at the end. TF is a new publisher, so it's not likely to win, but go vote anyway. TF is my publisher.

Vote For Twilight Fantasies.

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I'm Featured At Cecilia Tan's Circlet Press Blog

I wrote to Cecilia Tan to tell her about my new book. I met her at the science fiction convention Arisia this past winter. We both spoke on panels about erotica together. For those reading who have never heard of her, she's the owner of Circlet Press, an erotica publisher. I think she also does activist work related to sexuality. When she heard my good news about the book, she asked for an article from me about my writing process. Here it is:

My Life As A Sex Writer, By Trish Wilson (a. k. a. Elizabeth Black)

In case you haven't figured it out, I write with the pseudonym Elizabeth Black. That's mainly to differentiate my current writing from my previous political and feminist writing. I like writing erotica much better. More fun and less stressful.

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June 20, 2007

Erotic Short Story Contest At LoveHoney

LoveHoney is a sex toys site from the U. K. This contest sounds like fun.

LoveHoney is delighted to announce the launch of its new Erotic Writing Competition. Open to anyone over the age of 18, the winner will receive £500 and the chance to see their work in print.

All the details can be found here:
Erotic Story Competition: LoveHoney.

The gist of the contest is that you have to create an erotic short story using any of the sex toys on the site. Make sure you read the writer's guidelines for the particulars.

I'm going to enter this. I already have a great idea for a story, and I have selected my sex toy. My story is going to be sexy and funny - the way I always write.

Go to LoveHoney and enter the contest!

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June 19, 2007

My First Novel Has Been Accepted By A Publisher!!!

I am so HAPPY!!! I be doing the Happy Dance!!

My first novel, a supernatural erotic romance called "An Unexpected Guest", has been accepted by a publisher for publication!! I will work with an editor for the next few weeks or a month or two to fine-tune the novel for publication. Once it is ready for sale, I will definitely let everyone know. This is an e-book, which is a popular format for erotic romance.

I couldn't be happier!

I have an earlier novel that I will edit to death until it is ready for publication. So, that's two novels that wil be published very soon.

I just had to post about my great success here. I have dreamed of publishing a novel since I was a child. Now, my dream has come true. I've had many of my dreams come true. This one is just the latest.

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June 18, 2007

What I've Been Up To

I'm still in the running with the publisher to get my novel published. I probably won't hear much more about that until the end of the month. If I'm turned down, I already have chosen the next two publishers that will get my manuscript. It would be nice to be chosen by the current publisher, though.

This morning, I heard from a company I thought had forgotten about me. I'm writing articles for them now, all about sex in general and some about sex toys. It's a nice assignment, and I'm enjoying it very much.

I'm also working on some short erotic stories for magazines with deadlines at the end of the month. I hope my stories are accepted.

I've otherwise been taking it easy and enjoying the spring. The weather has been beautiful, and I hope it stays warm.

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Girls Who Have Sex At A Too Young Age Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression

I'm not surprised to see this. Teenaged girls are under all kinds of pressure. Their bodies are forming, and they are adjusting to hormonal changes and the growth of breasts, pubic hair, and the emergence of their periods. "Girls who have sex at an early age are at slightly greater risk than their peers for feeling depressed, a new study has found. But their self-esteem suffers only if the sex occurs outside a romantic relationship." Boys are not affected the same way.

The teenaged years are a turbulent time for anyone, especially young girls. The study found an average age for the first sexual encounter was between 15 and 17, depending on ethnicity. Girls who were younger than the average were at greater risk of suffering from depression. I think it's worth pointing out that girls that young are often targeted by pedophiles, so depression under those circumstances is understandable. I thought it was interesting that a factor determining depression was whether or not the girl was in a romantic relationship. Being pressured into sex for sex's sake at a young age seems to have detrimental effects. Being in a romantic relationship in which sex between peers occurs does not have the same effect.

I'd like to know more about this study. I'll see if I can track it down.

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